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Had a dream that I switched from my 1" i7 Linux laptop to a ~2.5" PII FreeBSD laptop.... And loved it! How odd? 
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Did you enjoy the massive decrease in packages? ;)
Showing yer age as you reminisce about the good ol' days?
There's something strangely appealing -- perhaps one might even call it visceral -- about BSD, when you compare it to the majority of Linux distros out there. Generally speaking, the BSDs are more stable, come with less bloat by default, and require less patching. Their userlands and configuration files are different from GNU in several ways, often being much more similar to other industry-standard platforms like Solaris and AIX. That's not to say Linux has no place in the enterprise, but Free/Net/OpenBSD are very nice operating systems indeed. I use OpenBSD as the main OS on my netbook, and have no regrets at all.
I had a dream one time where I actually installed gentoo from source.
The most important question of all: >"1 inch - you talking thickness or diameter"....
Possible (silly) reasons why you dreamed about another OS: Did Linux upset you? Has Tux failed to meet your emotional needs?
+Glenn Snead I can tell you that I initially installed Ubuntu on the netbook but got pissed at it for corrupting the bootsector every few months and that was the tipping point for OpenBSD on my netbook. In reality, I regularly use ArchLinux, Ubuntu, Windows 7, OS X, Solaris, AIX and OpenBSD. Of all of them, OpenBSD feels more like my home than the others.
That's funny. I just got sick of kubuntu this weekend and loaded suse on my netbook. I have to say I am much happier with tux. I have noticed my BSD systems lately seam to have slow network connections. Like going between Linux and Linux I can hit 8mb/s and on my freenas box I am lucky to hit 2mb/s.
+Noah Axon Yeah, Ubuntu used to be my favorite but lately it's been a pain. I'm running Mint on my cheap Asus, on MacBook Pro, and a custom Win 7 box for the occasional game and when I need Office. Something was lost along the way and it started with GRUB 2.
Make it true, make use of that old IBM 2,5" book I gave you!!! :-)
+Glenn Snead I run office 2003 on my OpenSUSE box with crossover office. I am still using the old copy of crossover from the lame duck challenge when they gave it away for free. Personally I hate libreoffice. Its just to slow, I wish they would work on making it perform better. I haven’t tried koffice lately, maybe it would be worth looking at. Personally I am not a Microsoft hater. I just use whats best for the job. Linux for my OS and MS for my office. You have to admit MS office is about the best out there.
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