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Off to CES. Before you get tired of TVs and Tablets all week hit me up with the tech you lust, we'll track it down for you -- no matter how offbeat! 
Oakland, California
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1080p streaming web cams/cameras focus also on software comaptability.

Aftermarket Ford sync like systems.
i hear the bieber will be there... must be some desperate companies out there :P
Doesn't the CES show go on at the same time as the adult industry show? +Leo Laporte should know, he ventured there one time I think. Looking forward to awesome coverage all.
adult industry show was moved this year i heard
Thanks guys. Tweeted the raspberry pi folks. AVN isn't this week. Will steer clear of Bieber.

What's this Ubuntu thing?
find the best Head mounted Display you can please. All kinds.. see through etc. Augmented reality is the future!!
I'd be really interested in the Microsoft booth if they will be demoing Windows 8 on actual ARM hardware. otherwise, I am uninterested in the MSFT booth. I'd be interested in the Qualcomm booth for some new ARM CPU goodness, and the Google booth for some Android goodness. ARM is the future for mobile devices, and with Windows moving into ARM, we could potentially see ARM based Windows 8 laptops...
You know what there aren't enough of? Ipad cases. And styluses. Ipad accessories in general. We need exhaustive coverage of those.
Darren, I want WiFi outdoor weather sensors!! I want a weather sensor kit that will send weather data to the devices on my network using 802.11! If there are no commercial solutions, maybe there's an open source project underway or in the works?
Check out the Parrot AR Drone V2.0. Scoble says it will have a 720p camera. A spy plane for the common man.
Oh, and HDMI cables. Really expensive ones.
I want to see this ubuntu tv thing in action.
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