Sonoran Desert Sunset

I caught a big sunset this in the mountains in Phoenix, Arizona. You can see the saguaro cacti, the signature plant of the Sonoran desert. This was taken in South Mountain Park which right in the middle of the City of Phoenix and just a ten minute drive from the airport. Wanting to get out for a walk I made the drive up to the top of the mountain, grabbed my camera, tripod, pack and some water and went for a hike.

This area jumped out at me as I could frame up some nice landscape images without getting the city in them. At first it looked like the there was not going to be much of a sunset, but then the sky went orange! What a way to end the week in Arizona.

Check out my Photography Gear and Tips Collection to see my camera and tripod set up.

Sony NEX6 with Sony 16-50 kit lens on a Gitzo 1541T tripod.

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