Can't believe how terrible of an experience I've had in DePaul's online HCI M.S. program. The courses are overly-demanding, much of the overall work isn't relevant, and the instructional design expertise lacks tremendously. Assignments aren't clear, irrelevant courses are required, and administrative support systems are chaotic. Going to DePaul was a HUUUUUUGE mistake. Hoping to rebound and continue pursuing my goals soon, but it won't be via DePaul University.
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J Pow
Sorry you're having such a hard time, Darren! Are you going to finish out the program?
Nope. Classes end this week. I'm headed to Michigan State in January 2012. Planning to transfers the completed credits to Kent State and possibly finish my User Experience M.S. degree there. I'm also considering completing my HCI studies at Bentley University. Haven't had a meeting with them yet though.
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