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Darren Hood, MSIME, MSUXD
User experience professional and avid bowler, serving on the social media front lines.
User experience professional and avid bowler, serving on the social media front lines.

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UX-Article:  Leveraging the Kano Model for Optimal Results

Jan Moorman gives us a good Instroduction to Kano (please read the full Post which has much more to offer!):

You might try what many agile teams and UX professionals are doing: applying a method that first emerged in Japan during the 1980’s called the ‘Kano Model’ used to measures customer emotional reaction to individual features. At projekt202, we’ve had great success in doing just that. Our success emerged from revisiting Kano’s original research and through trial and error. What we discovered is that it really matters how you design and perform a Kano study. It matters how you analyze and visualize the results.

We have also seen how the Kano Model is a powerful tool for communicating the ROI of upfront generative research, and how results from Kano studies inform product roadmap decisions. Overall, Kano studies are a very useful to have in our research toolkit.


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My presentation from the 2015 UX Strategies Summit in San Francisco.

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Who wants to win some tools?

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Venus over Brisbane
Wellington Point Brisbane Australia

Copyright: Terry Kontopoulos
Published under: Creative Commons License v4.0(CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

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This is how companies will differentiate themselves - privacy & security.

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Still hilarious!
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