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So many windmills, so few flamethrowers.
So many windmills, so few flamethrowers.

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Finally got to make use of my table saw again today. The heatsink on my new passively cooled video card was too tall.... yeah, I fed an nvidia discrete graphics card through my table saw. No I didn't remove the heatsink from the card first. Yes, it actually seems to work. As there is no air flow through the case, I'm not overly confident that it won't just overheat under minor loads. But for now, it's a nice little zero-moving parts HTPC and Steam Machine :-D (the slim blu ray drive doesn't count since I never use it).

Breaking news. All email clients are crap. For such a fundamental tool, I'm continually baffled that each and every one of them is irredeemably broken in some profoundly stupid way.

The Talk. Apparently the time is now. My son is nearly 12, and he asked me the question geek parents all dread. It's the make or break moment. I'm looking for advice from those who have blazed this trail ahead of me. "Dad," he asked, "can you spend some time this weekend teaching me how to program? I want to write a video game." They never want to learn about variables, statements, functions, code organization, memory management, or revision control. No. It's always "I want to write a video game." So now all I have to do is somehow present him something he can grasp about one of the most complex and performance sensitive programming disciplines, while still making it exciting enough that he'll be willing to put in the time to learn what he needs to know. He's done some scratch at school, "but that isn't real programming Dad, it's not... code!". If you've had a good experience, or even a bad one, please share. I'd love it if he could do this all from a Chromebook. I don't care what language it's in, so long as the ramp time between hello world and bouncing sprites is fairly short.

DVH3's mp3 player was playing Harry Potter tracks in random order for some reason... apparently it's common for these devices to play files in the order they appear on the flash drive - as in, by File Allocation Table entry ?!?!? It can read and display ID3 tags, but it has no way to play files in a logical order? Sigh. Bash script to copy everything over serially to ensure playback order.... awesome. #facepalm

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Nearly 21 hours, 6.3kWh, the photosphere is now 77% complete at 795 samples per pixel (target is 1024), another 8 hours remaining - but I can't wait that long, so here it is. Two window walls instead of 1, layered lighting, and updated cabinet models. I need to talk with the HVAC team to see if the Mini-Split can go on the door wall (not an exterior wall), allowing me to have the upper cabinets go full width. Then move the TV to the right of the door. Also considering a nighttime Portland skyline mural on the door wall. But for now, here is V1. Full screen on a tablet is best viewing experience - try not to walk around while viewing... it can be... disorienting... #remodel #office #thea #sketchup

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Well, here we go again. Office remodel this time. Just completed the first (ok... sorta second) set of documents for bid. The SOW document is only just over 3 pages this time... I'm learning. #remodel #amateur

We sure have come a long way with Linux installers. I reinstalled two laptops last week and another VMware Fusion VM today. Fedora's installer completes in less than 5 minutes, aided by the installer running in the background while it collects more data. It's done this for a while now, but it crept up on me, I'm only know appreciating how polished it really is (now if only they would move the Done/Next button to the bottom right where deity intended it to be ;-D). Together with a script in a git repository, I can replicate my Linux workstation environment in no time at all. #fedora #vmware #linux

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This seems like the perfect opportunity to announce that I joined the VMware Open Source Technology Center. Today was my first day, and as is so often the case in open source, I was immediately working with familiar faces. I received a wonderful welcome, and I'm very excited to be part of this team.
VMware has increased its commitment to open source by becoming a Gold member of The Linux Foundation:

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Looking to populate two empty LGA2011 sockets with Xeon E5-26XX V1 or V2 (Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge). In general, Ivy Bridge has more cores, slightly higher clock speeds, and 25% larger smart cache, and marginally faster max memory speed (1866 versus 1600). However, given the relative cost, Sandy Bridge appears to be the clear winner. The Perf/$ equation is not scientific, but just an attempt to normalize a value taking core count and base frequency into account. This machine will primarily build Linux kernels and other software projects, and run them in minimal KVM instances as part of CI. Am I missing something that would justify the cost of the Ivy Bridge CPUs?

Dear Lazyweb: Thoughts on 40" 4k displays primarily for text and CAD? It seems the TV as a display falls short specifically with text and uniform white. There are a couple nice IPS options and then one HVA panel which seem popular. Anyone using such a setup? What do you think of the size?
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