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Darren Edmundson
Geek, Googler, Gay - London
Geek, Googler, Gay - London

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I'll be out with a bunch of my Google friends marching at #Pride in London on Saturday 27th. Come see us, show your support and join the fun! #AndProud

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Just about to kick off the second day of SRE-Trek, helping to find great new people to join Site Reliability at Google London. We met some great people yesterday, sure today will be just as good.

Think you have what it takes to keep something the size of Google's products up and running? We're always looking for more amazing engineers!

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Its X:Rebirth day and Steam tells me my copy will unlock in 4 hrs; if only I didn't have to go to work!

It looks visually stunning, and there's a lot of new mechanics in it compared to the older games; though they've taken some things out which were a key part of how the X universe used to work too.

It'll be really interesting to see how this plays alongside Braben's Elite reimagining which is due to beta in a month or two, and be available to us mortals who didn't fund the kickstarter some point after that.


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Seems some of you have been waiting for this news....
Boo! Just in time for Halloween, we’re serving up two new treats for Android fans: KitKat (Android 4.4) and Nexus 5 developed with LG. Super excited to take the wraps off KitKat - packed with lots of cool features that deliver a smarter and more engaging user experience. And in Nexus 5, Google Now and Search are always at your fingertips or activated with a simple ‘Ok, Google’. Now is evolving with many new powerful use cases to bring the right information from across the web to you. 

Also really excited that Kitkat will work on 512 MB devices, so that all entry level smartphones can get access to the latest version as well. This will really help us get Android to the next billion users...

Been a busy week for me and I have some catching up to do outside work -- ‘Ok, Google, ideas for last minute Halloween costumes...’

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Trick or treat!

Don't you hate it when someone turns up to the party in the exact same costume you have? At least I know who raided my pumpkin farm now though!

#minecraft   #halloween  

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In my day-job I get to play with all sorts of cool and useful things - video-conferencing; collaborative editing of multiple documents, interconnected with hyperlinks, all controlled through a nice easy to use mouse-driven interface on my desktop, talking to a more powerful computer elsewhere, which does the processing for me.

Except while we may have improved things here and there, there's one pioneer who did all that in a single truly ground-breaking demo, back in 1968!

Doug Englebart sadly passed away on Tuesday, but if you've any interest in computing history, give The Mother of all Demos a watch, and be prepared to amazed at quite how much of what that one presentation contained - and which had probably never been seen before even by most of his peers - is now part of everyday life.

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Minecraft: Fast breeder reactor

Please, don't make one of these on a multiplayer server. Funny as it is to have several thousand chickens laying eggs in an ever increasing feedback loop, your server op will be less amused by having to cheat in a couple of stacks of TNT to deal with it in a client running at around 0.1 FPS....

Oh, and he'll probably have most of that stack of TNT left when he's finished with the chickens, and still be in a blood rage

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Made it here.....

And after snow in London last week, the states have welcomed us with some great weather for wandering around Manhattan...
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Just about to get on a flight to New York for my first visit. Only got one day free for touristy things (tomorrow) - what should I see?

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I've been playing with this, helping test by fixing locations and adding missing paths for a while now, and it's really gratifying to see a change you made get approved and be visible to everyone.

Today was the public launch for the UK, so if something wrong on Google maps has been annoying you, pop along to and fix it!
From world famous tourist destinations to the streets of your hometown, you can now offer local knowledge to enrich the maps of the United Kingdom using Google Map Maker! Once approved, these improvements can be seen worldwide on Google Maps, Google Earth, and Google Maps for Mobile.

Learn more here:, and get started mapping today!

Before/After of England’s Bletchley Park, improved today using Google Map Maker!
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