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Darren DeMatas
Christian. I help entrepreneurs market their businesses online.
Christian. I help entrepreneurs market their businesses online.
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Stop shooting photos on your iPhone. It is lame. This A-W-W-WESOME post by +Darren DeMatas will teach you how to shoot photos like Nike. These guys know a thing or two about photography, trust me:

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Love all the perspectives in this post.
Which eCommerce Platform Is Best for Your Business?

When starting an eCommerce business, the number of options and potential pitfalls is astounding - it's pretty easy to get confused by the choices and take a costly wrong turn.

We spoke to specialists and advocates for each of the major eCommerce platforms, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Prestashop and Create, a home-grown eCommerce platform to determine;

- where each fits in the market
- which types of business they're suitable for
- what budget each commands
- when you shouldn't choose them

Thanks to +Shopify​, +Quentin Audrain at +PrestaShop​​, Dave Green, +Rebecca Kimber​ and +Media Lounge​ for their insights.

#eCommerce #Magento #Shopify #WooCommerce #PrestaShop

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eCommerce UX Mistakes That Drive Us Nuts and Crush Customer Confidence

You’ve spent countless hours tweaking your CSS, testing your responsive breakpoints, and checking site speed. You know the site like the back of your hand. Your eCommerce site is beautifully designed, but is it user-friendly?

via +Speckyboy Design Magazine 

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Never run out of good things to share. Great resource from +Chris Makara
It seems like there are countless blog posts about evergreen content.

And why not?

To me it makes sense to create content that has a longer life span than something that is only good for a short time. In fact, there are hundreds of blog posts detailing the different types of evergreen content you can create.

The problem is, no one really talks about creating evergreen social media content updates.

Similar to evergreen blog content, evergreen social media posts are something that can provide value again and again over long periods of time.

But yet, very few people take advantage of this opportunity and they are missing out.

By creating evergreen social media content, you will have a go-to bank of status updates to keep your social profiles posting.

No longer will your account have to go dormant just because you haven’t posted anything new to your blog. You won’t need to waste time sifting through RSS feeds, newsletter subscriptions, or other people’s social media updates for something to post to your own social account.

Instead, you will have a well-documented source for creating social media updates without any ongoing heavy lifting.

#socialmedia   #socialmediamarketing   #socialmediatips   #evergreen  

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Check out my interview with +Tracey Wallace from BigCommerce

She's someone I could talk to all day about ecommerce. If you know someone that is selling on marketplace sites like Amazon or Etsy and are looking to break away, this podcast interview is for them.

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