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The phrasing of this announcement by Vine struck me as slightly odd:

"Every day, millions of people open Vine to share memories in the moment. Today, Vine unlocks a new camera that gives you the freedom to create a Vine in any way you want. The new camera offers powerful ways to edit your videos as well as the ability to import existing videos on your phone and turn them into Vines."

It's funny, to me, that they've entirely abstracted the word 'camera' from the physical object it represents. When I first saw the headline, I assumed they had released some Vine-alicious hardware. 

If you look at the coverage of the announcement, the vast majority of it avoids this slightly-clunky usage.

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How do we learn business etiquette? 

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If they haven't, it's time that somebody wrote a great, long-form mainstream article about the streaming video game world. It holds no appeal for me, but 45 million monthly viewers, where 60% watch for 20 hours or more a week is a significant cultural force.

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Premier of Ontario +Kathleen Wynne has a very rough 'Ask Me Anything' on Reddit last week. The AMA has become a very popular PR tactic for the famous and the semi-famous. For +Techvibes, I put together some thoughts on how to avoid the common AMA pitfalls.

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Our latest client project: Do you have (or are you) a kid entering grades 8 to 12? They could win a life-changing experience--a year living and study at a boarding school in Victoria, Canada.

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Cool microsite collecting and categorizing a bunch of collaborative technologies. It's targeted at funders, but ought to be of use to all sorts of folks.

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This is a handy improvement to Google Webmaster Tools, in light of Google's move to entirely secure search.
Good news for the  #notprovided world: today we've got very nice and appreciated updates to #webmastertools : GWT Search queries section now displays number of clicks per keyword by your Top pages (URL)
Also, there's an update to GWT timeline showing when the specific  #webmastertoolsupdate was applied.

Thank you, Google! 

Credit goes to +Cyrus Shepard and +Thomas Høgenhaven. Thanks, guys! 

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I went to an advanced screening of the first episode of the new season of "Girls", as well as premieres of "Looking" and "True Detective". "Girls" was the usual delightful confection. "Looking" was pretty terrible--just lifeless and unfunny. 

"True Detective" stars Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey, and it has some promise. It's basically "The Killing" meets "Hannibal", with a little splash of "A Time to Kill". It's not particularly original, but it could turn out to be watchable.

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Just watched the Jelly intro video. How is this different from Quora, and to a lesser degree, /r/AskReddit and, though I'm loathe to type it, Yahoo Answers?

We're working with an education institution at the moment. They're considering taking questions from potential students and parents via text message. This would strictly be ad hoc--there would be no automated responses or anything. It would just be another way for students to get in touch, like email, phone and so forth.

Is this as simple as them dedicating a smart phone and number to this function, or would you recommend a more sophisticated solution?

For example, I could imagine a service that accepts the messages, converts them to email and enables staff to reply using their email client. 
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