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These Marvel comic Hip hop variants are amazing! I must have EVERY single one of them. Probably going to have get posters of a few of these covers to hang up as well.

Added a few more that will be featured come October that weren't in the original Uproxx article along with their inspiration. There will be about 50 covers in all.

#marvelcomics #variantcovers #hiphop 
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I love it
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Darrell Lee

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Hey guys! Quite a few people have been checking up on me recently.

There are 3 things everyone should know.
1. Yes, I am still alive.
2. No, I will not be "coming back" to post regularly on G+.
3. If you send me a G+ pm, mention me, or a hangout (and I actually know who you are) I will always (eventually) get back to you. Other than that have a wonderful day and a great rest of 2015.

P.S. In my opinion Avengers 2 was just "OK" and I left the theater with a underwhelmed feeling. #shotsfired
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Miss your gifs and your always funny posts. Good luck with everything☺
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Darrell Lee

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My sister knows just what her big brother likes. She has been taking me to all the great eat spots on my Seattle vacation. I really wasn't planning on posting anymore on my trip. But I just had to because this chicken and waffles was out of this world!!!
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Can honestly say, I haven't ever had the two at the same time. But I wouldn't mind giving it a try!
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Darrell Lee

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Poor Rondo is in bad shape. The groomer (allegedly) messed up a few of his nails. So he had to go to the vet to have 2 of his nails removed from his paw because of an infection.

As you can tell the pain meds are in full effect right now. He is also in a very bad mood. I feel so bad for my little buddy!
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What the hell!!! 
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Darrell Lee

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Nature Boy
Kim K
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Darrell Lee

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Here is Rondo playing with his buddies out in the snow today...and of course sniffing the yellow snow.

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Nice dog park! 😄😄😄 glad to hear you made it out the E R!
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Darrell Lee

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Dafuq, didn't even know this was actually a thing? Ghetto packing know I couldn't resist giving this a try just on what flavor it is alone.

Lol Shaq Fu! Taking it back to Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis. When I was dead broke, man I couldn't picture this...

P.S. This is made by the same company that makes Arizona iced teas.

#Shaqfu #supernintendo #segagenesis #purpledrank
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I gotta go find some now.
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Darrell Lee

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If none  of  you can handle a reboot then why do you care?
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Darrell Lee

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I can't wait for this movie!!
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Darrell Lee

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Just checking in, since people have been worried about me recently (thanks). I am on vacation visiting my Sister in Seattle. Yes, I am still alive and all is well. Hope you guys are doing great as well.

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Miss ya Mr. Lee
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Darrell Lee

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MRW I find out that as part of the Sony Spider-Man Marvel deal most of the Marvel movie release dates have now been pushed back. The next Spidey film took the previously announced Thor 3 Ragnarok release date July 28th 2017 (Thor has now moved to November 3rd 2017). Which also means instead of seeing the Black Panther movie (which had Thor 3 new release date) in 2017, I have to wait until 2018 July 6th to be exact. I am more than just a little rustled by this news.

The only silver lining for me is Spidey will most definitely be a part of the Cap 3 Civil War movie. But other than that... 😢

#Marvelmovies #Spiderman #CaptianAmerica #Thor #BlackPanther #rustled
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I want Tobey Maguire back as Spider-Man!
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Darrell Lee

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Yes, because this just happened...

#whatdidijustread #whitakereye
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...(u[uso +Kyle Maxwell it's all 'bou(td'{d`B7A7S7(c7E{3CCCthen;eh>>>?>>(revapversionBTW thhhhhhhhhhhhh';``'..'`;`1'.2`'2;`1.3got gork here']?.(u[uso~oh+v'r(?<<<<<
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I still believe in heroes.
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