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Dedeuc D'Antonoli
Building Better Lives through Quality Martial Arts Programs!
Building Better Lives through Quality Martial Arts Programs!

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Bet you thought our Chandler martial arts school was just a super-cool place to get fit and learn self-defense... the truth is it's so much more.


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Educational Tuesday 
The Kids Martial Arts Mesa Team is
dedicated to the success of your child.
We all understand that we want our children
to be leaders and not followers 
(especially once they get into high school).
This is really important in terms of mindset.
Lose the activity mindset! Martial arts is not 
simply an activity like T-Ball. Martial arts training is 
about learning personal development life skills
at our school.
In this video I talk about martial arts 
training at our Dojo and why our Dojo
is a great resource for this type of education. 
Our Methodology if you will ;-)
I hope you find this webinar helpful in
helping your child get the most from 
martial arts training.

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Very proud day for me to promote Deshi Bruce Ross to the rank and position of Honbu Dojo Senpai! Very grateful for you and all your hard work to the Dojo. Domo Arigato Gozaimashita!
ATTN: Honbu Dojo
Important Announcement Regarding Deshi Bruce Ross
The best part of being
a teacher is when you 
have a student who truly
embodies the teachings 
you offer and strives for 
success in everything they do. 
I am proud to announce that 
through extreme dedication 
and hard work that Deshi
Bruce Ross has been promoted
to the role of Senpai or Head Student
at Honbu Dojo.
With Renshi Lehrer moving to Colorado
and opening a Bushin Ryu school there
we found ourselves without a Senpai
for the first time in years. I speak for the
entire TEAM when I say there
was no better choice than Mr. Ross.
We are honored to have you step into
this role and commend you for
taking this leadership and responsibility.
Congratulations Senpai!
See you on the mat ;-)

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Very honored to be invited by so many great martial artists in Utah. I look forward to seeing my old friends and making new ones.

I am so pleased to announce that Monk Wise Martial Arts Academy in West Jordan will be hosting our own Kaiso D'Antonoli for an exciting weekend Bushin Ryu seminar July 25-26.

Kaiso will be teaching covering several areas during this intensive, including ground survival, knife technique, and aiki principles (internal aspects of martial arts). Warrior Ways seminars are really a opportunity to take a deep dive into both the physical and mental aspects of Bushin Ryu Aiki Bujutsu.

Kaiso has designed the Warrior Ways seminar series to enrich both the beginning student as well as those who are repeat attendees or long-time Bushin Ryu students. This is not to be missed!

This is a wonderful opportunity to get some intensive training time, and to get out of this heat! Please note that this event is hosted by Monk Wise Martial Arts Academy and registration must be completed on their website. For more information including seminar registration:

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Bushin Ryu and Martial Arts Training
Renshi's blog talks about his martial arts experience and what makes Bushin Ryu Aiki Bujutsu unique.
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