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Very proud day for me to promote Deshi Bruce Ross to the rank and position of Honbu Dojo Senpai! Very grateful for you and all your hard work to the Dojo. Domo Arigato Gozaimashita!
ATTN: Honbu Dojo
Important Announcement Regarding Deshi Bruce Ross
The best part of being
a teacher is when you 
have a student who truly
embodies the teachings 
you offer and strives for 
success in everything they do. 
I am proud to announce that 
through extreme dedication 
and hard work that Deshi
Bruce Ross has been promoted
to the role of Senpai or Head Student
at Honbu Dojo.
With Renshi Lehrer moving to Colorado
and opening a Bushin Ryu school there
we found ourselves without a Senpai
for the first time in years. I speak for the
entire TEAM when I say there
was no better choice than Mr. Ross.
We are honored to have you step into
this role and commend you for
taking this leadership and responsibility.
Congratulations Senpai!
See you on the mat ;-)
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Dedeuc D'Antonoli Kaiso

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Bushin Ryu and Martial Arts Training
Renshi's blog talks about his martial arts experience and what makes Bushin Ryu Aiki Bujutsu unique.
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Dedeuc D'Antonoli Kaiso

Shared publicly  - - Dojo Etiquette Lesson on Leaving the Mat. Dojo Etiquette at The Budo Shingikan Honbu Dojo is formal and as students we must all learn what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior in the Dojo. Japanese Dojo and martial arts are different from others as the Dojo is considered a spiritual place and not a gym Therefore there are many lessons taught with being mindful to your behavior and actions while training and being at the Dojo.
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Dedeuc D'Antonoli Kaiso

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"Learning is a gift. Even when
pain is your teacher."

When we endure physical,
emotional, or mental pain...

... It's hard to think this way.

But in hindsight, I'm sure
you'll agree that your pain
has taught you invaluable
In martial arts, there's pain
to be experienced, too.
You develop new muscles,
and improve old ones.

You stretch your beliefs
about what you can
accomplish as you
perform amazing feats.

And you'll probably fall quite
a bit too at first ;-)

But all of this is an amazing

On the other side of pain is
wisdom, enrichment, and

Try to remember that if you're
going through anything yourself
right now.

Learn more about our martial
arts program with a no-risk
trial: 602-574-6061
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Dedeuc D'Antonoli Kaiso

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Educational Tuesday 
The Kids Martial Arts Mesa Team is
dedicated to the success of your child.
We all understand that we want our children
to be leaders and not followers 
(especially once they get into high school).
This is really important in terms of mindset.
Lose the activity mindset! Martial arts is not 
simply an activity like T-Ball. Martial arts training is 
about learning personal development life skills
at our school.
In this video I talk about martial arts 
training at our Dojo and why our Dojo
is a great resource for this type of education. 
Our Methodology if you will ;-)
I hope you find this webinar helpful in
helping your child get the most from 
martial arts training.
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Dedeuc D'Antonoli Kaiso

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Very honored to be invited by so many great martial artists in Utah. I look forward to seeing my old friends and making new ones.

I am so pleased to announce that Monk Wise Martial Arts Academy in West Jordan will be hosting our own Kaiso D'Antonoli for an exciting weekend Bushin Ryu seminar July 25-26.

Kaiso will be teaching covering several areas during this intensive, including ground survival, knife technique, and aiki principles (internal aspects of martial arts). Warrior Ways seminars are really a opportunity to take a deep dive into both the physical and mental aspects of Bushin Ryu Aiki Bujutsu.

Kaiso has designed the Warrior Ways seminar series to enrich both the beginning student as well as those who are repeat attendees or long-time Bushin Ryu students. This is not to be missed!

This is a wonderful opportunity to get some intensive training time, and to get out of this heat! Please note that this event is hosted by Monk Wise Martial Arts Academy and registration must be completed on their website. For more information including seminar registration:
Monk Wise Martial Arts Academy is proud to host a Warrior Ways Intensive Seminar this July. The Warrior Ways training program is developed by Dedeuc D'Antonoli, Kaiso founder of the Bushin Ryu Aiki Bujutsu martial system. There will be a special 3 - part focus. The 3 areas of concentration will ...
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Kids Martial Arts in Mesa Arizona
While Hollywood films regularly give us the feeling that kids martial arts are brutal and forceful, this is not the situation of a genuine practice. Likewise with most different games and exercises, huge blockbuster films rely on savagery and enormous embel...

Dedeuc D'Antonoli Kaiso

Shared publicly  - - Under the Spear 1 - Koppojutsu Curriculum within Bushin Ryu Aiki Bujutsu. Koppojutsu is the striking syllabus taught within the Bushin Ryu martial system. Watch as Hanshi Ewing teaches 'under the spear (number 1).
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I once read somewhere that
"parents are patterns."
It's so true. Everything we do,
say, feel... Our kids absorb
and make their own.
That's why one of the best
things we can do for our kids,
is resolve our past issues.
That way, those issues simply
aren't there for them to absorb.
And they won't have to live with

At the same time, if we work on
building our strengths, are kids
absorb those too.

And they'll absorb the desire to
build their own.

But it all starts with us :-)
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Dedeuc D'Antonoli Kaiso

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Here's an awesome recipe for a
Yes, you read that right: pizza
that is healthy!! It's easy, too.
Make sure the WHOLE family gets
involved. This is one of those
meals that tastes great...
And is a lot of fun to prepare.
Here it is:
- Whole wheat ball of pizza dough
(or a pre-made whole wheat pizza
crust. You can pick these up in
most super markets that have an
"organic" section)
- All-natural pizza sauce with no
added sugar (also read the
ingredient list and make sure the
ONLY ingredients are real
vegetables! If there are tons of
additives and sugar, it's not
- Mozzarella cheese! (Get
all-natural with no added junk like
chemical preservatives).
- Green peppers, yellow peppers, or
any vegetable you want to throw on
- Pre-heat the oven to 400F.
- Soften up the dough by squeezing
and kneading it in your hands (kids
have a lot of fun with this)
- Roll the dough out so that it's
pretty thin (not so thin that it
rips, but almost that thin)
- Lightly pinch the outside edges
to make a raised crust.
- Add a layer of tomato sauce that
makes the dough not visible.
- Add 1 layer of cheese that covers
the sauce
- Don't put sauce or cheese on your
- Chop up your veggies and throw
them on top!
- Bake for 10-15 mins on 400F!
You'll know the pizza is done when
the BOTTOM is golden brown. Slice
up, eat and...
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Kaiso - Leader of the Bushin Ryu Aiki Bujutsu Martial System
Martial Arts, Education, Personal Protection, Self-Defense including Defensive Tactics & Combatives
  • Mindset Self-Defense Magazine
    Staff Writer, 2014 - present
    I am humbled to have a position with the crew at Mindset Self-Defense Magazine. This publication is geared not only toward promoting education within the personal protection field it is 100% dedicated to the needs of Women and their self-defense needs.
  • The Budo Shingikan Kyokai
    Founder, 2010 - present
    As Kaiso of the 'Kyokai' martial arts organization it is my duty to oversee all aspects of instructor development for our licensed instructors, provide curriculum mandates for all Bushin Ryu Schools, and guide our top tier students/instructors on our journey of growing our organization.
  • The Budo Shingikan School of Japanese Martial Arts
    Martial Art Instructor, 2009 - present
    I am the Chief Instructor over The Budo Shingikan Honbu Dojo. The Budo Shingikan is the most elite martial arts school for Japanese Bujutsu & Budo within the State of Arizona. He have Kids, Teens and Adult programs to serve our local community.
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4840 E. Jasmine St #103 Mesa, Arizona 85205
Building Better Lives through Quality Martial Arts Programs!
My name is Dedeuc D'Antonoli and I am the Founder of the International Organization 'World Buhsin Ryu Aiki Bujutsu Federation'. I developed the Bushin Ryu Aiki Bujutsu Japanese Martial System and set our Honbu Dojo (Headquarters School) in Mesa, Arizona. Our corporate Headquarters is located in Phoenix, Arizona and we have branch schools in Prescott, AZ and Flagstaff, AZ.

Bragging rights
Winner of the "Mesa's Best" Award three years consecutively in the Categories of Best Martial Arts School, and Best Children's Martial Arts Program. I'm an Advisory Board Member of the (ASO) Olympic Committee. I have also had the honor of being inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame twice.
  • Universidad La Salle
    Business Administration, 2005 - 2009
    Masters in Business Administration
  • Arizona School of Business and Real Estate
    Real Estate, 2004 - 2005
    Obtained Arizona Real Estate License
  • Mira Loma High School
    High School, 1993 - 1997
    Completed High School in Sacramento, California before moving to Arizona in 1998.
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If you want to train at one of the very best schools look no further. This amazing martial arts schools has an awesome authentic approach to the martial arts which is great for students of all ages. This school is led by the very best Jujutsu instructors who are not only knowledgeable but have dedicated their lives to the martial arts. Looking for a great school is one thing (and you've found it) but finding the right Sensei is even more valuable for the student. If you're looking for a great Dojo, a great instructional staff in addition to getting a phenomenal workout, practical self-defense, and a great venue for self-development all the way around for you or your whole family you must stop by and check out this school. You wont regret it!
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If you are looking for excellent martial arts training options for yourself or for your entire family, Monk Wise Martial Arts Academy is one of the very best. Not only will you get a great work out, you'll get a great educational avenue for self-defense. At Monk Wise Martial Arts the really do teach the martial arts holistically in a fun and exciting way that keeps everyone motivated and coming back for more. Led by excellent instructors who have dedicated their lives to the martial arts. In the short time I have been affiliated with the Shifu and this school I can truly say you wont regret visiting this martial arts school, but please don't take my word for it or the other awesome reviews on this page, stop by and see for yourself! It wont be long before you write a review just like I did :-)
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