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The News (poems do not go here)  - 
The Poetry Foundation & Poetry Magazine are accepting submissions for their 2015 fellowships with five $25,800 prizes up for grabs. Submissions are due by April 30! Must be between 21–31 to submit.
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This is a great fellowship. 
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Darold Ross

The Prompt (look at the prompt first!)  - 

Truth-battered bloody eardrums
I tongue a whip to repay the slight 
Started back to back and forgot how many paces
It was a war we never meant to fight

When did we renege the treaties against torture

Poison gas choked a future child
Can’t sleep but to count sheep alpha beta gamma
We trapped each other in this room
You slipped away without a word
This silent mountain 
Sucked up all the air
And the elements stripped our remains

There was a monster in your blood
A vessel of glass disguised as a man
How many vehicles are hijacked in the getaway
Because boy friends are not boyfriends
Don’t look in the mirror as you leave
Geographically undesirable 
The force of impact empties the lungs


Temporary alliances are just that
Share a table with an enemy 
We can’t turn a blind eye to crumbling towers
I raze the south American forest 
They were my burnt edges on your lashes
I wasn’t ready to look on God

I found a foreign country I couldn’t annex
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very nice
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Darold Ross

The Critique  - 
I don't really know what I am looking for in this one. I'm really just kind of exploring as it's been a while since I've written anything. Maybe feedback on ways to address it to a potential lover? It's about a new relationship, but maybe it feels like a warning to the narrator? 

I want to talk to you.
I want to fill hours with words
that couple and multiply and build walls, 
four sides to box us in and build a home.
But you’re still a stranger after all, 
and there’s not even a slab of foundation underfoot.
We’re still standing on a busy path
that prods us on our ways.

Don’t build a house in the middle of the road.
You only encourage people to walk through it
on their way to the other side.
They will come and go and you
will stay the same, surrounded by blank walls.

So walk the road and turn a blind eye 
to people heading in contrary directions.
Don’t become distracted from your course
until someone walks level with you;
their pace will be even and pointed 
to your true north.
Walk with them.

Walk until there is no path under your feet
and the skin of your heels splits open
and you start to pour out on the harsh terrain.
Grow complimentary callouses. 
And when it no longer hurts to walk
or stand or lay side by side,
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Wisdom within a very creative write.
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Darold Ross

Shared publicly  - 
An illustration I did after seeing a beautiful carved cow skull from India. 
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Darold Ross

Digital  - 
A new piece I finished for a charity art auction next week. 
'The soul helps the body, and at certain moments raises it. It is the only bird that sustains its cage.' —Victor Hugo
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Darold Ross

The Critique  - 
Things I am looking for critique on: how successful the evocation of foreignness is, how to more powerfully describe the shucking off of one's identity for a short period of time, ways to deepen the feeling of headiness and out-of-body experience.

- - - - -
- - - - - 

He guided me to a foreign country
wrappered in a house on Sycamore St
It breathed a climate and culture converse
to the barren southwest land-locking its borders

When I cross the perimeter
I am suddenly not me
I strip off the titles and tasks that
define my edges of presence in 
other peoples lives

This is only a traveler now

A succinct collection of holy books
and the instruments of learned men
litter each stoop and window
a minuscule city awash in thought and faith

Bitter tastes wash a traveler's tongue
and ghosts of exotic scents 
run heady through his skull
all is Shambhala in an off-white shell

And the guide leads that man through
the dark and hidden ways, lays him down
in humid heat and loves him
wholly, bodily, solely

The traveler traces a foreign jaw 
and foreign fingers trace his skin
He turns his body inside out at the seams
of his loins, his mouth, his wrists.

Butterfly whispers crawled between his ribs,
hovered in semi-darkness before his eyes
with wings bright against the ceiling
because even stars here are not the same.

Until morning

Time meanders in this country
Meals occur out of sequence, out of setting
The guide tends to his traveler once more
passing bits of heart between their lips

And when the sun hit its apex
the guide wore nothing but skin 
and a smile as he prepared provisions
of meat and promise, tea and potential

His lips intoxicate

At noon, the traveler put me on again
layers of cloth and responsibility
until I wore him only in the lace veins 
of my heart valves and he was gone

Some time after I crossed into my homeland
they changed laws governing the borders
I find myself barred from that country
and the guide who sets the rules

My visa has expired
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Good advice from +Jonathan Neske  - I would add that the language is too vague and a simpler approach would get the effect you want. It's a story and so it has to exist on that level first - then you can add in the pieces you want to get your idea across without hitting us on the head with a hammer.
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Darold Ross

The Discussion (poems do not go here)  - 
One thing that I have been thinking about lately is how people choose the subject matter of their poems. I listen to the Poetry Foundation's monthly podcasts and read poems posted here and elsewhere and I marvel that people can write such beautiful things about all manner of subjects. My own poetry is usually linked to relationships and love, and at times I feel like this limits me. However, I don't really know how to break out of that and explore more adventurous territory. Every time I attempt something, it rounds back to a number of the same things I've explored previously. I fear stagnating like that.

Anyway, my discussion point is: how do you choose the subject matter or direction of a poem, and do you do anything to push yourself into unexplored territory? 
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+lynn paden well thank you! reading with interest
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Darold Ross

Traditional  - 
Trying my hand at markers. This may or may not be Jenny Humphrey from Gossip Girl, the episode with the masquerade ball.
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good job
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Darold Ross

Shared publicly  - 
Check out what I've been working on!
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Darold Ross

Shared publicly  - 
Check out these awesome cellphone skins and more at    #Art   #illustration  
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