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Hey Iyaz! You've created a monster. I've rooted my Kindle Fire, put Jelly Bean on it, jailbroken my old iPod Touch, got rid of the TelCo with Ooma and I've only just begun. Not bad for an almost 60yr old grandma Thanks :)
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+Darlene Morrow you're no monster! You're a rock star! Keep up the good work! Feel free to post videos about your success! 
+Darlene Morrow, I'm glad to see that you are so open with technology for your age, (no offense) I worked at a tech support help desk at a university, with professors younger than you, that couldn't figure out how to drag and drop files to an external hard drive,, be proud of yourself!!
+Sam Zick no offence taken. I have to work with my grand kids sometimes. Age is relative anyway. I'm still 23 in my head and I bet if you asked +Leo Laporte how old he was in his mind, I bet you'd find he is younger too. Embracing change is what changes with age. So don't stop. :)
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