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New album "Saga" out now - Unleash Your Inner Hero
New album "Saga" out now - Unleash Your Inner Hero

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We added some new products to our Dark Model official store. Hopefully, you will drop by and grab these items.

Store URL:*

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Do you use +Spotify(or +Spotify Japan)? Here is my playlist of all the Dark Model tracks (entire catalog) available on Spotify.

Shuffle is highly recommended. Hope you will follow Dark Model and enjoy these tracks!

Dark Model on Spotify:

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+Dark Model’s “No Surrender” was licensed and featured in Kumho Tire Ecsta Racing Team’s video. This song has not been publicly released yet, but we hope you will enjoy the music used in the awesome video.

#musicplacement #synclicense #darkmodel

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+Dark Model’s “Guilty As Sin” was licensed and featured in +Specialized Bicycles’s promo video “Meet The New Epic.” This song has not been released yet, but hopefully you will enjoy how the music is used in the video in a cool way.

#musicplacement #synclicense #darkmodel

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"Dawn of Resurrection" from the album "Saga" was published on Soundcloud.

Track description (blog):

“The last song is called Dawn of Resurrection and it starts slow. That doesn’t last long as it builds and builds until we get to the anthemic and harmonized outro. A perfect ending.”
(Johnny Taylor, The Huffington Post)

Apple Music:
Album details:

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Dark Model’s “Saga” was chosen by +Trailer Music News, which specializes in introducing top-notch artists whose music has been used in advertising campaigns for Hollywood motion pictures.

Many thanks to the editor-in-chief Clothilde Lebrun for choosing the Saga album!

#DarkModel #Saga #TrailerMusicNews

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Dark Model “Oath (Original Mix)” is now available on major MP3 download and streaming services such as iTunes/Apple Music, +Spotify, +Google Play , Tidal, and Amazon.

This original mix has been featured on many TV programs, commercials, and video game trailers such as +XBOX One “Forza Motorsport 5”, +Blizzard Entertainment “Overwatch,” and +Lexus USA commercial.

iTunes/Apple Music:
Amazon US MP3:
Google Play:

For details:

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This is your personal hero soundtrack!

New York-based ARTpublika Magazine published a creative and detailed review on the album “Saga.” We would like to thank the author Liz Campese for choosing Dark Model’s music.

#Darkmodel #albumreview

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Dark Model "Saga" scored 4.5 out of 5 on +HuffPost (formerly The Huffington Post).

Rating: ****1/2 (4.5 out of 5)
Must listen: Rage and Redemption, Survivors, Storm Goddess
Skip: None. (Seriously listen to all of them)

The author Johnny Taylor wrote a track-by-track review in a creative way. We would like to thank him a lot for choosing Dark Model.

"If instrumental-video game-techno-orchestral-anime-horror film music is what you dig the most, then this album is perfect. Even if you don’t generally like that, it’s close to perfect."

#HuffPost #DarkModel #Saga #Review
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