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One of Dark Model’s fans in Japan sent me a picture taken in Tower Records Shibuya, one of the biggest CD retail outlet stores in the world.

Pretty cool shot, isn’t it? I want to give shout-outs to him and Tower Records Japan.

Tower Records Shibuya on Japan Travel:

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This is a re-upload of "Moment of Truth," uplifting orchestral breakbeat & drumline track. Thanks for re-sharing the music!

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Model Electronic Records
Dark Model -11. Moment of Truth (RE-UPLOAD: Cinematic Breakbeat /Big Beat / Epic Orchestral EDM)
Dark Model Youtube channel has achieved 1,000 subscribers. Thanks for your support!

This is the original mix of Dark Model "Oath (2015 Remaster)". Enjoy the music along with its Dubstep Remix (

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Dark Model "Judgment Day" was used in the first part of Jerry Seinfeld's "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee: Jimmy Fallon." Check out the video!

"Judgement Day" music video:

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Dark Model "Abandoned" was licensed and used in Fox Head's promo video called "Fox Wake Presents | Rusty Malinoski We Live | The Extra Mile". Check it out.

"Abandoned" is included in Dark Model's first album.

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Dark Model “Judgment Day” was licensed and featured on DirecTV’s program “Big Knockout Boxing" (Season 2,

"Judgment Day" on Youtube:

This track is included in the Dark Model first album.

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Many listeners have discovered and reached out to Dark Model's music via Shazam. "Judgment Day" has 334 Shazams now. Thanks for your interest!

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Lyrics to Judgment Day by Dark Model. Discover song lyrics from your favourite artists and albums on Shazam!

Dark Model

commented on a video on YouTube.
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While this track is not included in Dark Model's first album, it is available at Bandcamp.

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Dark Model Youtube channel has achieved 1,000 subscribers. Thanks for your support!

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Dark Model's first album is on Pandora (Radio) now. Create your playlist and enjoy!

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"This opens up the possibility to combine different musical genres, and by using them to express varied emotional states of the artist. A musical torpedo." chose the Dark Model album with their great review (score: 100%, 5/5 Stars)! I hope you visit the page.

I would like to give big thanks to the author hellium and Alternation magazine.,id,1350,recenzje.html

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A spine-tinglingly epic and relentlessly bold odyssey of sounds & beats consisting of futuristic and edgy Orchestral Electronica from Tatsuya Oe (Captain Funk)

Dark Model is a new project by award winning music producer Tatsuya Oe (who has also been well known as electronic music master/club DJ Captain Funk), which focuses on futuristic, emotional, and edgy beat-oriented orchestral electronic music. He was born in Japan, the land of Godzilla and Kurosawa, now residing in Gotham City, New York.

Dark Model's debut album was released in the form of CD and digital downloads on May 16, 2014.

With his enormously diverse music background, he has produced several hundreds of music related works, including not only his own original releases but also remixes and collaborative projects with many other musicians such as James Brown, Serge Gainsbourg, Ron Sexsmith, Chic, Simon Lebon, Yoshihide Otomo. He has been referred to as “Remix Wizard,” “Unpredictable,” “Captain sailing into the uncharted waters of dance music” by music journalists, and Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim) described his music as “F***ing insane!”

The basic concept of Dark Model is to make a kind of “Instrumental Narrative” by incorporating a diverse range of musical ideas and elements which Tatsuya has achieved throughout his career. As heard in his past works such as “Songs of the Siren” which was acclaimed by Billboard magazine, Tatsuya has had strong interest in “building and telling a story through music.” However, it is striking that he features much more cinematic elements and orchestral arrangements in this new project than he did previously. He even brings in a touch of traditional Japanese music and culture which he grew up with and was so inspired by. While Dark Model’s music may be on some common ground with film scores, his priority with his project is to make music which stands on its own, not as subordinate to any specific visual or motion elements.

Since the launch of the project in May 2012, Dark Model’s music has been licensed and featured in numerous media projects, including Box Office film promos / trailer for films such as “Elysium”, “The Paperboy”, in Verizon “Droid” TV commercial, and in advertising campaigns for Lexus, Oakley, XBox, and many more.