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With SwipeBubble, you can take instant photos without the need to open camera app! With this, you will never miss a shot again.

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Does anyone know what's this? 

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Beta testers for paid app wanted (will be refunded the money and get to keep the app). 

PM me you email address so I can add it to beta testers list.

Only devices without softkeys (such as Samsung's and not as Nexus) because otherwise it would be useless


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Hey guys, AchievementUnlocked creates "XBOX Achievement Unlocked"-like alerts. It's super easy to set up.
Check it out live on Google play

Or check blog post

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does anyone know who's the dev of Trebuchet? I've got a suggestion (I've made a sketch) 
The suggestion is to add a rss feed screen to the far-most left page (like Google now) but for news feed and some FB posts. Just like BlinkFeed but with trebuchet. 

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Good day, everyone! Sorry for the delay, the new update should be released this weekend. 

If you could help with the translations, it would be great!

What's new (changelog over the last public update):
-New UI (inspired by CyanogenOS theme picker)
-Android 5.1 support
-Per-app customizations 
-Auto-install themes after building (requires root though)
-Two-screens UI for increased simplicity and efficiency (main screen and editor screen) 
-Change softkeys 
-Get a preview for: wallpapers, lockscreen, bootanimations, fonts, etc...
-Auto generate colors from a wallpaper

Here are some screenshots:
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How to theme this screen? Thanks a lot

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Does CM come with built-in root app?
I saw "root access" in developer options, but enabling it does nothing.

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