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Enlightened style(e)
SITREP_20150525 op 42 by the Green Fog Squad (English version below)

È Maggio, ritrovo del #greenfogsquad  , siamo una decina di agenti Illuminati davanti ad un tavolo pieno di birra. Tra un discorso e l’altro ad un certo punto arriva il conto da pagare: 42 Euro. 
Ci guardiamo tutti negli occhi e pensiamo: #quarantadue   ( #fortytwo   ) è la risposta a tutto! Faremo 42 field sovrapposti il 25 Maggio ( #towelday ), nessuna obiezione.
E allora giù a discutere quali portare prendere, quali amici Illuminati coinvolgere, io posso raccogliere le chiavi, tu informa gli agenti di zona, tu tira i link sulla Intel… deciso!

Nonostante la presenza del puffo @Flash90, siamo riusciti a seguire e chiudere la sequenza dei 42 field prestabiliti: nessuno poteva cambiare il corso dei fatti, la risposta era 42!

Un ringraziamento particolare a #eteam  , è sempre un piacere collaborare con voi. “Vado matto per i piani ben riusciti”!

Grazie pure a @sissina per la disponibilità come operatrice Intel fino all'ultimo e grazie a @DjDede per averla sostituita ed essersela cavata molto bene!

#ingress   #ingressenlightened   #sitrep   #lighthouse   #enlightenedpadova   #dontpanic  

Data 25 Maggio, il “towel day” 
Città coinvolte da Rovigo a Chioggia (Venezia) ai Lidi Ferraresi (Ferrara)
Condizioni meteo Nuvoloso e pioggia
Field più piccolo 115.571 MUs
Field più grande 181.361 MUs
N. di Control Fields 42
Totale 6.367.388 MU
Durata meno di 3 ore

squadra demolizione:

squadra link a Chioggia:

squadra link a Badia/Lendinara:

squadra link ai Lidi Ferraresi:

operatore Intel:


It’s May, #greenfogsquad   meeting, about ten Enlightened agents are facing a table with beers. Talking about everything and nothing, suddenly the bill arrived: 42 Euros. 
All we looked us in the eye and thought: #fortytwo   is the answer to everything! We’ll create 42 overlying field on May 25th ( #towelday   ), no way.
So we discussed about portals to take, friends to involve, I can collect keys… you, inform local agents!... you, draw links on Intel… ok!

Despite the presence of smurf @Flash90, we were able to follow and close the  entire sequence of 42 field, as planned: no one could change the event course, the response was 42!

A special thanks to #eteam   , it is always a pleasure working with you. “I love it when a plan comes together”!

Thanks also to @sissina for being ready to help us as Intel operator (but couldn't), and thanks to @DjDede to have replaced her hours before the event and rocked good!

Date May 25th, the “towelday”
Cities involved from Rovigo to Chioggia (Venice) to Lidi Ferraresi (Ferrara)
Weather condition Cloudy and Rainy
Smaller field 115.571 MUs
Bigger field 181.361 MUs
N. of Control Fields 42
Total 6.367.388 MUs
Time less than 3 hours

demolition squads:

linkers from Chioggia:

linkers from Badia/Lendinara:

linkers from Lidi Ferraresi:

Intel operator:
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Dario Santamaria

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Punteggio finale #persepolis 02. Valanga illuminata. Peccato non sia bastato per il totale
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#Persepolis Anomaly Series - Cumulative Summary:

The massive Resistance victory in Bratislava earlier today created a large ripple. Despite the Enlightened taking the second half of the day and leading in control of the #LightmanShards , the Resistance currently hold the #Persepolis Anomaly Series by a narrow but tangible margin of 653.

Resistance: 9032 + 0*375 (Shards) = 9032
Enlightened: 6879 + 4*375 (Shards) = 8379

#Persepolis 02 - Final Summary of Anomaly Conditions:

The Enlightened began strong at all four Anomaly Sites. However, the Resistance pushed tirelessly, particularly in Buenos Aires and Toronto, ultimately eroding the Enlightened lead to recapture these Satellites. Enlightened Agents fought hard and remained dominant in DC and Phoenix through the final Measurement.

Jahan has claimed that N’zeer technology is both ancient and yet far more sophisticated than anything we’ve ever seen. She believes it will elevate human consciousness to new heights through N’zeer rationality and order, but many believe this is a devious trap. The Enlightened victory in #Persepolis 02 lands a sharp blow against Jahan and her Anti-Magnus agenda.

#Persepolis 02 - Cumulative Summary of Anomaly:

Washington DC - R:956 - E:1432
Buenos Aires - R:303 - E:285
Phoenix - R:184 - E:570
Toronto - R:608 - E:586
AF01-HOTEL-11 - Enl
AM04-KILO-12 - Res
AM03-JULIET-13 - Res
AM02-KILO-12 - Res
AM01-KILO-12 - Res
AM02-HOTEL-14 - Enl
AM03-JULIET-03 - Enl
AM03-GOLF-07 - Enl
AM01-GOLF-12 - Res
AM02-HOTEL-09 - Res

#Persepolis 02 Totals:
Resistance: 2651
Enlightened: 3273

Summary of Connected Cells:

AF01-HOTEL-11 - Enl
Res Start: 0,000 | End: 0,071 | Delta: 0,071
Enl Start: 63,142 | End: 123,376 | Delta: 60,234

AM04-KILO-12 - Res
Res Start: 350,753 | End: 438,994 | Delta: 88,241
Enl Start: 300,643 | End: 306,723 | Delta: 6,080

AM03-JULIET-13 - Res
Res Start: 3,517 | End: 4,679 | Delta: 1,162
Enl Start: 10,240 | End: 9,801 | Delta: -0,439

AM02-KILO-12 - Res
Res Start: 52,799 | End: 147,456 | Delta: 94,657
Enl Start: 110,311 | End: 112,373 | Delta: 2,062

AM01-KILO-12 - Res
Res Start: 130,331 | End: 196,430 | Delta: 66,099
Enl Start: 197,152 | End: 189,060 | Delta: -8,092

AM02-HOTEL-14 - Enl
Res Start: 21,526 | End: 24,229 | Delta: 2,703
Enl Start: 3,994 | End: 42,754 | Delta: 38,760

AM03-JULIET-03 - Enl
Res Start: 35,397 | End: 34,571 | Delta: -0,826
Enl Start: 9,816 | End: 10,095 | Delta: 0,279

AM03-GOLF-07 - Enl
Res Start: 268,272 | End: 262,956 | Delta: -5,316
Enl Start: 305,330 | End: 314,328 | Delta: 8,998

AM01-GOLF-12 - Res
Res Start: 15,113 | End: 28,783 | Delta: 13,670
Enl Start: 13,912 | End: 12,895 | Delta: -1,017

AM02-HOTEL-09 - Res
Res Start: 18,512 | End: 133,462 | Delta: 114,950
Enl Start: 19,848 | End: 18,482 | Delta: -1,366

#Persepolis: Washington DC - Measurement 4 Report

The Enlightened captured this Measurement, 418 to 266.
The Enlightened captured this Primary Site, outperforming the Resistance by 476.

Portals Owned - RES: 45 - ENL: 54 - [Value: 2 each]
Volatile Portals Owned - RES: 8 - ENL: 15 - [Value: 12 each]
Links Created - RES: 4 - ENL: 11 - [Value: 10 each]
Anchored Fields Created - RES: 2 - ENL: 1 - [Value: 20 each]
Single Field Over Entire Cluster - NONE - [Value: 150]

Total for this Measurement:
Resistance - 266 - Enlightened - 418

Total for this Primary Site:
Resistance - 956 - Enlightened - 1432

Measurement Time Details:
Original: 3:16 (Minutes:Seconds within Measurement Window)
Padded String: obf3{>9DGCCeAsQz^Yg 3:16 $0IE!^#
SHA256 of Padded String: 93eba43c89169afb45ff57acd34f0e28a63d323202ce6c22f164928201618bfa

Portal Ownership Details

E - 601 Pennsylvania Avenue
E - Always
E - American Sweetgum
E - Art at National Gallery
E - Asian Lighthouse
E - Blackstone at new federal cour
E - Botanical Garden, Summer 08
E - Capitol Guard Shack North
E - Capitol Square, NW
E - Cardinal Direction Marker West
E - Cardinal Direction Marker: Nor
E - Eagles Nest
E - Earth Day Task Force Memorial Tree
E - Federal Trade Commission Building
E - FTC Man Controlling Trade
E - Game of Chess Statues - Washington
E - Gardens by the Capital
E - Giant Earwig
E - Goldsworthy — Roof
E - Grand Army of the Republic
E - H. Carl Moultrie, I
E - JM Sundial
E - John Marshall Statue - Washington
E - Jupiter National Air and Space Museum Marker
E - Major General George G. Meade 
E - Market Space: Yesterday’s Town
E - Mars National Air and Space Museum Marker
E - Moose Sculpture at the National Botanical Gardens
E - Multi Racial Traders
E - National Council of Negro Wome
E - National Gallery of Art
E - National Gallery of Art Fountain
E - Native Rhino 
E - Naval Monument
E - Newseum
E - NPS National Mall 
E - Pennsylvania Avenue
E - Plan Your Visit - Museums and Hours
E - Power from the Wind
E - Protecting Consumers and Compe
E - Rainscaping How and why
E - Restoration of the Land
E - Sharp looking thingamajig
E - Stairs Water Fountain
E - Turboprop
E - U.S. Capital Commemorative Tree From India
E - United States Botanic Garden
E - United States Capitol
E - Uranus Planet Model
E - US Capitol Ground Memorial Tree
E - US National Botanical Gardens
E - Virtues - Washington D.C.
E - Washington Area Law Enforcement Memorial
E - Washington DC: General Ulysses
E VOL - Albert Pike Monument
E VOL - Delta Solar
E VOL - Duck Pond Fountain
E VOL - Fastball Art
E VOL - Indian Buffalo Dancer II
E VOL - Japanese American Memorial to 
E VOL - Jim Siemens National Cherry Blossom Festival
E VOL - Jim Siemer Artwork 
E VOL - Knife Edge Mirror Two Piece
E VOL - Migration With a Purpose
E VOL - Nonumental Seating
E VOL - Robert A. Taft Memorial
E VOL - Senate Fountain
E VOL - Three Eyed Fountain
E VOL - Westminster Presbyterian Church 
N - Agricultural Gifts to the World
N - American Indian museum
N - Ceremony at the Crossroads
N - Eagle Lamp Post
N - Giant Vase
N - National Garden
N - National Intelligencer
N - National Mall Sign
N - Polychrome Urban Garden 
N - Power from the Wind
N - Saturn
N - Washington's Oldest Bank
N - Witchhazel • Suhwe?t (suh-whet
N VOL - Walter Perry Johnson
R - Air and Space Museum
R - American By Air 
R - American Flagship Vermont
R - Andrew W. Mellon
R - Asteroids National Air and Space Museum Marker
R - Canadian Embassy
R - Chief Justice John Marshall
R - DC Superior Court Library
R - Earth 149.6 Million km To The Sun
R - Embassy of Canada, Washington,
R - Explore the Universe
R - First International Manned Space Mission Monument
R - Front Pages
R - FTC Dedication,  1937
R - James A. Garfield
R - John Marshall
R - Lady Justice
R - Liberty Place
R - Lions at the Capital Grill
R - National Gallery of Art
R - National Gallery Of Art - West Building
R - National Grange
R - National Museum of the American Indian
R - Native American Gastronomy's
R - Newseum 9/11 Tower Spire
R - Newseum Helicopter
R - Senator Mary Landrieu Dedicated April 7, 2007
R - Smithsonian Map
R - Smithsonian Observatory
R - Smithsonian's Museums & Hours
R - The Tower
R - Tom Lamb
R - Tom's
R - Totem
R - Tower of the Stars
R - Trapezoidal Sculpture
R - Truth and Justice
R - US Botanic Garden Fountain
R - US Court House East Relief
R - USA. Washington. The statue of
R - USS Enterprise
R - Washington Fire Dept-Payroll
R - Water Fountain
R - We were Always Here     
R - Wingapo
R VOL - Civil War Memorial
R VOL - Curveball in Flight
R VOL - Dr Dorothy Height Monument
R VOL - Lady of Gold
R VOL - Milford Scott Bell
R VOL - The Yards
R VOL - Washington City Spring
R VOL - Washington DC - Ulysses S. Gra

#Persepolis: Buenos Aires - Measurement 4 Report

The Enlightened captured this Measurement, 141 to 46.
The Resistance captured this Satellite Site, outperforming the Enlightened by 18.

Portals Owned - RES: 28 - ENL: 18 - [Value: 1 each]
Volatile Portals Owned - RES: 3 - ENL: 8 - [Value: 6 each]
Links Created - RES: 0 - ENL: 0 - [Value: 5 each]
Anchored Fields Created - RES: 0 - ENL: 0 - [Value: 10 each]
Single Field Over Entire Cluster - ENL - [Value: 75]

Total for this Measurement:
Resistance - 46 - Enlightened - 141

Total for this Satellite Site:
Resistance - 303 - Enlightened - 285

Measurement Time Details:
Original: 1:57 (Minutes:Seconds within Measurement Window)
Padded String: "H)7; 1:57 0jb,4J@GZ>
SHA256 of Padded String: c80b4242be6881204f16e9995760a1930962de2066153dbec1cc9c1ee9be9afb

Portal Ownership Details

E - Academia Nacional De La Historia
E - Cayeron por la Patria en Tucumán
E - Edificio Sud América
E - Fuente Bolivar
E - Fuente Noreste Plaza De Mayo
E - Hotel City
E - La Casa Rosada
E - Legislatura De La Ciudad Autonoma De Buenos Aires
E - Manzana De Las Luces
E - Mujer Originaria
E - Museo De La Ciudad
E - Parroquia San Ignacio del Loyola
E - Patio de las palmeras
E - Placa A Los Jóvenes Del 2000 Del General Perón
E - Placa En Bronce A La Escuela Mariano Acosta
E - Placa Recuerdo Masacre Cromañon
E - Puerta De Lo Diablo
E - Restos Arqueologicos
E VOL - Entrada Ornamentada
E VOL - Estatua Almirante Brown
E VOL - Homenaje a José Manuel Estrada
E VOL - Monumento Plaza de Mayo
E VOL - Museo del Bicentenario
E VOL - Pirámide de Mayo
E VOL - Santiago
E VOL - Subterráneo Histórico
N - Andalaoza
N - Banco Argentino Uruguayo
N - Casa De Luca Prodan
N - Estatua
N - Estatua 3
N - Mural Islas Malvinas Plaza De Mayo
N - Museo Franciscano 
N - Ornate Doors
N - Poster Protesta Ex Combatientes
N VOL - Buenos Aires
R - "La Astronomía" de Joseph Dubo
R - A Los Pueblos En lucha
R - Arte No Barco
R - Cabildo
R - Casa Escasany
R - Catedral de Buenos Aires
R - Cruces Por Los Combatientes De Malvinas 
R - Edificio "La Prensa" - Casa de
R - Entrada Decorada
R - Estamos En La Misma
R - Fuente Noroeste Plaza De Mayo
R - Fuente Sur Oeste Plaza De Mayo
R - Furaibo
R - Graffiti Cool Dude
R - Homenaje a los Fundadores de Independiente
R - Iglesia de San Francisco
R - La Noche De Los Bastones Largos
R - Libertad Y Opresión
R - Monument a Julio A. Roca
R - Monumento Malvinas
R - Mural Arlequín
R - Mural La Familia
R - Mural Trabajo
R - Muy Normal
R - Placa Conmemorativa Defensa
R - Reloj Cupula Y Estatua En Una Pata
R - Reloj en Bolívar y Diagonal Sur
R - Virgen Statue
R VOL - Alto Clavo
R VOL - Buque Museo Sarmiento 
R VOL - Cataratas Urbanas 

#Persepolis: Phoenix - Measurement 4 Report

The Enlightened captured this Measurement, 141 to 57.
The Enlightened captured this Satellite Site, outperforming the Resistance by 386.

Portals Owned - RES: 9 - ENL: 42 - [Value: 1 each]
Volatile Portals Owned - RES: 8 - ENL: 4 - [Value: 6 each]
Links Created - RES: 0 - ENL: 0 - [Value: 5 each]
Anchored Fields Created - RES: 0 - ENL: 0 - [Value: 10 each]
Single Field Over Entire Cluster - ENL - [Value: 75]

Total for this Measurement:
Resistance - 57 - Enlightened - 141

Total for this Satellite Site:
Resistance - 184 - Enlightened - 570

Measurement Time Details:
Original: 8:06 (Minutes:Seconds within Measurement Window)
Padded String: KT\fjf?k@)5d!<e/wtcO{zv 8:06 +&lgJVU
SHA256 of Padded String: 5c568c6d99e09229dc784ce91a2a10def8679dcda340c4dfff41f6729d7aece9

Portal Ownership Details

E - Abstract White Sculpture
E - Blue Hound Fountain
E - Blue Orange Spiral Mural
E - Blue White Plant Mural
E - Cesar Chavez Memorial Plaque
E - Cesar Chavez Memorial Plaza
E - Chee Plant Mural
E - City of Phoenix Mosaic
E - Crazy Building Art
E - Fry Building 1885
E - Grand Lodge Building (1928)
E - Half a Bike
E - Hannys Statue
E - Historic Phoenix City Hall
E - Holding the World
E - Island Fortress Mural
E - Jack W. Swilling Fountain
E - Latino Arts & Cultural Center
E - Majerles
E - Monarch Theater
E - My Flying Bike
E - Orange Phoenix Mural
E - Orpheum theater
E - Palm Tree Mural
E - Phoenix Employee Memorial
E - Phoenix Sister Cities Memorial
E - Phoenix Statue
E - Phoenix Street Art Done in 2012
E - Sandra Day O'Connor
E - Shady Planter
E - Soldier Leisure Bicycle Mural
E - Stair Fountain
E - Steve's Greenhouse Grill Sun Devil
E - Sunflower Rock Art
E - The Bowl Fountain
E - The Hooray Statue
E - The Phoenix Police Museum
E - The Rusty Mollusk
E - Water Arches Tres
E - Wells Fargo Fountain
E - Wells Fargo History Museum
E - White Granite Sculpture
E VOL - Art_01
E VOL - Central Park
E VOL - George Washington Carver Statue
E VOL - Renaissance Square Clock
N - City Scape 
N - Downtown Phoenix Traffic Mural
N - Phoenix History Photo Mural
N - Puzzled Plant 
N - We Remember Plaque
R - Corner Art
R - Donkey Descent
R - Lariat Cowboy Statue
R - metroasis 
R - Phoenix City Hall Monunent
R - Renaissance Statue
R - Renaissance Statue West
R - Stand Up Live
R - Washington and Central Light Rail
R VOL - Abstract Steel Sculpture
R VOL - Carnegie Center 1101
R VOL - Korrick Fountain
R VOL - Metalwork Phoenix
R VOL - Phoenix Suns Fan Fountain
R VOL - POIC Choices Art
R VOL - The Duce
R VOL - The Evans House

#Persepolis: Toronto - Measurement 4 Report

The Resistance captured this Measurement, 138 to 66.
The Resistance captured this Satellite Site, outperforming the Enlightened by 22.

Portals Owned - RES: 18 - ENL: 19 - [Value: 1 each]
Volatile Portals Owned - RES: 10 - ENL: 2 - [Value: 6 each]
Links Created - RES: 10 - ENL: 5 - [Value: 5 each]
Anchored Fields Created - RES: 1 - ENL: 1 - [Value: 10 each]
Single Field Over Entire Cluster - NONE - [Value: 75]

Total for this Measurement:
Resistance - 138 - Enlightened - 66

Total for this Satellite Site:
Resistance - 608 - Enlightened - 586

Measurement Time Details:
Original: 2:46 (Minutes:Seconds within Measurement Window)
Padded String: Az`Jd}i!xl 2:46 'kE=k<eS6<,]_7VWK=
SHA256 of Padded String: 384ebc0a8c35a8d85e41ba3f4d1ffd4753028a4a00be5b6523b3fff8dedbbf9d

Portal Ownership Details

E - Canadian Airmen Monument
E - Court House Crown
E - Cow Gates-Osgoode Hall
E - Discovery Walks
E - Hanging Art
E - Henry Scadding
E - Human Rights Sculpture
E - Laura Louise Legge Memorial Tree
E - Lower Level Fountain
E - Old City Hall Plaque
E - Osgoode Hall
E - Pillars of Justice
E - Theatre Stage
E - Three Way Piece No. 2, Sculpture by Henry Moore
E - Toronto Homeless Memorial
E - Toronto Public Labyrinth
E - Toronto's First Chinatown
E - Trinity Square Clock Tower
E - Utility Box Mural
E VOL - Berczy Park Fountain 
E VOL - Old City Hall War Memorial
N - Across Time and Space, Two Children of Toronto Meet
N - Communications
N - Concrete Bowls, Toronto
N - Discovery Walks
N - Equal Before the Law
N - Salvation Army Territorial Headquarters
N - The Rogers Batteryless Radio Plaque
N - The Salvation Army Territorial Headquarters
N - The Toronto Historical Embroidery
N - Toronto City Hall
N - Toronto City Hall Arches
N - Toronto Public Library
N - University Avenue Armouries, Toronto
R - "Mourn for the Dead..." Sculpture
R - City Hall North Entrance
R - Dinner Served On The Wall
R - Field of View
R - Freedom of Expression
R - Freedom of Religion
R - Geese
R - Holy Trinity Church
R - In Freedom We Believe Mural
R - Larry Sefton Park
R - McMurtry Fountains
R - Santa Claus Parade
R - Textile Museum of Canada
R - Toronto Hydro Electric System 
R - Toronto Old City Hall
R - Toronto Public Labyrinth
R - Trinity Square Park
R - United Steel Workers Plaque
R VOL - Broken Clock
R VOL - Linear
R VOL - Murmur II
R VOL - Nathan Phillips Square Sundial
R VOL - OCADU Sharp Centre for Design
R VOL - Roy Thompson Hall
R VOL - South African War Memorial
R VOL - St. Lawrence Fountain
R VOL - The Eternal Flame of Hope
R VOL - Winston Churchill Statue
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Dario Santamaria

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Regole per l'Anomaly Persepolis
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XM Anomaly Report: #Persepolis 01 Bratislava and 02 Washington DC.

#Persepolis  Anomaly Series

May 30, 2015

Bratislava, Slovakia [P] --
Bari, Italy [s] --
Covilhã, Portugal [s] --
Thessaloniki, Greece [s] --

Washington, DC, USA [P] --
Buenos Aires, Argentina [s] --
Phoenix, AZ, USA [s] --
Toronto, Canada [s] --

June 20, 2015

Tohoku, Japan [P] --
Jakarta, Indonesia [s] --
Perth, Australia [s] --

Utrecht, The Netherlands [P] --
Helsinki, Finland [s] --
Liverpool, UK [s] --
Poznan, Poland [s] --

Portland, OR, USA [P] --
Ft. Collins, CO, USA [s] --
Milwaukee, WI, USA [s] --
Nashville, TN, USA [s] --
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Bruce Sterling 'MirrorShades'
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FU Botmaster!
Spoofing is a no go - no matter of the color!
Shame on you and your helpers - there's no pride in doing such shit.
We want to build real fields - so f**k off!

+NIA Ops please remove this field and the bots instantly and do not count the MUs to global MU statistics.

+Anne Beuttenmüller +Matilde Tusberti 

#Ingress     #RealAgentsBuildRealFields  
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Ma la vera domanda è: m>n? m<n? 
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Have him in circles
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2015-05-31 stylee L16

Thanks to all my ENL friends and RES enemies.
Especially on my side, the wonderful Green Fog Squad, you know you're all so important to me, and you know who I mean... thanks to A, A8, AD, AMP, ATH, B, B4, B9, BL, C, D, EB, F, F4, FX, G, H9, HD, HMA, HN, I, J, JO, L, LS, LTM, M, MA, MBA, MIX, N91, NQ, Q, R, S8, SZ, UD, V, VA, Z

#ingress   #level16   #greenfogsquad  

2015/05/31 stylee L16

Grazie a tutti i miei amici ILL e nemici RES.
Soprattutto dalla mia parte, la meravigliosa Squadra Verde Nebbia, sappiate che siete tutti così importanti per me, e voi sapete a chi mi riferisco... grazie a A, A8, AD, AMP, ATH, B, B4, B9, BL , C, D, EB, F, F4, FX, G, H9, HD, HMA, HN, I, J, JO, L, LS, LTM, M, MA, MBA, MIX, N91, NQ, Q, R , S8, SZ, UD, V, VA, Z
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grande S L16+8 primo l24 :D
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Dario Santamaria

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Punteggio finale #persepolis 01. Meraviglia Bari!
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#Persepolis 01 - Final Summary of Anomaly Conditions:

The Resistance were unstoppable in Bratislava, and pushed fiercely in Covilhã as well. The Enlightened coupled Strategic Fields with strong ground performance to maintain control of Thessaloniki and Bari. The first half of this day, however, belonged squarely to the Resistance. 

During Shōnin, the Resistance member and Anti-Magnus leader, Jahan, caused a massive XM explosion at an ancient XM Powerspot in Afghanistan. Many Niantic Researchers disappeared on that day, and now +Stein Lightman, the respected Glyph Expert, is trapped within the Portal Network as XM Shards. His fate depends on what happens in the Persepolis Anomalies. 

Jahan has promised that N’zeer technology in Persepolis will elevate humanity through order and rationality, curing hunger, disease and war. Her work to activate this ancient but sophisticated technology continues. If her promise holds water, then the Resistance have just taken a bold step forward. But the day is only half over. Agents in Washington, DC and other cities in the Americas are now about to begin their part of the struggle. 

#Persepolis 01 - Cumulative Summary of Anomaly:

Bratislava - R:4992 - E:1790
Bari - R:157 - E:438
Covilhã - R:624 - E:392
Thessaloniki - R:108 - E:486
AF14-SIERRA-09 - Enl
AF15-ROMEO-01 - Enl
NR02-DELTA-05 - Res
NR02-GOLF-15 - Enl
NR01-GOLF-06 - Res
NR03-GOLF-04 - Res
NR01-FOXTROT-11 - Res
AF08-SIERRA-12 - Enl
NR02-JULIET-03 - Res
AF13-DELTA-13 - Enl

#Persepolis 01 Totals:
Resistance: 6381
Enlightened: 3606

Summary of Connected Cells:

AF14-SIERRA-09 - Enl
Res Start: 54,596 | End: 63,822 | Delta: 9,226
Enl Start: 132,404 | End: 193,646 | Delta: 61,242

AF15-ROMEO-01 - Enl
Res Start: 54,284 | End: 51,363 | Delta: - 2,921
Enl Start: 328,620 | End: 1,017,691 | Delta: 689,071

NR02-DELTA-05 - Res
Res Start: 66,565 | End: 610,399 | Delta: 543,834
Enl Start: 22,159 | End: 238,442 | Delta: 216,283

NR02-GOLF-15 - Enl
Res Start: 279,493 | End: 299,152 | Delta: 19,659
Enl Start: 342,188 | End: 387,726 | Delta: 45,538

NR01-GOLF-06 - Res
Res Start: 123,181 | End: 141,341 | Delta: 18,160
Enl Start: 189,720 | End: 184,228 | Delta: -5,492

NR03-GOLF - 04 - Res
Res Start: 1,979 | End: 30,038 | Delta: 28,059
Enl Start: 54,394 | End: 50,664 | Delta: -3,730

NR01-FOXTROT-11 - Res
Res Start: 99,603 | End: 108,276 | Delta: 8,673
Enl Start: 50,696 | End: 53,737 | Delta: 3,041

AF08-SIERRA-12 - Enl
Res Start: 31,819 | End: 30,515 | Delta: -1,304
Enl Start: 23,624 | End: 64,533 | Delta: 40,909

NR02-JULIET-03 - Res
Res Start: 77,712 | End: 90,194 | Delta: 12,482
Enl Start: 142,606 | End: 142,180 | Delta: -0,426

AF13-DELTA-13 - Enl
Res Start: 0,134 | End: 0,267 | Delta: 0,133
Enl Start: 0,977 | End: 165,517 | Delta: 164,540

#Persepolis: Bratislava - Measurement 4 Report

The Resistance captured this Measurement, 2792 to 1118.
The Resistance captured this Primary Site, outperforming the Enlightened by 3202.

Portals Owned - RES: 72 - ENL: 34 - [Value: 2 each]
Volatile Portals Owned - RES: 14 - ENL: 15 - [Value: 12 each]
Links Created - RES: 130 - ENL: 33 - [Value: 10 each]
Anchored Fields Created - RES: 59 - ENL: 27 - [Value: 20 each]
Single Field Over Entire Cluster - NONE - [Value: 150]

Total for this Measurement:
Resistance - 2792 - Enlightened - 1118

Total for this Primary Site:
Resistance - 4992 - Enlightened - 1790

Measurement Time Details:
Original: 5:13 (Minutes:Seconds within Measurement Window)
Padded String: t@o 5:13 3+fcj":*.f'59W(ZUk
SHA256 of Padded String: 6856a55c7911ee54d80e790c05a1ff986b481fef6163b3c7b8c2ed19a96e6a6b

Portal Ownership Details

E - A Woman in the Eye
E - ArtSrot Gallery
E - Biatec
E - Clock Tower, Trnavske Myto
E - Crazy Pillar
E - Daňový Úrad
E - dekanat lekarskej fakulty
E - Don Bosco Statue
E - Figures at Mytna
E - Fontána pre Zuzanu
E - Fountain American Square
E - Graffiti V Podchode
E - Kamenar, Murar
E - Klubovna Banner
E - Le Garaz
E - Marble Arc
E - Narodna Banka Slovenska
E - Objekt za Istropolisom
E - Old Red House
E - Petőfi Sándor monument
E - Psie Cvicisko
E - Relief Pri Vstupe Pg.fakulty
E - Relief rodinky
E - Rohova Miestnost
E - Skolska
E - Statues At The Entrance
E - Stein Mural Circle
E - T-Rex
E - Vlajkonosic
E - Vuk Stefanovic Karadžič
E - Zena a Kopac
E - Zrkadlo casu
E VOL - Bobor Grafitti
E VOL - Detske Kralovstvo
E VOL - Evanjelicky kostol
E VOL - Faces Graffiti
E VOL - humana donation box mileticka
E VOL - Kovac,  Strojnik
E VOL - Legionari Tabula
E VOL - Ludovit Kukorelli
E VOL - Matka s dietatom
E VOL - Meinl Residence
E VOL - Pekna Kvetinka
E VOL - Plaque on YMCA Building
E VOL - Slovenska Technicka Univerzita
E VOL - stlporadie
E VOL - Teepee
N - Blumentál
N - Drevena Plastika Pri Vchode Budovy
N - Ivan Vazov
N - Merius
N - Mother and Child
N - Pozostatok Poľného Cintorína Sovietskej Armády
N - Ryba Mural
N - Tanecnice
N - Three Triangles
N - Vlačik
N VOL - Hrianka
N VOL - Ihrisko v jame
R - 3 Mladeznicky
R - Akt zeny (Zuzka)
R - Andrej Kmet
R - Antique
R - Anton Bernolák
R - Bratislava Filialka
R - Centralna Klubovna
R - Detske Ihrisko
R - Dievca s Holubicou
R - Dom Hasicov 
R - Domcek Prekvapeni
R - End of City Marker
R - Faces Artwork Graffity
R - Fireman Statue
R - Fontana na Racku
R - Fontana pred Justicnym palacom
R - Fontána - justičný palác
R - fontána labute
R - Grafitti Filialka
R - Hirošima
R - Hokejista
R - hornicky cejch
R - Jahodis
R - Kamenne Sedacky
R - Kosec A Znica
R - Kovove vtaky
R - Krdel Vtakov
R - Kupalisko Tehelne Pole
R - Laser Game Arena
R - Lezecka Stena
R - Little Free Library Tehelna
R - lstropoliske stlpy
R - malba stu chemicka
R - Martin Benka
R - Nova Trznica
R - Pamatna Tabula Parku na Racku
R - Posta 17
R - Povraznik, Nosic
R - Pošta 15
R - Proletari, spojte sa
R - Prva konska zeleznica
R - Relief Karadzicova
R - Relief na Bernolaku
R - Relief Na Nemocnici
R - Relief Zahradnicka
R - Rodina
R - Rybka
R - Samo Chalupka
R - Slnecny kon
R - Slonik
R - Slovensky rozhlas
R - Starozitnictvo Mytna
R - Stlp Na Racianskom Myte
R - STU Strojnicka I
R - STU Strojnicka III
R - STU Strojnicka ||
R - Stylised Euro Symbol by Bachorik Otto
R - svoj dom
R - Symbol lekarstva
R - Technical University
R - Umenie na Trnavskom
R - ustavy lekarskej fakulty uk
R - Vavro
R - Vazovova Grafitti
R - vesmír
R - Vtaci
R - Zelezny Kvet
R - Zlievaren Erb
R - Šmykľavka
R - Železo
R VOL - Big Billa
R VOL - BVS Fountain
R VOL - Býk
R VOL - farmacie UK
R VOL - Haec Statua
R VOL - Hant Arena Pasienky
R VOL - Inter Brigadista
R VOL - Knižná Búdka
R VOL - Major Michal Pavlovic
R VOL - Mladost
R VOL - Saleziani Don Bosca
R VOL - Stolar Tesar
R VOL - Stredisko kultury - BA Nove mesto
R VOL - Zimný Štadión

#Persepolis: Bari - Measurement 4 Report

The Enlightened captured this Measurement, 104 to 50.
The Enlightened captured this Satellite Site, outperforming the Resistance by 281.

Portals Owned - RES: 8 - ENL: 17 - [Value: 1 each]
Volatile Portals Owned - RES: 7 - ENL: 2 - [Value: 6 each]
Links Created - RES: 0 - ENL: 0 - [Value: 5 each]
Anchored Fields Created - RES: 0 - ENL: 0 - [Value: 10 each]
Single Field Over Entire Cluster - ENL - [Value: 75]

Total for this Measurement:
Resistance - 50 - Enlightened - 104

Total for this Satellite Site:
Resistance - 157 - Enlightened - 438

Measurement Time Details:
Original: 9:21 (Minutes:Seconds within Measurement Window)
Padded String:  9:21 *?b-!*4g/f(pWRP*kID\sC
SHA256 of Padded String: 19d298ddca6bb3eefab5650b13e3a24f08fa608118432b18bf5a7d027ae3b8f1

Portal Ownership Details

E - Assessorato All'Ambiente 
E - Busto a Salvatore Cognetti de Martiis
E - Cappella Corpus Domini
E - Chiesa di San Domenico
E - Chiesa di San Rocco
E - Chiesa S. Maria Degli Angeli
E - Cornucopia
E - Fontana Piazza Garibaldi
E - Fumettolandia Superman Mural
E - Palazzo Barone Ferrara
E - Palazzo del Governo
E - Palazzo Faber
E - Palazzo Fizzarotti
E - Pesci di Pietra
E - Statue of Niccolò Piccinni
E - Targa Luigj Gurakuqi
E - Teatro Piccinni
E VOL - Destriero M. Ceroli
E VOL - Pacman
N - Busto Pietro Ravanas
N - Francesco Saverio Abbrescia
N - Parrocchia Maria del SS Rosario
N - Poste e Adriatica
N - Statua Giuseppe Capruzzi
R - Casa Del Mutilato
R - Castello Svevo Ingresso Principale
R - Ferramenta Dewalt
R - Liceo Ginnasio Orazio Flacco
R - Monumento a Roberto Guiscardo 
R - Monumento Invalidi Del Lavoro
R - Palazzo Delle Finanze
R - Poste Italiane Agenzia M. Montrone
R VOL - Biblioteca De Gemmis
R VOL - Chiesa Dei Santi Medici
R VOL - Ex F.S. Bari Barletta
R VOL - Fontana con Anfore 
R VOL - Palazzo Di Giustizia 
R VOL - Piazza Risorgimento

#Persepolis: Covilhã - Measurement 4 Report

The Enlightened captured this Measurement, 175 to 168.
The Resistance captured this Satellite Site, outperforming the Enlightened by 232.

Portals Owned - RES: 22 - ENL: 20 - [Value: 1 each]
Volatile Portals Owned - RES: 6 - ENL: 5 - [Value: 6 each]
Links Created - RES: 14 - ENL: 17 - [Value: 5 each]
Anchored Fields Created - RES: 4 - ENL: 4 - [Value: 10 each]
Single Field Over Entire Cluster - NONE - [Value: 75]

Total for this Measurement:
Resistance - 168 - Enlightened - 175

Total for this Satellite Site:
Resistance - 624 - Enlightened - 392

Measurement Time Details:
Original: 2:59 (Minutes:Seconds within Measurement Window)
Padded String: G}V& 2:59 eBkAg=Ot_7.+Y?Bj>u]0Vh%ga
SHA256 of Padded String: 9f843d848d6405108fd507300d150824d8ab102e27839ae2aa5401380b439357

Portal Ownership Details

E - Anfi Teatro Martir in Colo
E - Biblioteca Covilhã
E - Bobines dos Lanificios (Primor)
E - Central Camionagem
E - CTT Post Estação
E - Estátua Operário Têxtil
E - Ferroviário Da Covilha
E - Fonte Antiga Corredoura
E - Fonte da Palmatória
E - Fonte do Lago
E - Gritador
E - Jardim Martir-in-colo
E - Mosaico Anil
E - Mosaico E.s. Covilha
E - Mosaico Pero Da Covilhã
E - Mural
E - Palacete Covilhã
E - Placa Homenagem Irmãos Bonina
E - Santa Casa Da Misercordia Da Covilha
E - Sereia
E VOL - Arco Universidade Beira Interior
E VOL - Capela do Rodrigo
E VOL - Faculdade De Ciências Da Saúde - Universidade Da Beira Interior
E VOL - Jardim da Alameda
E VOL - Saint Antony Fountain
N - laranja, Covilha
N - Mosaico Fidelidade 1835
N - Mulher Estatua
R - Brasão Tribunal
R - Capela Sao Silvestre
R - Casa Morao
R - Casa Santa Zita
R - Cascata Jardim Do Lago
R - Centro do Tempo
R - Continente Serra
R - Estátua José Maria Campos Melo
R - Fonte Bloco Estrela
R - Igreja Santissima Trindade
R - Jardim Do Lago
R - Jardim Primor
R - Mosaico Campos Melo
R - Mosaico Juntas Freguesia
R - Mosaico Serrano
R - Mural contra a violencia
R - Mé
R - Pelourinho 1873
R - Pilinhas Fonte
R - Rotary International Landmark Covilhã
R - Serra Shopping
R - Water Mural
R VOL - Cesario Verde
R VOL - Complexo Desportivo Da Covilhã
R VOL - Estrela Covilhã 2
R VOL - Nora Hospital Covilhã
R VOL - Parque Infantil Quinta Das Rosas
R VOL - Santa Aguadeira Do Refugio

#Persepolis: Thessaloniki - Measurement 4 Report

The Enlightened captured this Measurement, 145 to 15.
The Enlightened captured this Satellite Site, outperforming the Resistance by 378.

Portals Owned - RES: 9 - ENL: 11 - [Value: 1 each]
Volatile Portals Owned - RES: 1 - ENL: 4 - [Value: 6 each]
Links Created - RES: 0 - ENL: 3 - [Value: 5 each]
Anchored Fields Created - RES: 0 - ENL: 2 - [Value: 10 each]
Single Field Over Entire Cluster - ENL - [Value: 75]

Total for this Measurement:
Resistance - 15 - Enlightened - 145

Total for this Satellite Site:
Resistance - 108 - Enlightened - 486

Measurement Time Details:
Original: 2:38 (Minutes:Seconds within Measurement Window)
Padded String: ~ 2:38 KBHCSi%=2&CIbU[#^6Lj`t[
SHA256 of Padded String: 18a07792fea79355af7b12f30046137c65681f412fb2eeae383d2bacf1af0b2c

Portal Ownership Details

E - Amphitheater
E - Capul Zâmbăreț
E - Dead Worker
E - Stoa Malakopi
E - Άγαλμα Αιμιλιανου Λαζαρίδη
E - Άγαλμα Ελευθέριου Βενιζέλου
E - Ελληνικό Ταχυδρομείο - Κέντρο
E - Ερείπια Βυζαντινού Μνημείου
E - Λουτρά
E - Πλατεία Αριστοτέλους
E VOL - Anciend Market Ruins
E VOL - Charalambos Church
E VOL - Fountain at Thessaloniki
E VOL - Poseidon
N - Dog
N - Panagia Halkeon
N - Ρωμαϊκές Κολώνες
N VOL - Church of Aghios Demetrios 18
R - Agios Minas Church
R - Alkazar
R - Ancient Monuments
R - Hellenic Post P.Dimokratias
R - Lamprakis Monument
R - SALONICCO. Museo Archeologico
R - St Nikolas Church
R - Βυζαντινό Μνημείο
R VOL - Μοντέρνα Τέχνη

Photo by Agent +Sandra Galley.

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Ma qualcuno va a tirare giù il field su Bari? È imbarazzante D:
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Dario Santamaria

Shared publicly  - 
Valentina Battaglia originally shared:
(English translation to follow)

Il weekend dal 15 al 17 maggio a l'Aquila si è tenuta la 88ma adunata degli alpini. 
Gli agenti illuminati e resistenti di Bassano del Grappa (capitale mondiale degli apini,  mica pizza e fichi) hanno deciso di comune accordo di rendere doveroso tributo all'evento. 
Tutto è nato quando un agente,  in evidente stato alterato dall'alcol,  ha avuto la bella idea di proporre una OP crossfaction per creare un fieldart a forma di cappello degli alpini. 
Contattata l'opposta fazione,  pure loro evidentemente messi bene ad alcol nel sangue,  si è deciso di procedere senza indugio, purché poi si potesse adeguatamente festeggiare eccedendo in libagioni e beveraggi . 
Dopo mesi e mesi di duro lavoro di progettazione (duro perché tutti si dimenticavano che c'era sta cosa e perché tutti speravano che ci pensasse qualcun altro a fare il "lavoro sporco") si è arrivati al weekend decisivo. 
E nessuno aveva la più pallida idea di cosa fare... 

Incredibilmente tutto si è svolto senza particolare problemi,  a parte:
-sbagliare un portale per i link perché" i nomi si assomigliano" (uno inizia per C e uno per V,  per la cronaca) 
-far fare un link sbagliato perché guidare,  giocare e fare da pseudo operatore tutto assieme non è il caso
-fare il pieno all'impianto a GPL che poi si guasta subito (tante eresie) 
-finire la roba da bere troppo presto
-ritardare il rendèz-vous perché "eh eravamo qui e avevamo sete e..." 
Comunque alla fine tanta soddisfazione per tutti! 

Si ringraziano gli agenti :
Antonio Tonyaxl per la bella pensata del cappello
Davide KoRRo per lo sbattimento di aver dovuto progettare tutto da solo. Ti dobbiamo tutti una birra. Piccola sennò collassi. 
MimiJoy che ha capito la situazione e non ha fatto danni... 
Davide KoRRo per le bestemmie quando l'impianto GPL ha salutato tutti e se n'è andato
Martin Valvola56 che deve un Jarvis a 4 agenti per via dei famosi link "alla valvola". 
Davide KoRRo per qualcosa che non mi viene in mente ma,  per contratto,  andava nominato almeno 3 volte in questo report. 
E,  in ordine sparso e vagamente alfabetico, gli agenti :
Andrea Scoma89
Andrea GeaX +Andrea Gea X 
Christian MastroDiCarte +Christian Brasolin 
Ellina Blackswarm +Ellina blackswarm 
Francesca Piccolaiena 
Francesco Fragger5000
Ivan Carcere +ivan carcere 
Lorenzo Umbrellacorp 
Luke Lukemoder
Matteo Matteoz991
Marco OxMM 
Mauro Snake9522 
Nicola Foggi996
Roberto Robbo64
Valentina Batvali
Si ringraziano inoltre tutti gli agenti di entrambe le fazioni che hanno accettato la "no fly zone" evitando di giocarci per una settimana o quasi.

The weekend15-17 May 2015 in l’Aquila (Italy) there was the 88th assembly of the “Alpini” (a special corp of the Italian army, trained to fight on the mountain).
Enlightment and Resistance agents in Bassano del Grappa, in the North of Italy (well known for the important connection with the Alpini), gathered for a crossfaction event to celebrate the assembly.
The idea for the operation was to create a field art in the design of the typical Alpini’s hat. We are all convinced the idea came after a lot of beer.
After contacting the opposite faction, that promptly agreed in the operation because they too like beer a lot, an agreement was reached to celebrate the event with the field art and more beer (and maybe some food too).
The project required a lot of hard work to organize (mainly because people in both factions forgot about it and everyone was thinking the job was assigned to someone else), we arrived at the decisive weekend.
And nobody known what we were supposed to do…

But, incredibly, everything worked very well, except some very little problems:
-a wrong link because “the portal names were similar” (a name begins with C and on with V, so similar…)
-a wrong link because driving, playing, and trying to be an operator is not a good thing
-filling the GPL tank and breaking the car right away
-the beer ended too soon
-a delayed meeting because “we were all here and thirtsy”
But at the end a great satisfaction for all of us!

Many thanks to:
Antonio Tonyaxl for the good idea 
Davide KoRRo for the project of the design of the hat. We all have to buy you a beer… a small one or you are going to pass out.
MimiJoy for understanding the situation and not doing any damage…
Davide KoRRo for the cursing when the GPL stopped working
Martin Valvola56 who have to give 4 Jarvis to the agents cleaning the famous Valvola’s links
Davide KoRRo for something I cannot remember now but, for previous agreement, needed to be named at least 3 times in this report
And, in scattered half-alphabetic order, the agents:
Andrea Scoma89
Andrea GeaX
Christian MastroDiCarte
Ellina Blackswarm
Francesca Piccolaiena
Francesco Fragger5000
Ivan Carcere
Lorenzo Umbrellacorp
Luke Lukemoder
Matteo Matteoz991
Marco OxMM
Mauro Snake9522
Nicola Foggi996
Roberto Robbo64
Valentina Batvali 
Thanks also to all the agents in both faction for accepting the “no fly zone” in the area, avoiding to play there for almost a week.

+Ingress +NIA Ops +Matilde Tusberti +Anne Beuttenmüller +Brandon Badger +Joe Philley 

  #ingress   #fieldart   #IngressReport   #sitrep   #Xfaction  
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bravi i nostri alpini!!
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Dario Santamaria

Discussione  - 
Empty Field explained :)
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ottime insalatone
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Ottima pizza sia come pasta che come quantità e qualità degli ingredienti.
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Ottimo posto, si mangia molto bene (carne vera). Un po' caretto.
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