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Have you appreciated the GABEN today?

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I recently bought the Real Action Heroes Eva 3.0 Unit02 and now I really want this one. my wallet! :(
Pre-Order Real Action Heroes NEO No. 684: Evangelion Unit-13 Here:

|| ABOUT ||
Evangelion Unit-13 is a new Eva that appears in the latest of the recent Rebuild of Evangelion movies, Evangelion: 3.0 You Can Not Redo. Almost identical to the original Evangelion Unit-01, Evangelion Unit-13 replicates the iconic green, black and purple color scheme but adds pale yellow highlights on its forearms and knees. The profile of its armor has also been subtly enhanced with extra body plating and a complete redesign of its leg armor as well as the redesigned chest piece with its two red circles. Evangelion Unit-13 requires two pilots (Shinji and Kaworu in the movie) for the four-armed, dual spear modification that you can recreate with the additional parts provided in this excellent Real Action Heroes model set. In addition to its fantastic sculpt, this articulated figure has also been made with a special coating on the inner suit for an even more realistic feeling. Now “you can redo” all your favorite battles at home with this excellent Real Action Heroes Evangelion Unit-13 figure!

PRE-ORDER HERE: #EVA #anime #otaku #100Tokyo #CoolJapan #TOMPremiumShop

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No problem! good luck on the renovations!
Hi to all.
I'm sorry but i have to do some big works in my house and I will remain off-line from today till the last days of August ...
The development of WebcamStudio will be resumed on September ...
Thanks to all for your supports and contributions to the WebcamStudio Project.
Have a very good summer :)
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+Karl Ellis Just a quick question: does Webcam Studio have multithreading capabilities?

I've seen some performance improvements when using over Webcam Studio (but obviously Twitch-Streamer-Linux doesn't do as much as WS).

even if I just do only desktop capture with Webcam Studio performance seems very bad and the only thing I can think of is that maybe Webcam Studio doesn't let me specify how many threads to use?

does WS automatically determine how many threads to use or does it assume single thread?

again, thank you for all the work you've done so far. I'm just trying to learn more about Webcam Studio. :)

has anyone streamed to twitch with WebcamStudio yet?

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I've looked around on the Google Code page and on the Launchpad page as well and I cannot seem to find a dependency list anywhere.

when I try to add some media to the source list, nothing happens in the GUI but this non-fatal exception gets logged to the terminal.

can I be pointed in the right direction?

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I love it. the title too. a man of the people.

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I like cats.

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this is Unreal. (please, kill me for making that joke.)

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