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The best so far. I love it.
Good you didn't. You made a lot of people smile.
Again: The key is readability. When you prepare a document in #LaTeX it generally produces a lot of white space in the document too. However, it's more readable and beautiful. A wide text going on forever in the horizontal direction is not readable. Your eye should move down, not right and left all the time.
Hilarious! I thought it was just me and there was a rendering issue in my browser!!
i think we just found the g+ wireframe :)
instant classic, you need to send this to the G+ team
loooool weird and funny
Mehmet Sinan Hasanoğlu, yes but in this case the area designated for the MAIN CONTENT is too skinny. In theory yes white space is good but for an application whose main purpose is reading the stream to make the stream take up a tiny percentage of real estate is bad design and bad usability. I have a G+ extension right now that increases the stream to fit the width of the browser. It does not go ALL the way to the right or 'forever in the horizontal direction' as you said, but it takes up a larger, more reasonable percentage of my screen.
cool how u play first timw
Alt-F4 gets rid of the white space...
The funny part is.. i would have never guessed that
I play that game every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh my gobbles I was totally hooked on this game for like 2 weeks! :)
I love this game, I play it all the time.
how doyou get to the game is it on google+
Henri A
all my friends hate this game so bad, not me, them
All this whitespace reflects the emptyness of my soul...

Good for stacking windows though1
my sister has that game. and so do I it's fun.
Wow, one annoying app drawing a stupid fucking meme
Gus K
depends on your monitor size.
Timi D.
I actually bought a stylus just for this game and I still can't draw :)
Jay Tee lucky....can't believe you actually got that word......
Brandon SHUT UP the game ISNT EVEN A GENDER!
And thats just being plain mean!
What is this? I see loads of pictures about it but don't know what it is.
I can see clearly now my whitespace's gone. Thank you Jonathan for the plug in link!
how google correct. what do they expect us to do-appreciate it?
i love this app my mom has it in her i phone
+1 my comment if you wanna play with me on draw something 
just a thought - developers, try to
1. open your stream page,
2. open your javascript console
3. type:
var myWhitespace = document.createElement("iframe");'absolute';'block';'37.5%'; = '9000px'; = '715px'; = '700px'; myWhitespace.src = ''; document.body.appendChild(myWhitespace);
Hey Doug,, Glad I have a "DUMB PHONE",,,, It rings,we TALK!!!!,, No texting,,look at the damage i do with a full size keyboard,,Im supposed to use my fat welders fingers to spell,(YEA!!!!!,i got a Better chance of Becoming Pope!) Just my option,,,LOL,,,Jack
what is this game??????????????????????????????
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