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Darian Percy

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Check this out - Kyani new to Australia. Not yet available in all countries!

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Is this how you would do it?

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Very interesting. Will it be built?

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Hi Sean. Keep up the good work.
Version #3 of the GPlusFun circle 22 April 2014.

Get in early as we aim this circle towards 500 members:

1) +1 this post
2) Share this post publicly
3) Comment below (ask to be added)
4) Add the circle (if you can)

Please add me. You have my gratitude!

Existing people in the circle: +1 & share for more exposure
(non-sharers get dropped from the next circle release to keep the circle active)

(make sure to have a profile pic i.e. no blue-heads)

#gplusfun   #circleshare   #sharedcircles  
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