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Darian Drake originally shared:
Operation: Adventure Skytime (Unclassified SitRep for public distribution)

This is an unclassified SitRep on "Operation: Adventure Skytime"  to resolve any question as to the legitimacy of the strike on the snowed in Yosemite portals. A classified AAR will be released to the BAF communities, and a video SitRep should be released soon.

The targets were determined to be a potential threat because of their winter durability since the access roads had been closed during the previous storm. Because even the hiking trail to Glacier Pass had been closed off, the only solution was to strike them from the air. After contacting several charter companies, it was determined that SkyTime Helicopter Air Tours ( - (321) 247-8687) was the most capable, suitable, and accommodating for our special needs. The pilot, Ed, is a military veteran with 37 years of flight experience, and quickly understood the necessity of our mission. Because of his experience and special accommodations, we chose to make the longer drive to Mammoth Yosemite Airport (MMH).

Our departure from the rally point was later than initially planned due to one of the operation agents being needed in the field for shard defense. Upon arrival we had a quick equipment check and packed the transport vehicle to leave. The drive was relatively uneventful, and the operation agents were constantly kept updated about the ongoing shard situation. Initially we had planned to arrive and launch around 1030 but our arrival was behind schedule because of the late start and how slow we were required to drive up some of the windy mountain roads.

Upon arrival at Mammoth Yosemite Airport, we took "proof of location" photos (and relieved ourselves), then quickly made our way to the security gate where we finally met our pilot in person. He escorted us into the secure area to the hangar next to the helipad where we parked and prepped all of our gear. Once geared up, we went through the safety training and learned that it is actually possible to survive if the helicopter caught on fire at 12,000 feet, that the tail rotor is bad news, and many other things that you'd likely never need to know unless you were about to fly in a helicopter. Safety training out of the way, we climbed into the chopper and "Adventure Skytime" was underway.

(Operational Details Omitted) Once our targets had been captured, we toasted our completed mission with bacon at 12,800 feet before returning to the airport. "Adventure Skytime" had been a success. 

Since all agents involved in this were also involved in one manner or another with "Operation: Point Break" for the #13MAGNUS anomaly in San Francisco, we quickly stowed our gear and began the long drive back to headquarters.

0730 - Breaking of fast with Bacon (as all good Ops should begin with) 
0815 - Last team member arrives at "Operation: Adventure Skytime" headquarters 
0845 - Off like a herd of turtles 
1310 - Arrival at Mammoth Yosemite Airport (MMH)
1311 - Frantic rush to use MMH bathrooms 
1320 - Meet with pilot, go through safety training, and sign waivers 
1335 - Liftoff - "Operation: Adventure Skytime" underway
1434 - Target Captured (Tioga Pass Road)
1459 - Target Captured (Glacier Point)
1501 - Target Captured (Yosemite NP, Glacier Point 200)
1503 - Link Thrown (Yosemite NP, Glacier Point 200 to Eldorado National Forest Post Office)
1509 - Target Captured (Halfdome, Nevada and Vernal F)
1511 - Partaking of Bacon at 12,800 feet (except Mrowwy)
1538 - Land - "Operation: Adventure Skytime" successful




...all of the numerous Resistance agents who offered logistics and support, both locally and from around the globe. We fight for you.

...our significant others that put up with our shenanigans. 

 +Ingress +NIA Ops +Niantic Project +Joe Philley +Brandon Badger +Anne Beuttenmüller +John Hanke +Brian Rose +Paul Martini +Dennis Hwang 
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Great work and dedication, I look forward to future battle =). 
Jenn B
You're killing me with the bacon. lol. Nice job though, awesome pics. 
Great work agents. I bet it was beautiful up there. =)
Proud to be Resistance. Proud of you guys. Good job. 
+Karen Grennell since they said targets plural, and discussed snowed in roads, and took Tioga Pass 30 minutes prior to Glacier Point, and listed it in the targets captured...
+Karen Grennell can I ask your agent name? Not sure why it matters my portal was flipped. But mad props to the agents who did it. It tickles me pink that they needed to get a helicopter. From now on I want all my portals flipped by helicopter. Preferably with the agents hanging from a rope ladder and an explosion in the background....if it's not too much to ask. #doingitright
I was so happy to see my keys turn blue again! Good work guys!
Pretty awesome.  This is the way to play!
Not impressed, ok I am. But I am ENL ;)
Impressive Op!  Pay attention to those safety briefs!   Fortunately, your pilot was better than ours: 
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