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I think someone mentioned that they wanted to see me with an eyeliner.... I think now I kinda look like this guy 

Be the strange you want to see in the world!

#eyes   #shewolf  
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A clockwork Daria... 
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Rest In Peace MCs... 
Motocycle Graveyard in Lockport, NY. [PHOTO: Chris Seward]
Now, who wants to go explore? :D

More info on:
#motorcycle   #urbanexploration  
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Would be fun
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Long live #streetart !! conform - never , art - forever!

#graffitiart by David Walker
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Keep your cheerfulness Daria, you have been accused of "having an axe to grind" by those who "have an axe to grind", and yet your comments are always very enjoyable to read.  I miss it when you do not have things to Share that interest you.
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I've got a new pet - small tortoiseshell, a national butterfly of Denmark.
Like a little reminder of summer, it appeared out of nowhere in these darkest winter days. I gave it some honey-water drops, and it drank the whole thing from a spoon in an hour and is now resting on a table happily (or not lol). It must've hatched from the wood that is laying next to the fire place. 
So #butterfly , I hope u live happily ever after and here's a goa trance track, dedicated to u
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you are so sweet! thank you dear! :) That thing (hehe) can live up to a year! So I hope it can live till its summer and be released into the wild. That would be wonderful +Maria Ramirez 
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This is what happens when u haven't been out riding for a while.. U start baking bike cookies. Thanks to my fellow biker +Klaus Møllnitz​ for making these. Now we can enjoy them with a cup of tea, daydreaming of our two wheeled beauties. And the spring is still so far away. Sigh. How r you all coping lol?

D+K<3bikez ;D
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I know! U lucky lucky lucky boy ;D +Hermes A. Borges​
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4 in the morning, I'm listening to this, peeling my already chipping grey nail polish off my nails and editing the last few chapters of my book... So much at stake: it's art or nothing. If I wont succeed then fuck it, I'll go spray paint the tunnels of my local train station. I will not conform to the demands of the mundane! All or nothing - it's all or nothing baby! 
#artist   #artist  
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That is really powerful. 
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Daria Tkatchenko Larsen (Red Blooded Woman) changed her profile photo.

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+Daria Tkatchenko Larsen I hope you haven't been busy starting a revolution ! ! !  UNLESS it is a revolution for peace ... that I would help you with.
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There was once a city. A city I loved. I grew up in that city. It had colorful flowerbeds full off johnny jump ups, daisies, and marigolds with their pungent smells, and fountains on the main boulevard sprinkled fresh, clear water. Kids enjoyed classic soviet “cup” ice creams under the heat of the Donbass sun, and adults gathered in overgrown with ivy gazebos, played chess and gossiped. Musk strawberries, cherries, apricots and bursting from moisture watermelons came in abundance every summer and people were happy. My grandparents were the proud people of Donetsk, and we lived on Teatral'nyi Avenue 18, in the very center of the city.

It was a wonderful time. It was. Once.

And now there’s this – death, destruction, ruin. I remember us kids scaring each other by telling stories about the mysterious bomb shelters we had in our backyard, next to the house nr. 25, standing there from the times of 2nd world war. Now, the scary stories, turned into a sick, surreal nightmare. Half of the population of Donetsk fled, the other half is leaving in fear. Now, occasionally, the corpses of young and beautiful decorate the streets, their blood and guts – the artwork of war – are washed away by dirty water. Murder – is all I can think off seeing the images of those who lost their lives for nothing. They say crime takes a minute, and justice takes eternity. But justice can’t bring back those we lost. Nor can it rebuild the bombed-out. 

I’m glad my grandfather passed away a month before the war broke out. He didn’t have to see the rise and fall of his beloved city and he didn’t have to see purposeless deaths, the scope of which I can’t even comprehend. And how can something dear to you be destroyed in a matter of months, a whole city, swept away by the invisible hand of death? And for what? I don’t understand, it’s just all big nonsense to me. 

I’ve had a lot of loss in my life time, and this is just another drop in an ocean of pain. I’m angry, ashamed and sad. I don’t even know if my childhood friends are alive. 

#ukraine   #donetsk  
Shells rained down on the East Ukrainian city, prompting the scrapping of peace talks. It's unclear who fired.
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Anyway, I think Ill just leave it here for now, this whole political thing is getting to me, and Im depressed enough already. It was a nice discussion nevertheless, thank you everyone for participating. Have a great weekend dear plussers
I'm trance-fixed on this track... i love u, psy trance djs!! much respect. This is just what I need to get thru life. 

#psychedelic   #psytrance  
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Aw dear, I didnt mean to make you confused and upset. Im just burned out. There's only so much stress someone can take. I just feel like right now, I have to rethink my whole life, values, dreams, everything.. Its hard. But anyway, thank you so much for your kind words, that alone gives me some mental peace :) Im really grateful to have you guys here on gplus, I dont know what I would've done without you. +carl Martin 
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I am the chosen one! lol
I know its a bit late for a #throwbackthursdays , but since I have this tendency to be late, I hope this will be okay on a Saturday too...
So this is me when I was 14, during my trip to London. When I took the pic there was no sign of this ray of light shining on me, but when I developed it, (yeah back then, when we actually used those analog cameras, I know, stone age huh!) it turned out to look so hilarious! My classmates took this pic too, but it only turned out this way on my pic KHE KHE smug face haha something to be so proud off... Anyway, thought Id share. Have a nice weekend dear plussers

xoxo <3<3<3
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"а когда на море качка, и бушует ураган..." почему то вдруг вспомнилось это :D клин вообще полный отпад хаха. Всетаки успела я застать 90е :) Ух, всего то пиво? А я Российское Игристое нашла здесь в супермаркете и его, соответсвенно выпила:))  +Mikhail Vasilyev 
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I'm sorry I've completely abandoned you guys here. It's been a tough autumn/winter. All I'm living for right now is a book I'm writing, I have just three months left to finish it, and I'm on my last legs here, I can't take life as it is anymore. Friends all left, family is 2000 miles away, I hate where I live right now - it's making me ill physically and mentally. I'm just stuck in the apartment isolated, writing, and I'm so so so homesick. I dont even see sunshine, cuz I wake up late, and the worst is: I don't even care. I've got no motivation for anything. There's no pleasure, and no fun in life right now. Very soon though, within next few months I'll have to make some important decisions, life altering decisions. And I have no idea what I should choose. Anyway, sorry for this tirade, and sorry for not replying you guys these days, just know that I'm messed up and antisocial right now lol. I do think of you though. Merry Christmas to you all and a happy new year! Wish you all the very best. Love to all my friends/followers

+Allan Wilson  +Kevin D. K. +Zone Television +sinisa majetic +Hermes A. Borges +Dirk Reul +TIM van Loon +Djordje Majetic 
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Just remember, things could be Much worse than they are. There are Great days ahead. Keep your head up and try to stay positive. I've been where you are now and things do get better.
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  • University of Copenhagen
    Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, Russian Studies, 2009 - 2013
  • University of Copenhagen
    Criminology, 2013
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