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a random beach pic of me that turned out a little artsy
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U know those nights when u just cant fall asleep? Ans ur lying there in the dark thinking about ur life and how wrong everything is. Somehow during the day u get to supress it, but it really hits u in the how did i end up here? 
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I listen to the sound of rain in the record...
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"If we shrink the Sun down to smaller than a grain of sand, we can imagine our Solar System to be small enough to fit onto the palm of your hand. On that scale with our Solar System in your hand, the Milky Way Galaxy, with its 200 – 400 billion stars, would span North America. The universe is all of the galaxies – billions of them!"

And while our Earth orbits the Sun in our Solar system, one of the billions of stars in the Milky Way Galaxy, that is one among the billions of the galaxies of the Universe, there is only one you. There has never been a person just like you, and never will be. You are irreplaceable. You are unique in the Universe!

Photo by Noel Bauza
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I did:) was a little hectic though. +Denis Thibeault​​ December just flew by so fast
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James M
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There is beauty in imperfection. And a sense of nostalgia. These photos of old khrushchyovka building in Skt. Petersburg take me back to my childhood in Moscow. In my preteen years, me and my friend Kat, used to hang out on staircases like these, and prowl the local factory that stood abandoned for some years.

I recall being pretty concerned for the scenario in which we would stumble upon addicts or homeless drunkards, but Kat had a way with one of the "older" guys from the local gang that used to get together for a profanity-filled drinking session at a deserted stadium, behind the shabby building of the public swimming pool, which looked like it's been on its last legs way before the predatory capitalism beat the fuck out of USSR, and before the statue of “grandpa” Lenin in our park had its head painted green.

And so, with access granted to the marvels of perestroika, we would explore the local attractions with a little red rusty bag of chips in our hands. We always bought it at a cigarette booth by the metro station. This national product that was as proud as it was cheap, had a distinctive bitter aftertaste. The secret of its preparation sank into oblivion.

Probably the most disturbing thing we have encountered - besides the 90s' vividly wild collapse of society - was a crow eating the remains of a cat. None of us would’ve thought that years later these dark dingy places, would still appeal to us, the thrill seekers, and lure us with their inaccessibility, as though they hold the answers to the truths that have been long forgotten.
В прошлом году побывали с друзьями в Санкт - Петербурге. Гостиницу искали практически перед самим выездом из Москвы, свободных мест нигде не было, зато нашли…
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I got a black beamer on a black friday. (318i) Taking my new baby home ;)
P.s. sorry 4 dissapearing on u guys +carl Martin​​ +g00dl00kinb0i​​ +Mocha Frap​​ +Eikichi Onizuka​​ !! Ill be back soon xoxo 
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+Daria Tkatchenko Larsen Well, I like money so I don't really mind the work.
It turned out to be 2 extra hours a day and Saturday 9 hours....anyway it's the time of the year money comes in very handy :)

Hope you're doing fine ?

Any footage of you breaking them road rules? :D
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Damn! What a bad service😂😂 i was kinda hopeful tho..
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can you be more less precize :D
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what it feels like to live in modern society.
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Khe khe 😆😆 
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Beauty and the Beast by MiroBudis
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Yes! Beauty has conquered the beast 😃 +loving photography​
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Sooo stocked for my new BMW😍
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If you get this, then u are so cool that I might just take u there ;)
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+Daria Tkatchenko Larsen time for another🙄
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Proud owner of KTM Duke 125.

There is only one THE ONE, and that is ME ;) RBW

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Red Blooded Woman

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dyrt, upraktisk, og dsb kører aldrig til tiden. typisk!
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The hairdresser did such a lovely job! And she took her time.
Public - 2 months ago
reviewed 2 months ago
Loved this place, lots of shopping possiblies. Youll find primark, river island, H &M here too. No electronic stores though. Nice selection of caffes, with Costa located at the entrance, which was very convenient
Public - 4 months ago
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Really really nice hotel - clean, quiet, has aircon & good morning buffet. Located near the seafront in a nice decent area. Train station & a large shopping mall nearby. My only complaint is the bed size, 140 cm for 2 people and only one blanket means war! And there are no WC brushes in this hotel. In any of the bathrooms. Not sure if standard London practice, but beware.
Public - 4 months ago
reviewed 4 months ago
10 reviews
All way round perfect hotel. Rooms are modern & clean with kitchens, tea kettles, aircon & a nice balcony. Nice large pool. Food is amazing! Theres so much choice even for a lactose intolerant & health conscious person. Menorcas best beach is 2 minutes away.
Public - 4 months ago
reviewed 4 months ago
Amazing place. Located centrally, but on a lessy street it has modern oriental decor, absolutely impeccable service, friendly staff and delicious Indian dishes. Tons of Indians are seen dining here too, which is a really positive sign for the restaurant. The prices are very reasonable. I recommend ordering a large thali plate : that way you will get to sample around 10 different things for 18£ and walk away feeling full.
Public - 4 months ago
reviewed 4 months ago
Very delicious!
Public - 6 months ago
reviewed 6 months ago