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No, this is not Iraq. It's not Ukraine. It's the view from my bedroom tonight at 2 AM :) So while you were all were busy capturing blood moon, me and +Klaus Møllnitz​ were busy capturing the drama that took place RIGHT outside my bedroom window! I was like, yo, why is it so foggy outside... And KABOOM, the cars are burning, while everyone are peacefully asleep. (I guess it pays off being a night owl at times). Apparently, someone wanted to play firestarter... Next to my window. Amazing. And apparently a shooting episode that took place here a few months ago wasn't enough.   #justanotherdayintheghetto   #bloodmoon   #værløse   #photography

P.S our pictures made it to the local newspaper... Woooo 
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+Daria Tkatchenko Larsen awesomeness! Girl, now you're somewhat famous! Lol
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Watch people walking on the street and you will see them completely bored. Everybody is bored, bored to death. Look at their faces – no aura of delight. Look at their eyes — dust-covered, no glimmer of inner happiness. By and by, the whole life becomes a mechanical routine, a constant repetition. And, one day they die… almost always people die without ever having been alive.
Bertrand Russell is reported to have said, “When I remember, I cannot find more than a few moments in my life when I was really alive, aflame.” Can you remember? How many moments in your life were you really aflame? Rarely it happens. One dreams about those moments, one imagines those moments, one hopes for those moments – but, they never happen. Even if they happen, sooner or later, they also become repetitive.
Hence, people try to change. They move into a new house, they bring a new car home, they divorce the old husband, they find a new love affair, but again that thing is going to become repetitive, sooner or later. Changing places, changing persons, changing partners, changing houses, is not going to do anything.
What to do then? Become more conscious. It is not a question of changing situations; transform your being, become more conscious. If you become more conscious you will be able to see that each moment is new.
Existence is available for those who are available to existence. And, then I tell you, there is no boredom. Life is infinite delight.
Aurora borealis and Milky way, Iceland

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Absolutely, Allan! Such wise words! If only people could.. And if only they would.. But knowing how different people are, I doubt it would ever happen. :/ +Allan Wilson 
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I'm waiting for you, baby. Soon. Very soon.
Google’s upcoming smartphone Nexus 5 (2015) manufactured by LG is now also known as the Nexus 5X. Expectations are high, since the LG Nexus 5 device that was released two years ago, was a very popular phone and Google is hoping that the next Nexus 5X smartphone will be at least as popular as the
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Ha ha ha jamen man skal jo gå op i ens job. Hvis jeg solgte biler og solgte dem efter mærke og ikke for hvad de kan yde osv. Så kunne alle jo sælge. Kan godt lide at sælge men gider ikke at kunderne kommer tilbage igen pga. Fejl osv på produkterne.. Så heller finde ud af hvilke produkter som bare spiller og som bare virker hele vejen igennem. For mig er det Sony de sidste par år. Der kommer en z5 .5 compact og en z5 premium.. Det er premium som jeg går efter da den har 4k opløsning på skærmen.. Samt en monster processor.. Der hvor Samsung og Sony ikke kan spille sammen er at Samsung bruger samme software som LG til deres telefoner og de systemer har det med ar fryse eller gå i stå. Samt at de ikke kan finde ud af om hvor meget batteri at telefonerne skal bruge. En Samsung holder en halv dag for mig. Hvor Sony holder næsten 2 dage på strøm. Kamera osv er også en del bedre.. Men det skal man selv vurdere... :-) tag mørke rum osv.. Men jo det går godt i mit firma. Vi kort med en multimedie boks 2. Nu her rundt om hjørnet... Kommer til at være über :-) den kommer med 8 GB ddr3 1600 dualcore enten i3 eller celeron. 2.4 GHz. Kommer til at køre rent Linux. 1tb HD til at ligge sine film ind på. Ellers kam de streames i 1080p med de undertekster som man nu vil have. :-). Hvordan går det med dig.? Bor du stadig i Lyngby 
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Ah, that Bohemian lifestyle... Breathtaking nature, trips to the historic city of Liberec, tea/coffee on your own terrace that has the view over the Jizera Mountains, cheap alcohol, pool, sauna and lots of sunshine. I could get used to this...
#czechrepublic #holidays2015  
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Nick O
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Awww.. Thanks +Google Chrome & +Google+ I know you love me :D
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Huge thanks for your wished Ismael, +IᔕᗰᗩEL HᗩᔕᔕᗩN !! :)
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BOOM! IT'S MY BIRTHDAY :) and this a very worthy track to celebrate it with. Who wants to be drunk (on dreams) with me? ;)
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Always the best part of the day #coffee

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I would love to go to Denmark. I love the old buildings I always see in pictures of Europe. Not to many old buildings in Corpus Christi. They all got blown away in hurricanes over the years ! KTM makes great bikes. I love motorcycles they are good therapy ! The 650NX is the fith bike I have owned. My dream bike is a BMW GS1200 I would drive all over Texas on it. I am glad you made it through all the crazy stuff outside your apartment the other night. I know what that is like. Have lived in some crazy places myself. You and your boyfriend should take your bikes out for a spin to clear your heads and enjoy. Good to hear from you.
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Little Red Riding Hood grew up. Guess who's Big'n'Bad now? ;)
Artwork by fantastic artist Scott Blair, who so kindly allowed me to share this artwork on g+. Check his awesome gallery out on or on

#art #pinup #red  
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You are such a smooth talker, dear Allan ;) u got a way with words like the red cloaked chick got a way with guns ;] and it makes me feel so good. +Allan Wilson​
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"Я думаю, что нам всем нужно объединиться где-то в районе Израиля. Там все началось, там все должно и закончиться." - Ярослав Малый, Токио
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I thought shaving a whole side of my head is a little drastic :D haha. Tomorrows destination: Czech Republic. 
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Oh dont you worry about replying late, sweets! As you can see, I'm even slower :S I looked up Corpus Christi on google, and omg the beaches there look soooo enticing! Hope you had a nice vacation. Mine was fantastic, but way too short :( I should've booked two weeks instead of one! Oh, I would love to come to US, and I think I will some time soon:) +M.I. S. 
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LOL. LOL. LOL! I just found this in my old folder.. I made this super sexy poster in PAINT like agezzz ago :D Took me whole night using the spray paint tool lmfao! Back then I wasn't so refined in being rough-and-tough-and-dangerous yet ;D 
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хихи... видишь какие у меня способности))) +Mikhail Vasilyev 
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Just found this pic. That was before my confinement in my ghetto place, which swarms with silverfish, f*cked up neighbors, and meth. Good times. Since then I kind of realized that happiness isn't about chasing imaginary perfection, but about feeling positive & cheerful about the present moment and having something to look forward to, big or small. And of course, doing what you love.
#art #pinup  
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To nice
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The ABSOLUTELY WORST EXPERIENCE EVER! DO NOT VISIT! If I could give 0 stars to this sh*t place, I would. I apologize if this review will have x-rated word content, but I just have to vent my frustrations somewhere! Ordered a "fresh couscous salad", and got a pile of boiled porridge, with NO VEGETABLES AT ALL. When I asked the waitress for a remake, she flipped at me. She started throwing her hands around, arguing and yelling hysterically, "That is salad! So there!" When I rightfully disagreed she became very aggressive, and demanded for me to pay for it, despite the fact that I haven't even eaten it yet and that it wasn't the only course we have ordered. After this scene, the waitress just walked away, stopped serving me, and kept giving us death stares. I ended up paying 10 bucks for the rubbish porridge dish, which I left untouched. A scandalous experience in the middle of EU, which has truly ruined an otherwise fantastic trip to the Jewish cemetery. I sincerely wish this place the worst, and hope that the disrespectful, rude waitress gets fired, along with her chef. How can you serve this to someone and call it food?!?!
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