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Daria Musk hung out with 35 people.Moritz Tolxdorff, Daria Musk, Paul Raksit, Mark Koschwitz, Kareem Zock, Hans Brauer, tom ruggi, santiago uzhca, Tzafrir Rehan, Al Ebnereza, Caitlyn Bowyer, Maite Torres, Adam Mazouz, Imran Machher, Ninah Mars, Liz ℚuilty, Bronwyn McGuckin, Antonio Cunningham, Joel Renner, Aaron Crocco, George Greene, Michael Tucker, Linda Dee, Eli Fennell, David McCray, Cliff Roth, Jorge Rangel, Rob Michael, JP Dadson, Vishnu Pradeep, Charles Sawyer, Jesse Merto, Joseph Feldstein, Layani Prado, and Paul Platt
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doh, got here too late to join! oh well, can watch live :D
what I miss? I missed the news.....
GRAMMY FutureNOW associated with the actual Grammys is having Daria attend and featuring her at the end of June.
Hi. Can someone post the link to the live feed on YouTube?
+Vivienne Gucwa thanks! That is awesome news! If only I didn't echo (and the kids were asleep) I would join. Perhaps later.
+Daria Musk I know, it's really not polite to say "I told you so." but... your audience now and Grammy shows... "I told you so." Keep rockin!
How do we get this to trend on G+?

Without Trend hijacking... :P Although +Daria Musk is definitely a star right now... and Supermoon is trending... whatever that is. Haven't clicked it yet. Not sure if I want to.
+Marc Belley - The super moon is just what it sounds like: the moon tonight is larger and brighter since it reaches its closest spot to Earth at the same time it is in its full phase (yearly phenomenon). :)

As for how to get things to trend, I am unsure.
oh shizzle that's happening again? a few months ago IIRC it was the closest moon #montreal had seen in a lonngggg time.
some one gimmie the liiink!!!!!! to join the hangout!
+Marc Belley The supermoon is the moon at it's perigee and will be approximately 14% larger and 30% brighter than normal. And now I think +Daria Musk needs to write a song about it.

I see the moon... bright and high...
I'm going to LA... you know why...

And THAT is why she's the songwriter and I'm not.
+Geff Kunert Click on the link I posted just above. The first time you enter it will load a plug-in for your browser. Then when you try to join, it will likely say it's full with a limit of 10 people in the Hangout... keep trying.
I had to cut out of the last one early, did Daria do "LED Heart"?
So what was everyone else's main ripple effect word?
Chalk on the sidewalk, I like that song! I hadn't heard it before.
Is this a conspiracy? I wonder if that's some lovey dovey marketing thing ... or does that make sense, from a linguist's POV?
Weee! Wish I could be in right now, but glad I get to watch this way :)
Ur show was amazing , And i m sure it will be more better and better since ur a gr8 amazing singer . ;) +Daria Musk . count on me to share all ur work nd pages :) nice 2 meet u live
Well, I usually end my public posts asking people to comment with their thoughts/opinions. and if I've shared a page or a circle, I say "you should add them" So "you" and "your" are the words I probably do use most.
Love that LED song. Daria you are really awesome!
I didn't want to miss this but I'm out of home and it says my phone doesn't support this at the moment Bahh I'm sad
+Bronwyn McGuckin that's surprisingly deep. Well put. From a hivemind kind of way. The Internet is humanity's singularity... a global hivemind at the speed of light. I can't imagine how Carl Sagan would feel today with how cool this technology is?
yeah she's rocking awesomely to be quite honest
how can she hit every note and never mess up - its statistically impossible!
sorry i missed the 7 p.m. show. wow, you are good !!
+Vickie Smith She's still going... at least another hour and half. Keep trying to get in.
+JP Dadson Which browser are you using? Are you trying to watch it here, on YouTube or
i'm watching her now, just wanted to let her know i was gone for the 7 p.m. show. thank you, +tom rolfson
I'm loving all these songs!
bye to you sweet people you are awesome
hair pulled up now and martini in hand and loving the LOVE!!! CAN WE SING A KNOWN SONG CALLED WE ARE THE WORLD. FOR ALL TO JOIN !!!!! :)
+Diane Cobb She can't play that song during a Hangout On-Air... literally, because of Copyright restrictions.
REALLY THAT IS SAD SEEMS UNIVERSAL FOR THIS HANGOUT. LOVE! :) +Tom Rolfson too bad, but it is on my blog so guess it is as it should be. maybe. hhhmmm
get some +Project Glass for your forehead cam? Maybe get some fancy designer to make them hip or whatever
aww :||| c'monnnn it was funny... ??? no guys? ok
+Diane Cobb It's a tricky issue. In some instances artists have license to perform other's songs, but Google has to also be careful due to the potential misuse of Hangouts On-Air. I'll be streaming a bunch of big name shows this summer and am working on the legal hoops we have to jump through to make sure their shows in my stream don't get flagged.
but where do we chat about them?!?
+Tom Rolfson understand that very well they shut down my blog posts and streams for awhile lol,, but some is still not available because they do not like what I have to say politicaly, no matter it still gets out other than google+ but have enjoyed google!
+Marc Belley together!!! :) and here don't you know we are free speech I know you were joking! :)
Weird the join button is locked.
check out my latest post to see what she's talking about
re; the ripple effect circles
+Tom Rolfson it didn't get that far. I see the hangout but the 'join this hangout' section is light blue and not clickable.
+Cliff Roth Using Chrome or Firefox? I couldn't get in with Chrome earlier... even after reloading plug-in, but did with Firefox.
+Tom Rolfson chrome. I wonder if it related to the issue I have been having with echoing and not being able to see devices in the hangouts.
+Cliff Roth not sure about that maybe we should make our own with this site. :)
sorry +Tom Rolfson I don't have firefox, but added her to my facebook, which is most under 30 year olds mostly under 20 lol
+Cliff Roth Please let me know if Firefox works. I'm laid-out in the floor rehabbing my back... but have a couple test systems setup and will try later.
+Diane Cobb Google+ keeps me too busy... I've deleted my Facebook account. It's the next MySpace. ;)
+Tom Rolfson I accidentally clicked on a different page and hit the back button. Lo and behold the join button was dark button and amazingly I got in on the first shot.
I'm watching it on air and you're singing lots of great songs I hadn't heard before. Hope you release them on bandcamp soon :)
Going to go see if I can a nice pic of the MOOn Keep me informed of all the love! :)
You are an amazing musician! I'm so glad I was able to catch you! You were my first Hangout! =)
So I couldn't watch the whole thing, does anyone know what "the Grammy thing" is? Is Daria performing at the Grammys?
Ok, weird. I was in the basement, and started randomly singing "Ghost", I get upstairs and it's the song playing. There is no way I could've heard this song playing in the hangout on my computer three stories up from the basement. LOL Psychic hangout!
I thumbed up on YouTube live and I plus 1 on google plus! Go Daria Musk! You've got talent! ;-)
thank you for an awesome concert, +daria musk !!!!! loved the songs.
got to see you saying good bye to everyone +Daria Musk , that was good enough for me......hope it all went well , will share the you tube video around though
My microphone was muted when you were talking to me +Daria Musk , sorry about that. I'm still learning how to use this Hangout thing. I definitely want to hear Chalk on the Sidewalk again, we'll talk in a future hangout :-)
Thank you for a wonderful evening/night's entertainment. I am still smiling as I write this comment :))
Pleasure is mine! <3 <3
i said it Be for and i will say it again she is the GOOGLE GIRL
Let the Gen.S B your Agents Daria Musk Pick from them
I'm not a G+ DJ i love to sing and play muisc for others... u should see me at b-day parties or family gathers
What a night!! I'm starting to read through your comments and I'll write back and recap and hangout again soon! You're amazing!!!
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