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Hey G+niuses! I guess I've been officially initiated into the fellowship of The TED! Behold the actual TED Commandments stone tablet! It came in the mail!

If you're planning on giving a speech or presentation or waxing rhapsodic at the dinner table, here's some good guidelines ;)

I can't believe that in one week I will be in Edinburgh Scotland at the TEDGlobal Conference! I'm honored beyond words... And the words that I will share on that stage, will be about the beauty and power and awesomeness of connecting. You taught me that. ❤ 

Yeah I basically am going to gush about you for 10 mins ;)
Your G+rl, Daria

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the Government murders powerpoint.. back in the army we used to have death by powerpoint day
what if i don't wanna agree with this? your not my boss! Peace.
but, i'll try to be nicer i guess.. thanx.69:^)
Soooooo exciting!!!! You'll rock it!
Do you know if it will be live streamed?

Have fun on your trip!
Daria, looking forward to seeing the video. Show 'em what it's all about.
+Alida Brandenburg Waa! It's crazypants right!? You're next you brilliant girl you!

Hey btw... I wish I could sneak up the coast and sing you Happy Birthday this weekend!!  XOXOXO
Thanks so much +Joe Martinez! I'm so excited-last-minute-to-do-list-crazy-butterflies-omg-ing. ;)
Hehe, you must be excited and nervous! It'll be all worth it in the end though!!! :) 
Awww, would love that, +Daria Musk! Hahah. I can only imagine how sweet that would sound coming from your pipes! ;)

And soooo crazypants! Can't wait to hear everything when you get back!
Well deserved.  You're blazing a new path in the music world and we need more of it.
Wow, Darialing! What a brilliant set of commandments, which should be posted in every dressing-room and in the wings of every stage :D

Been thinking; they should let their guest speakers put letters after their names: Daria Musk, TED., See? It has a ring to it :) I wish, wish, wish that I could get up to Edinburgh to see your talk, in person. And that I didn't have to be in Yorkshire on the 1st... :({ <that's a quivery, sulky, lower lip ;)
But your trip is going to be great and so exciting :D Love xxx
"Beauty in the mirror lights poorly on the stage" = good one. Congrats 
Congrats +Daria Musk I hope u can swing a Hangout so we can feel ur high while in Scotland for your Ted Talk.. Hey I collect Do Not Disturb Hangers.. maybe u can tuck one away for me in ur hotel stays in ur travels.. Big Love Jo Jo xoxos Shine your LED Heart Light for all ur Daria+Gniuses
Has anyone here used PREZI? I discovered it to be sure I didn't "Murder Power Point" and it's my fav thing ever now! You zooom into photos and stuff. It's awesome.
+Adam Green Aw thanks man!! We can all grab a weedwacker and cut a new trail together. ;)
Yes, +Daria Musk, I get back sometime during the evening on the 2nd and am free from then on, and entirely 'at your disposal' on the 3rd and 4th. I have a whole bunch of enormous h+gs waiting for you and +RAM Rich, and your beautiful Mama Musk and gorgeous bro, Sage. And plenty to spare for any G+niuses who happen to be around, too :D xxx  
Great. I think they're the ten that Moses dropped.
good luck daria!!!Can we watch it???(i mean will be broadcast???)
OMG Congrats Daria! Very very Awesome!!! :) <3
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