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Our big One-Year Hangoutiversary Concert Celebration is this Friday in New York City and of course live on-air right here!

This is what happens when you get excited and iMovie is nearby. ❤ Share this video invite! There might be a cupcake in it for you. ;)

BE THERE: To be there in person at Joe's Pub get tickets at or call 212.967.7555

WATCH & JOIN: Watch and join live from anywhere in the world via The Hangout! Comment below if you want a special Hangout invite! or watch on my YouTube Page:

RSVP on the Google+ Event Page:

Thank you for this life we get to rock together. I can't wait to sing my gratitude for this year and turn the page to our next adventures!

Your G+rl Always, Daria
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I'll definitely try to join in a hangout if the time allows it ;O)
Can't wait +Daria Musk!  I'll be watching whether I get a seat or not.  

One year... that's just crazy to me
+Vivienne Gucwa It's like a birthday, an anniversary and a graduation rolled into one or something! We gotta break out some yummies! ;)
Thanks +Bryan McGee! Definitely want to come back to Texas!! Are you in Austin? I love SXSW :) At least you can join the Hangout on Friday if you want!! :-D
Love this trailer...can't wait to celebrate. So incredibly proud of you, Dar💛💙💜💗💚❤❕
At the very least you have to come back to Austin for SXSW next year, +Daria Musk. I have a date to sing you another song.
If I lived in or close by NYC, I would be there in a heart beat. I know this is gonna be a great show! Hopefully I'll be able gleam some of the greatness from the On-Air Hangout.
Oh +Leila Vieira me too girl!! I gotta come to Brazil! That would be the coolest thing ever! :)
+Hassan Saleem Awesome!! You got it! I'll start a private thread with all the first-invites! I've got something cool to share with you all! :-D
Thanks for inviting me ...!!!^^  I live in's so far from NYC...
I'll visit NYC in the other times...
Üdvözölek Hungar Budapeströl jo lenne ott lenni a koncerten de mesze lakom Europába
+Travis Phelps Awesome!! Cannot wait to meet ya! I'll add you to my first-invite circle! :)
Do I just come on line and join the hangout?
+Mike Flint Yeah! You can watch the hangout right on my G+ page : +Daria Musk. Then you can click to join. I just added you to the circle :) It's only 10 people at a time so we'll rotate seats so more people can get in :)
+Daria Musk  you know you can actually increase the number of People in Hangout by multiple G+ accounts and number of PCs with webcams.... :D ?!?
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