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When I saw this beautiful rendering of my beloved Calvin and Hobbes - a comic created by Bill Watterson - all grown up my heart melted! Calvin taught me big words, made me laugh, stirred up mischief and late-nights pondering the mysteries of the universe in a little me who used to flip through the giant books...

It seems like growing up is way cooler than we ever thought it could be... Our childhood fantasies like cars that drive themselves and singing concerts for people all around the world without stepping out the front door... They're possible and real. It's crazy if you stop and think about it, so don't. Just go for it, get grass stains on your knees and refuse to go to bed on time. ;)

Let's dream bigger than ever this weekend. We're not even growing up, we're growing out! Outward into this interconnected world. I can't wait to bust open more doors with you, crash more parties, make more dreams real...


Calvin “When a kid grows up, he has to be something. He can’t just stay the way he is. But a tiger grows up and stays a tiger why is that?”
Hobbs “No room for improvement.
Calvin “Of all the luck, my parents had to be humans.”
Hobbs “Don’t take it too hard. Humans provide some very important protein.”

Photo found via +Paul Roustan & +Zaine Ridling! Thanks guys!
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Wow, that photo broke my heart a little bit. I grew up loving Calvin & Hobbes
+C.C. Chapman Me too!! Don't break your heart! I think they look so beautiful! Powerful!
I feel QUITE sure that Calvin is the mastermind behind Anonymous...chaotic-neutral as always!
My brother collects Calvin and Hobbes comics xP and I sometimes get to read them and they are definately worth reading!Thanks +Daria Musk for the memories...:)
hey they should totally remake this but in adult form lol... what if calvin becomes a cartoonist for a living and instead of day dreams calvin and hobbs explore comic books and enter the comic world like that guy sketch turner did in the sega game Comix Zone. That would be tight. i want a calvin and hobbs adult edition sounds pornographic so they would have choose a diff name or something so it doesnt sound hentai... but i would totally read it on the go on my phone if they put it on google book store. :)
The times of innocents. May we forever cherish and embrace them. It keeps crazy people like us from going insane, in this sometimes mad mad world. Happy Friday, +Daria Musk and have a great weekend. Group Hug!
People say children are innocent, but what children really are, are just people who have yet to be told what they are by someone else. By being nothing, children see everything. When the creative says he is "recapturing the imagination of childhood" what he is really doing is attempting to deprogram himself. To remove the rules imprinted into his mind by every adult he ever met, who told him he had to be some specific thing in order to be acceptable to them.
my brother loves the Calvin and Hobbes books and so do I. ;) thanks for bringing back the memories. :)
those are my favorite comics ever!
This is an awesome picture. The very first "big" book my son read was Calvin and Hobbes. While we have always encouraged his curiosity and spirit, we did occasionally have to remind him that not all of Calvin's mischief was suitable for emulation, though!
Life lesson number one: don't grow up. It makes your hair fall out.
+Mas Sergio Call it "Calvin & Hobbes- All Grown Up"... "C&H: After"... "Calvin & Hobbes, Post-grad"... "C&H (then add whatever letters to signify a degree in ___) "...

There are options.. and I think it would be interesting to see what kind of man that little boy grows up to be.
The "real" Calvin and Hobbes
It's a tired old joke, but, it's proven that birthdays are good for you. People that have more of them live the longest.
I used to read Calvin & Hobbes and The Farside all the time. ^^
oh I used to read that book alot in the library
That is awesome. Yay, growed-up Hobbes! :D
wow amazing be that picture but have any of you seen my face i cant seem to find it
some guys are not well ajusted. this guy is insanen
what is the guy planning to do and why is there a tiger?
Great drawing! Hobbes might be a touch too realistic but I still love it. 
CALVIN AND HOBBES! Im 12 and i read this!
I love tigers. Just not up close without some form of barrier.
I dont think anyone like tigers with out those requirements.
This was my favorite growing up. Let me know that you don't have to fit
... > Lay down with dogs, and you get up with fleas.... lay down with a tiger and you won't get up ...... Jack London :)
omg that is so cool who drew that it is amazing. oh well calvin and hobs grew up.
Now, that is beautiful. Watterson would love this, methinks.
That strikes me as alternately creepy and sad. But I love it!
Haha, love it. This definitely made my day
I purchased Calvin and Hobbes for my third child's teenage years, but the reality is, I enjoyed reading them as much as he did, love the stories, the detail, the lessons and the fun. This is cool love the picture!
I think that without question this is a very cool picture. It's much different than what 'Family Guy' portrayed the grown up version of Charlie Brown to be! (Although it was quite funny) just different.
Will always have a place in my!!!!!

the guy looks a little like itichigo
I cant help but to love calvin and Hobbes. 
I remembered that I didn't read newspaper articles, but I did read newspaper comic, though :0
I'm 70 and that is where I start my newspaper reading each day. Start your day with a good laugh and all of the problems in the remainder of the clock are much smaller.
I love this pic, it reminds me of me cat Hobbes. Embodies the attitude he has of himself, a little tiger! lol
awwwww! hobbes hasnt eaten calvin yet! thats so sweet
Tin Le
For some reason Calvin look like Ichigo from Bleach. heh :)
That is a very cool picture! I loved reading about their adventures.
ah yes, calvin and hobbes good comics
Calvin and Hobbs is funny and challenging too. I love the insights into the different aspects of our relationships. I like this picture but I am not quite sure about it. I gather that Bill Watterson took the rights to Calvin and Hobbs with him. That pleases me. There are too many instances of people cashing in by trying to "improve" or extend on other people's original work. Take the recent spate of "new" Sherlock Holmes stories for example. I'd hate a Disney version of Calvin. I am sure it would be full of gooey sentiment. However, I take this picture as a tribute to a brilliant cartoon and cartoonist.
I LOVE THIS! I once considered the name Calvin if my child had be a boy. Love seeing my daughter reading through my calvin book now. C&H still makes me laugh... spaceman spiff!
You are welcome to that very important protein...
He kinda looks like Ichigo Kurasaki from Bleach :-P
Growing doesn't mean growing old.
+Ian Heams yes... I am trying to take it as a tribute, but as a lifelong admirer of Bill Watterson's drawing as well as his thinking, I am not really impressed with this. The concept of imagining cartoon characters other ways is fun... and certainly the "how would they look all grown up" idea is a lot nicer than some of the other ways characters get appropriated... but, well, I hate to be all wet-blankety, but as a fan of Bill I'd just like to say "go think up your own characters and draw your own pictures, dammit." And as an art teacher I'd like to say that while copying is a great way to learn to observe and to work out new skills, this is very borderline practice and if it were submitted for course work as is, it wouldn't pass the plagiarism filter.
Beautiful writing, I miss reading Calvin & Hobbes, I used 2 read the comics in the paper & saved C&H as 1 of the last 1s I read
Calvin and hobbs has been my absolute favorite of any cartoon strip. No one can make your heart warm to a couple of adventurous misfits like bill Watterson. I have been a long standing fan of these two delightful characters for as long as I can remember and I'm 47. I really thought that it was a shame when the time came that ended the strip in the newspaper. I don't even read the Sundays comics anymore. But I do have several big books and paper backs to keep me company. I don't think that there will ever be an equal. EVER!
Omg I love Calvin and Hobbes!!!!!
Calvin and Hobbes....all grown up??? *sniff, *sniff
The day when children are going to play with Tigers and Snakes will come very soon... What a joy that would be??? It's really fun to play with those animals huh?
so sweet! I love calvin and hobbes <3
Daria, could you possibly email this photo to me? I don't know how to save it to my phone. 
I love you Calvin and Hobbes!!! Why can't we all stay young forever???
Erra Tu
There was one once where Calvin was telling Hobbes about the world that was inhabited by many aliens and on one ship there was a warrior that was himself. He asked Hobbes "Do you think that that was too much?" Hobbes responded "Needs more."
I really like ur post I thought it was really awesome
i dont know you but i dont think you should sit like that because when
the tiger wakes up it will atack you
the whole text is true, and the pic is really nice :D
This is incredibly depressing.
A little too anime for my taste, but very nice sentiment and idea.
I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. I don't want my childhood to end, but I can't wait to grow up
Absolutely LOVE it! The Greatest Comic EVER
When I was a kid, I used to pretend to be Spaceman Spiff blasting through space while swinging on the swings during recess. Thanks for the blast from the past, +Daria Musk !
Calvin & Hobbes is one of the best comics ever. This is great!
Somebody swat the troll ^

+Ian Heams +Patricia Munro Everyone loves Calvin and Hobbes, brilliant on so many levels. But I am disappointed to see that of all these comments yours are the only ones that address the "borrowing" issue. It is huge - and the fact that so many people do it does not make it all right. +Daria Musk Nothing personal - I applaud the sentiment wholeheartedly, but I want to call attention to the twin problems of people helping themselves to others' creative output, and people passing creative (or in this case, semi-creative) work on uncredited.
+Lukas Gris Okay, swatted.


IF (note the capitals) the person was making inferences or blatantly claiming that this was somehow they're original idea and work, that is, they were not deriving their work from another, then sure "problem".

However, this doesn't fit the definition of plagiarism. It also doesn't fit the definition of 'ripping off'. They're not making money through a failure to attribute.

From reading the OP, I gathered:

1. Bill Watterson created a cartoon.
2. Bill created the characters
3. The OP really likes his work
4. The OP (or another person) created this tribute work

Unless I'm missing something, it appears perfectly clear that the OP and the creator of the art work (if one and the same) has clearly identified where they got the original work from.
makes you think about the reality of aging a little doesn't it ? maturity and growth 
Love'em... I found one of the Big Calvin Hobbes book where I work and gave it to my daughter, it is cool to see she liked it, almost more than me.
Thanks for sharing. I'm grabbing a Watterson collection right now! He truly captured the joy and insanity of youth like no other artist.
really Nice...So brave........
Loved Calvin and Hobbes, great reminder!
hey im new here so please be nice to me and i love calvin and hobbes!:)
Calvin and Hobbes is the greatest comic strip ever. No debate
I clearly need to heed some of the advice in this. Never heard of them before. I love the sentiment. Thanks.
OMG LOVE THIS ;D ;D ;D Christina Chen

in Him, peace
sher de saraane behna sonuk mitraan daa
Who is that don't tell me it's an 80's comic
You didn't even spell Hobbes' name right.
+Patrick Elliott-Brennan - Good swat. Well, I don't actually see a credit for the "tribute" artist, just a "via," but that is quite common and as I stated, I am not here to give anyone a hard time over being a big fan of Calvin and Hobbes. I am a big fan myself.

I am interested in the problem of attribution more than in copyright issues - it's a personal preference related to courtesy as opposed to legality. All of these issues are intertwined, and I am happy to see that some people are aware of them even in the midst of a cartoon love fest ;)
Hi +Lukas Gris I think you are right. I tried hard to find the original artist involved here but because the picture has been shared a number of times I couldn't do so. The artist needs a credit just as Bill Watterson does. Fair dues to +Daria Musk - she did Mention Bill Watterson as Calvin's creator and fair dues to the original artist as he/she was simply musing on Bill's cartoons. He/she and didn't steal Bill's drawing style or even his sketches but projected his idea into a different context. It's on that basis I take this as a tribute to Bill Watterson and probably O/K. However, in general terms I agree, sources should always be quoted. Credit where credit is due.

p.s. Can it +max gertz !! I've flagged your comments as unacceptable. Personal abuse is demeaning for those dishing it out more than their targets. Learn some fudging manners.
This is kind of creepy, my name is Calvin, I have blonde hair, I get into trouble alot, I have a younger sister named Rosalyn, and I used to have a stuffed tiger.O_O I wonder if my parents planeed my life accordingly to his. Creepe'
te kiero fooollaaar toma toma te kiero ame una pajaaaaa pero astak salga la lche puleva
This is great.

Calvin and Hobbes has and will always be one of my favorites.

Always such meaningful lines.
jack I
i thought hobbes was a doll
Nobody wants their favorites to grow up, but sometimes it shows that there is a reason. But I too thinks the adult version is cool anyway!
Mike O
Can I give it a million +1's? C&H grown up. Epic and awesome.
That was so cute I would just eat it up!
i still have some of the calvin & hobbes books. i still read them from time to time. ah memories, good times.
es un dibujo esta echo por alguien ??
Excellent post!! That image strikes such a cord with me. Calvin & Hobbs were a big part of my childhood. You've just opened the spigot on a Stream of memories that I am all too happy to let sweep me away.
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