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All your files accessed from one place? So helpful. Knowing you won't loose stuff? Awesome. Collaboration with anyone, anywhere on basically anything... Now that rocks!

Seriously wow, brainwave! I'm already sparking up with ideas and ways to we can connect and create amazing stuff together using the new #GDrive !

Hmm... Off to tinker in my secret lab.... um room... We gonna make sweet sweet music together G+niuses! ;)

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It gives you more storage than Dropbox and it's cheaper. I'll use both and have access to 7 GB for free :-)
Totally, storage is awesome... But I've got a project in the works I can't wait to tell you guys about!! :) :) It's something for all of us to create and work on together! :)
Google drive is pretty awesome. And with 25gb for $2.50 a month is nuts.
$2.50 for 25gb is nice and sound better for 2gb on drop box.
+Maximilian Majewski SkyDrive is censored and scrutinized, I wouldn't trust it to hold my files - to much skin and the file is through the shredder - woops, there goes your precious baby pictures of your children...
25GB is actually free on skydrive if you already have an account. You just need to go in and confirm that you want the 25 gig.
I have trust issue with Cloud servers as I do cyber security work I like my data with me and not where other can get to it when not online.
Nav H.
Basically just documents renamed to drive.
sync seems faster than dropbox. Havn't yet done a proper test but i'm impressed so far
There goes my monthly bandwidth cap...
Wake me when there's a Linux client...
No: you're just supposed to run it under Wine.
Just checked my email and they've send me one to say it's ready now, so I'll explore that later on :) And thanks for the tip, +Darryl Barnes!
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