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G+niuses, we're officially crashing the party, from our Stream to the Mainstream! Click to watch this video that was shot on-set of our first music video directed by +Chris Robinson and it's going to be on TV tonight on CBS's +The Insider!!

Just a few months ago, it felt like I was living in a world where all the doors we locked. A path to my dreams? Locked. A place where I belonged? Locked. Music Industry? Locked like castle with barbed-wire and a moat with alligators in front of that... Then, in one night you changed everything. And now we can change it for everyone.

It's my greatest honor and fiercest joy to sing your praises - from every hangout, mountaintop and TV show I can reach! I truly believe that when you remove the middlemen and make human connection a human right - free, global and instant - just like +Vic Gundotra +Bradley Horowitz +Chee Chew are doing every day... If we can fast-forward the dreams of one girl, connect hearts with a song, think of everything we can achieve together now that the outsiders are the insiders and everyone is watching. :)

+Chris Robinson, Robot Film and I are now working on the first edit of the "You Move Me" Music Video and meeting with interactive teams to make this video truly ours - truly yours. Just like my heart. Updates and lots of behind-the-scenes footage, photos and more to come!

Proudly Your G+rl,
Twenty-three-year-old Daria Musk became an overnight musical sensation thanks to Google+, and she revealed how all the pieces fell into place while shooting her new music video.
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Woohoo! Time to set my TiVo to record. Congrats +Daria Musk. You are a G+nius. Way to recognize opportunity before anybody else and to make the best of your talent on a new stage.
I'll repeat what I said when +RAM Rich posted's AWESOME! Congratulations :)
awesome!!!! I'm soo excited! I can't wait to see the video!
Can't wait to see the music video! #NeverGiveUp
+Louis Gray Thank you for your vision snd kindness. We miss you Louis:+)
i know chris brown personally
Got a glimpse of the awesome video that's going to come out....Waiting for it +Daria Musk . By the way you look awesome in this video :)
+Chris Pirillo Don't worry I'm just as short as you babe!! Thanks for being awesome. Hangout soon!? :)
I think a celebration is in order. My recommendation is that everyone who had +Daria Musk circled before 1/1/12 should get a special cape and boots (G+enius special limited edition) from Google. Oh, and a jet pack too. We know Google has the resources.

I'd also settle for a driverless car, if it was an Aston Martin.

I have such great ideas sometimes.
TiVo Time +Louis Gray! :) Thank you! You're a huge part of this amazing world and I'm cherish your friendship :) xo
+Neeta Tolani You're the best!! I can't wait to make you guys a PART of the video! I have a meeting about it in 10 mins actually!! We're opening these doors and gonna leave 'em swinging for everyone. :)
No way... YOU'RE DA BOMB! I keep telling my kids +ORIGEN about you and to get on here hangin' out but they don't get it. Hopefully they'll try it real soon ;)
Very cool +Daria Musk , can't wait to see the show. Stay awesome and keep rockin' the house. :)
congrats +Daria Musk You are the hardest working and most dedicated person in the business.
So cool! It's fun that we're all on this ride with you. :)
+Daria Musk So cool to see you rise to the top like this. Honored to have been on those first Hangouts and to help get your name out there.. so cool..
I give my comment in German: Mut wird belohnt und Du liebe Daria hast deine Chance genutzt, Applaus:)
Good stuff Daria!
who r u?????????????????????????????????? never seen you before never heard of you do you sing good???????????????
It is a guitar fit for the Queen of Rock
pretty awesome idea, play to nine people and never have to leave home!!!! amazing.
+gopi Kallayil thank you so dearly. You're an amazing person & it's so fun to be here manifesting with you!
now I write all thinG+s like you :))
luv to see you blushing+ :P
and I'm sure you'll never forget your +Daria's G+niuses !
ps: I tryed hangout but I got crowded again. No matters I still tryinG+ tomorrow. BiG+ HuG+s to you and +RAM Rich please. XO
Congrats +Daria Musk, don't forget to come to Australia when you do your first world HIRL tour.
It's good to see you going places. And you look great :)
We already knew you were a star, congrats :)
Great use of the medium, Daria! Nice work!
Awesome Video will keep and eye out for it on the news..
As +Louis Gray would say: recognize and seize the G+ opportunity:
"Embrace the community while doing something unique and creative."

An you are the perfect example. Congrats +Daria Musk
+Daria Musk What think what you found is the right chemstry of you being you adn the right media to perform adn be seen in you are going to god far ican see it and everyone one who watch you ben in a hangout can see you are real peopn you are part of something big and I lve that you have found you place and are bring us such great music and a way to smile and laugh. It is just Joy to hear the wonder and awe of the monument t in your voice.. Keep that remember it always Stay being you .Never let it go and you will take that joy to others ,, thank you for getting on and sharing and just being you.. Will make sure our local CBS channel puts you in the spots tonight (as should we all) as some people don't always get to see the enterainmnet news on the CBS main news ..
Well that was a tad disappointing with the credits rolling underneath and just the Whitney Houston tie in, but I'm definitely happy you got some TV time either way :)

You deserve every single thing that comes your way. Can't wait for that video!
This video piece is full of awesome... Big Congrats!!
And I meant the actual aired segment. I enjoyed the one on their website :)
congrats.. have you got a facebook page?
+Daria Musk when I searched Tivo listings, it shows that The Insider airs on Sunday nights... couldn't find it on any other listings o_0
+Brett Bjornsen These TV guys are confusling! Haha! I'll post updates if I hear more. We're chipping away right? ;) More more more to come! Now just help me finally kick this cold so I can sing to y'all!!
Thanks for keeping us all updated :)
Rest up, think healthy & get well quicker ;)
Hehe yeah it was on here at 6:30 MST, which doesn't always seem to translate well to other time zones so I'm not sure. It did air though and your beautiful face did grace all the Insider watchers. You were at the very end of the episode.
sending good vibes and prayers for you to get well.. cold suck..just got over one that kept me down 3 and a half weeks.. get well.soon...
Of all the times to be one of THOSE people who doesn't have any TV service...
Daria Musk if i knew you could find it in your area. I say get some Miso soup it what get me back to health..its a Japaneses soup..very good for you..;)
Anytime +Daria Musk! I love seeing your audience continue to grow since G+ was just a baby. Couldn't miss out on your big Insider spot! Knock out that cold and best of luck!
Looking different list across time zones..I think the show look like it will air from tonight though Sunday in different market/Affiliates of CBS so I say check your local listing and or call your local station and ask for when the shows air.. that may start a buzz for them to talk more of Daria Musk spot lol
Hey, that's no +1-worthy thing, +Daria Musk - I had to miss the interview! :D Though most of the time not having TV is very +1-worthy!
love you +Daria Musk !!!!! so good to see you in tha interview!!! so happy for you g+irl!!!! now the whole world including your mama knows who you are!!!!
+Daria Musk Big Ups to you. Well done . You deserve to have it all.:+)
+George Greene They really needed to focus on her for just 15 seconds more even. I was pretty disappointed that it was right after an update on Whitney Houston (a drug-related, completely unnecessary one for someone who passed away I might add) and the tie in was something like "And this is Daria Musk, Google+'s new star, who got famous when she posted a Whitney Houston cover..." while the credits were rolling at the bottom :/

I'm just happy she is getting some air time. It's nice for her to get some more recognition with people not on Google+. She has great fans who support her though, so she will definitely get much bigger. Glad to have her as our G+rl!
Wow! Shame we don't get CBS over here, though... Congratulations, Darlialing :D xxx
BTW: I'm getting sound but a black screen when I click to play the 'vid?' on that article's page – odd... Plus I'm late to this because, for some reason, it didn't show up in my Streams until tonight :(
Im really glad I met a star and also glad that she is one of my Google+ friends. Thanks for inviting me in to your world Daria, keep up the great music and congratulations.
+Wendy Musk thank you mama musk !! I just remember from one of +Daria Musk s shows where she said no one but my mama knew who i was. Not the case anymore !!:-)
+George Krieger You are our superstar along with all the G=niuses that make this so much fun.Let's crash the party together:+)
Finally got to see the video excerpt! You did great :) Big H+gs and love :D xxx
Glad to see a +er doing their thing. Congrats on the new video +Daria Musk :)
congrats and good luck too you for the future
Awesome, +Daria Musk!! I am lucky enough to be able to say, "I knew her when.." XOXO
Loved this sooooo hard +Daria Musk! Just swingin' by to say HIIIII! Continuing to be inspired by your flight to the moon - and beyond! xoxo
Dear Madam +Daria Musk Really Great. In age of just 23 you reach this stage of success! Yaa Impossible is nothing but this age not most of person not can reach this stage. Also I inspired by you about this 1st this post and 2 :-

Hey G+niuses! There's so much to tell you I don't know where to start! I'm working on a round-up post with all my photos and memories from SXSW, there's some heart-achingly-joyful news from a give-back project we all collaborated on a few months back, plans for the big Hangout Concert celebration, music video updates and some big big stuff coming this week!"

Awaiting reply

Have a nice day;

Yours Respectfully
Bittu Gandhi
(Researcher, Website Developer, International Record Holder)

(Researcher, Web Developer From India.
U are A History Maker U Made History on G+ No One Has Done What U Have Done Before Right On
OMG!! The stuff I miss when I'm away from G+ for a few weeks. This is awesome +Daria Musk!! So I'm sooo happy for you!! I can't wait to see the finished video. I think the door theme is brilliant.
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