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IT TAKES 10,000 HOURS...
Author Malcolm Gladwell's book "Outliers" suggests that history shows it takes about 10,000 hours to achieve your dreams. After years of writing, playing in coffee shops and clubs, practicing in my PJs and singing my heart out... I think maybe my first 10,000 hours are clicking in.

The years, months, days, hours, minutes and melodies... The tears have been flowing freely as I looked back on my little life and all the time I held onto the dream of you.

❤ Your G+rl Always, Daria

Ps. I can't wait to sing your praises in person at my Hangout Concert tomorrow - Saturday, May 5th starting at 5pm EST!! Up next is #TheRippleEffect ! Special thanks to +RAM Rich for letting me be his sorcerer's apprentice for so long.
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Lollipop a hangout!!!! I am so there!!!! Ain't seen you on ages +Daria Musk day looking forward to it
Looking forward to it, also just seen that you have the new solid body...jealous
As you know my sweet friend Daria, Patti and I are with you and very proud ... Well done ... Very Well Done! #G+niusWomensPanel #10,000Hours
+Hannibal Smith It's a great short little book! Really gives perspective into people who created their dreams, had lots of dedication and guts and made it happen. ;)
+Imran Machher Oh yes! Now I'm complete!! You must be a guest of honor too. I adore you so.
It takes me 10.000 hours to reach the alarm clock when it goes off.

That's really fantastic, +Daria Musk . Thanks for sharing with us all!
❤ The sneeze Hint: 1:03
❤ My mama playing flute
❤ Really old clips with curly haired-Daria
❤ Pjs
❤ Me half asleep
❤ The beginnings of "You Move Me"
You are a Joy! Daria ... & we also love the amazing +RAM Rich ... your G+nius co-partner ... HUG! J
+Daria Musk oh well still not too bad, a Strat is high up there on my to do list but I've considered the Taylor instead, I had a chance to try it out when they did a road show at my local store. With the way you're going I'm sure you'll have many more some day and probably not even from out of your own pocket :)
Ok so maybe the power outage with the little head lamps comes close too!
+Deborah Aldridge My heart just burst girl. Thank you! You have to coe to my Hangout Concert tomorrow if you can so I can meet you in person! ❤ I just circled to make sure you can get in!
what time will be (your concert) in athens greece??please answer
Wow, I didn't know that you were so awesome at drums too :P :P Looking forward to see the charming you in tomorrow's hangout. That's why I am going out tonight and have cancelled all plans for tomorrow ;)
Ok so I lost it too when I saw that baby harp, I guess theres a lot of great stuff in this video. Great work +Daria Musk :)
I really enjoyed watching this video, that's some great footage. It was nice seeing you working hard and +RAM Rich doing his thing.
It was great seeing you and your mom playing together too. I'm really happy for you, Daria :) See you tomorrow at the hangout!
Haha, I knew it, it was your pjs, and your comment +Daria Musk confirmed that. ^.^ (4'50") And your mom looked so young, so I didn't know it was her.
The only one I didn't notice is when you had curly hairs (edit: I've found it: 5'28" and 6'03"). You play the Celtic Harp too? I've played it for quite a few years, but mine is a little bigger ^_~

These 10,000 hours were not a waste of time, at all, you spent them very well. And there are more great to come. I wish you the best for the 10,000h to come Daria ^_~
And keep your sunsmile ;-))
this is the most cool and fantastic thing ever! really it is!
Just seen a +Taylor Guitars post about your concert tomorrow on facebook! I cant imagine how you must feel, proud of you!
“Practice isn't the thing you do when you're good. It's the thing you do that makes you good.”
- Malcolm Gladwell, Outliers: The Story of Success

And you are the proof of it, +Daria Musk
Thanks for sharing these moments with us.
Such a great video +Daria Musk! Thanks for sharing with us all the trials and hard work you put in. You were poised and ready for opportunity to strike and Google+ was that chance. Right place at the right time. Can't wait for the concert tomorrow!
Such a great video, Darialing! Moments for me: the sneeze, Mama Musk and her gorgeous flute tone, rocking out on the drums, the #HeadLights concert, celtic harp, you and +RAM Rich singing in the car, and the first Hangout concert with tears and laughter. I smiled, laughed, welled-up with Love and cried, too. Thank you. And here's to the next 10,000 hours :D Love xxx
+vasilis katsoris Hi! I just checked the concert starts at midnight for you! Drink some coffee and stay up with me! :)
Great video!You have a great voice
and are great playing instruments.
+Daria Musk i just finished watching your wonderful video. i smiled the entire time. got me to thinking, that's what you do. You make us all smile, every single time we see you, be it in person, on video in a hangout or just hearing your songs. It's an amazing gift we all get to share. Thank you so much. Also, this video is further proof of just how unbelievably talented +RAM Rich is. Could not be happier for you both. Hope to see you tomorrow night, but if not, know i will be listening all night/morning. <3
You're an inspiration. Here's to the next 10k hours indeed.
thank you so much daria!!!! i appreciate this!!!!!
+Patrick Sharpe Aww :') I almost cut that... SIlly really but you can see it's like... I gotta write... Whatever's around I'll use it. ;)
Thank you so +Leila Vieira it means so much to be able to share this all with you guys. I can't wait to see you at the Hangout Concert!! I'm all nervous / excited / giddy / can't sleep
+Denis Labelle Yeah! Thank you so much. ❤
+Aaron Crocco Aw thank you for being a part of it. It means the world to me that I can share this life and time with you guys.
+tom ruggi Oh you are the best! I so agree about +RAM Rich! The idea of apprenticing with a master is a fading tradition I think. It's shaped me, challenged me, inspired me and more to study and write and play with him. I'm so grateful. ❤

Ps. I bet you recognized the footage from the "dive bar in the rain"! Thank goodness you were there to capture it! xoxo
and here in the morning I want to see you
i did recognize that Daria, i feel honored that you used it. :)
That was great!! Thanks for sharing what I know is only the beginning of your journey. so many great things are yet to come for you.
I love the humble thoughts you wrote at the end of this video.. I found a way to make my Dreams come true. Because I found you.. Your +Daria's G+niuses will always remember when they first experienced you as a singer songwriter and pure awareness of expression compassion Joy and harmony you share with all your +Daria's G+niuses all over the Globe,, BIg Love JoJo xo"s
Daria playing the drums, best part in the video LOL
+Jorge Rangel Heeehee... Ya know I'm fakin' it right? ;) I mean... Yeah! I play drums! Haha
Did you see the clips of younger me? So crazy finding those!
Can I ask you +Daria Musk ? How old are you? Some are old souls and we put our 10,000 hours in right away. But I am 48 years old, and I took the entire time to ramp up to that place.
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