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Who ever questioned there being a strong community of women here on Google+?

Here's a circle of ladies I'm honored to have as friends, mentors, big sisters, inspirations and one of them is even my mama. ♥ Add them to your stream for art, tech, jokes, wisdom, news, beauty, guidance and gush-worthy girl-created content every day.

Yep this circle has everything... Except boys. ;)

Your G+rl Always,
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oh wow! Thank you so much girl! xoxoxoxooxx
OMG+! +Neeta Tolani how can I ever thank you?! I always always always dreamed of having great girlfriends and women to look-up to, laugh with and feel understood by! You're such an amazing friend and such a brilliant person. I think so many of us (definitely me) ran into lots of cliques and cattiness in school... G+ has been new-friend heaven for me. ♥
I'm mobile, I can't see :(
awww im humbled u think so +Daria Musk and the same for me. I've discovered some read friendships here. such a pleasure to have you in my life. Remind me to send a thank you to chee and vic :)
Aw +Crystal Mills check back later! And hey, if I missed anyone we can do a round-two circle!
Thanks for spreading the g+rl power! :D
Oh noo, here come the waterworks.

Yes, again :p

I am truly honored to be in this circle. Some foin women in there and honored to be in such company. +Daria Musk thank you for being you. Never change! ❤
Ps. I love my boys too! I guess a G+ys Circle is next! I grew up with brothers... So finding so many sisters here has been so lovely!
Annnnd that's why +Lotus Carroll is indispensable. You too funny!! Seriously, I think I loose weight every time I talk to you from LOLing so hard.
You sweetheart Miss +Daria Musk! ... Such an honor to have you leading the way ... whether it's as part of the G+nius Women's Panel for +TEDxRainier or Laughing in the Face of the Lion All Around the World! ... You Inspire Us All! xo Jeris
You are amazing and look at these G+ geniuses! Thanks for adding me to this circle! That photo btw, hot!
I still don't get this google+ thing. +Daria Musk shared this circle with me. But I don't understand the meaning of that. Of course it is a space only for women. Well, I am still learning, and that's motivation enough to go on.
Thanks Daria anyway.
+César Díaz Shared Circles can be about anything. In this case, +Daria Musk is sharing a group of G+ women she thinks are inspiring enough to be on the list. And on a site heavily dominated by men, these G+RLS are worth their weight in gold. I'd add +Anita Law to this list, but that's just a personal recommendation.
+César Díaz Oh, ok wait, let's start at the beginning. :) I'm a singer/songwriter, I play live concerts here on Google+ through Hangouts. My next one is coming soon hope to see you there! I also post about music, inspiration, what I'm up to, etc. Tonight I was just thinking it would be fun to give a shout out to some great women here! And for new Google+ users shared circles are a great way to get your stream filled with awesome content! Phew! There ya go! :)
Now I get it. Maybe you need suggestions of people to add to your circle. I am going to look around.
+Daria Musk I have checked your profile already. I know you are a google+ singer. I am going to review your circle of female friends. Unfortunately my hangouts software does not seem to work well. Next time you are singing I am going to get into the hangout to see what happens.
On mobile! Wah ! But if it's a Daria circle, i bet it rocks
+Liz ℚuilty, in my head, I read your comment in a really epic "aww snap" voice. Thank you for giving me that. I'm up far too late working.
+Louis Gray just checking ... all those girls in this circle (ok anyone with my name or the last name Musk) are in your super special circle right? :D
+Louis Gray And again we find ourselves here proving the sleep is for the weak! ;) Heehee
its always a decent timezone somewhere - for instance, its not even 7pm here - on a friday night no less! so go ahead and stay up for a few more hours :D
Round of high fives.

Just kidding, my eyes are so tired they're crossing, so I'm pretty sure I'd miss all high fives.
Weeee! *sings* Here come the G+rls! *dances*

Thanks for the circle addage +Daria Musk xx
Thanks for sharing this circle and for adding me in it. I'm always looking for more girls to add to my circles :)
I'm honored +Daria Musk. I have deep admiration for your infectiousness and all that you have done to increase the acceptance of women for the right reasons in this community. It's only appropriate that you would have a great women circle, and I appreciate being included.
+Richard Boase, studies show that height is actually the biggest predictor of how lucky a man is with ladies.
Thanks +Eli Fennell . You are too kind! +Daria Musk I love girls, especially those on G+ because it seems the ones who do make this their "place" have more to say than "look at me!"
Oh hey! I'm in there :) Thanks for the mention!
+Christa Laser Really?? How interesting, I didn't know that. I actually like short guys much better, partly because it's so hard to dance with someone who towers over me. :)
+Eli Fennell yep, thanks to all you wonderful Google+ peeps who helped get my mind off the terrible dream :) Thanx!!
+Michelle Marie I just hope you'll do the same for me if I ever have a bad dream about working under Steve Ballmer (and oh I wish I hadn't said that, I now have a terrible image I need to wipe from my mind).
So glad you got +Jane Ellen in there, but can't believe you left out +Giselle Minoli - do meet her if you have not, and consider her for round two. A thinker, a writer, a kind and generous G+ woman who has a past (LOL! a good one).
We are, in fact, the 4 ells! How clever, +Jane Ellen - now how can you resist us, +Daria Musk? Just understand that from time to time we are (or have been) all ell raisers.
So many interesting women to get to know here. I always look forward to that. I would have to live 10 more lifetimes to get to know all the interesting women on G+. Sigh.
It seems to me that those of us who found our way here to G+ and who actively engage are those who are interested in others and have interesting things to share. This seems to be the case with so many - women and men - that I have met on G+. +Daria Musk is doing a great job in curating a circle of interesting women that will be very encouraging to those who are new to our community and eager to engage and discover fresh faces. Kudos to you, +Daria Musk - in promoting women in a social network that has done so much to promote your own undeniable talents.
I have enjoyed the great community of women since day 1! Wonderful to see how you have grown and become such a great community voice as well as musician on Google+ +Daria Musk Nice choices!
:) This is one rocking circle....Awesome to see everyone sharing more circles themes lately! :D Share the love around I say :)
+Amanda Blain and +Daria Musk remind me that one of the strengths that women often develop is helping to increase community and make things better for everyone by supporting each other. I know that I feel good when I operate this way!
Wow, finally got onto a computer to have a look - awesome circle +Daria Musk - and I can tell because I already have most of them circled <3
Honoured to be included!
Would love to Hangout with some of these ladies. Thanks for the share and inclusion +Daria Musk
Oh, wow. Somehow I didn't get the notification of my + mention on this thread. I just happened to catch it reading through the comments. You are such a lamb, +Daria Musk! Your inclusion of me in this circle and your kind words in the comments are more than a girl can take. *smooch* *hands you a matching friendship bracelet*
This is one of the reason circles are so fun. They ripple out and spread sharing and community more than any other structure. 
I think i followed you ages and ages ago :D
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