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G+niuses! I'm so excited to announce a global concert party thrown in your honor! On May 5th I'm going back to my roots with a marathon all day/night concert to sing your praises, face to face to faces.

We've been crashing the party from music videos to big stages, magazines to TV... And now I wanna gaze into your eyes, reunite or meet for the first time! Just us and a million of our friends! ;)

There will be new songs, new surprises and a night of memories we'll make together! Here's the deets again:

❤ May 5th, 2012 - 5pm ET
❤ Global Start Times:
❤ Watch and join on my G+ page: +Daria Musk!

It's been an unbelievable few months... Our little ripples are turning into massive waves! And at the heart of everything is the connection we've found together here. We felt unheard, and now the whole world is listening. We felt unseen, and now we can see each other's faces across the globe. We felt unknown, and now we know, we're not alone.

There's so much fun we can have together, so much impact... And in fact at this concert I'll be launching a killer collaborative project for all of us to make a joyful noise together! More on that to come! Surf's up! ;)


Ps. Grab a party hat, or a Hangout Effects tiara - You're the guests of honor, and I'm singing for you. Come be seen and heard and loved.
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Looks like I'll be waking up early... GMT+8 here :)
Waiting for that Daria and wish you good luck.
You know what this post says, it says "+1 Me Baby! +1 Me Baby! +1 Me Baby! " lolz
Mitch J
I'll be there.
Yay! RSVP here! I'll build a special invite circle
I'll be on a trip to Korea, but count me in!! :D
Shani H
HAWAII again! lololol
+Daria Musk I would love to be in the special invite circle - thanks in advance! :-)
Wooohooooooooo :) :)

I am ready for the hangout :)
Let the nay sayers be damned +Daria Musk "_) I love your music Yes...but I like your Gladitude and Humblness just as much, U would be my Vote 4 "IMA Celebrity Status" (if such a platform existed here on G+). I wish +Artists In The Plus would Name You as that important to us here (that are also IMA). Great Day 2 U "Songbird". lol!!!
HOW do you survive a Day/Night concert??? Do you have clones of yourself? Do you take RedBull(R) through an IV??? Are you Vulcan????
Holy Cinco de Mayo batman!!!! time to clear May 5 and May 6 on calender.
That was some great news!
I'll watch! and will of course try to join.
Excellent, I'm looking forward to it.
I'm hoping to make it and also catch a seat during the concert. Congrats!
I hope I can get in, I'm looking forward to it :-)
Ditto,Daria. Count me in. It will be my first.....Hangout with you. You don't need luck cause you got the talent. You will be Awesome!
woah :)
It's saturday awesome, its also voting day in France..will try to join
ps, I have awesome hats, I mean your hair is so beatiful :3 xoxo
+Arvind Gautam LOL! No Redbull. No coffee. I'm running on pure G+nius Love ❤ ;)
But it's true someone pointed out that I look like I'm throwing a Vulcan gang sign in my new profile photo! Hahaha
+Sibyll Hampton are you kidding?! Of course you're invited! My sweet silly lady! You better be there, how can I sing without ya?
+tom ruggi Oh yeah! It can be an independence day for everyone (especially Mexico)! Indie music! Indie Internet! Woot!
+Adrien Pirmez You're so fun! Ok, here's your day: Cast your vote, grab a hat, hang with Daria and the world! :)
Shani H
+Daria Musk Girl, just come here, you don't have to sing if you don't want to, but how epic would it be to have a hangout on air FROM THE BEACH???? (I'll ninja watch this from work, it's 11AM my time hehehe)
YEAH!! Now I just I in house to get on to it...My work is so erratic right now..
You know I'll be there :)
And I'm curious about these surprises...
Marked up in my calendar... I have been following your story for a while but never caught a show, hoping to catch this one...
Awesome!! Calendar marked and I can't wait! I'm so glad I'm free that day :P

I'll see you then!
I'm going out to get more map we can watch the world come many should I get? A million?
I'd get one-and-a-half million – just to be on the safe side, Mama Musk :D xxx
Signing up to attend from sunny Denver, Colorado on the day! Thanks for the invite.
So glad to watch you on this journey, +Daria Musk! It's been an adventure and look how great our New Year's Around the World turned out. I have pride for you right now - and how wonderful we've gotten the chance to hangout now and then. Cheers, Daria!
+Daria Musk Posting post it notes all over to remind me lol Friday's a bush day so making sure i don't forget to turn in.
I'm totally excited... this is perfect timing as this will be the first Saturday I've had off since your last hangout concert +Daria Musk :)
Looking forward to it. Lookin' to break your record?
+Terry Smith Of Course I'll be there with Bass on.
Can't wait to meet and play for you all:+)
+Daria Musk Hangout Concert with fans all over the world ... is a perfect idea! And we all can do so much more to share a great time with global audience. Good luck and enjoy +Andreas Denstorf
Sounds like fun +Daria Musk ^_^
And at a time that's not redonkulous for you! I'll try to be there to show my support! :D
surely this is very cool concert hangout
whohohohohoho ^_^
in indonesia +11
+Daria Musk Can't wait. Sounds great. Let me know if you still are interested in the European concerts.
woo hooo i happy pants again.. Love hanging out with the one and only Google + hangout Rockstar +Daria Musk Big Love JoJo xoxox so awsome and excited for you Daria
+Daria Musk Right now I was planning for either the first or second week of October, possibly both. Please let me know if you are free then and what size audiences you want to play too as well.
South Florida is really nice this time of year too +Daria Musk! :P
Can't wait until the 5th!
+Sean Cowen You are so so kind! ❤ Thank you dearly! Can't wait to rock with ya!
Yay +Oki Amwin! I've missed you since new years! I can't wait to see you again!
+Euro Maestro Let's get a private thread going about it! I have a few dates booked in Oct already in NYC... But the rest is free so far! :) ❤
+Ben Wiener No! I've never forget Paris!! I hope you can join! I just put a few time zones on the poster... Can't fit them all! LOL!
I wanna be a part of it but I don't think Germany allows me to join Hangouts on Air :( But I'll proxy my way in or something.
It's been a while since I last caught you in concert, Daria... Looking forward to this!
wow your performing all over the world ! :)
I will definitely do my best to show up for this! You rock! It's so refreshing to see a musician who doesn't lose touch with her roots and keeps giving back.
I have to work till 3pm +Daria Musk on sat.. but i see your gonna HAVE YOUR HANGOUT AT 2PM PACIFIC TIME.. CAN U SAVE ME A INVITE SEAT FOR between 3 30pm and 4pm L.A. time..? or is this not possiable? excited to hear your voice again and see your smiling face.. Jo Jo xoxos
Oh no! I'm busy at that time. I'd really love to be a part of one of these concerts sometime, do you have a date set for the next one yet?
Can't wait sweetheart.. I will be out of town.. in Quebec at Montebello.. Would love to have you on my iPad with all the women at the UGG weekend getaway!!! 5pm.. Saturday right +Daria Musk
+Daria Musk I'll be there! Will be finishing a shoot at 3PM EST and make it to relax and enjoy the show just in time.
Awesome news, I'll be there! First Live show I will be able to watch. Thank you +Daria Musk !
I'm so excited, I hope that we can all meet again and sing along with Miss Daria! The New Years hangout was amazing. I promise, no crazy rag ties this time!
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