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G+niuses, I have a confession to make. I'm an uber-fan of The NFL / American Football. Most people don't know this about me and would never guess it... But it's so true. I jump on the couch. I yell at the TV. I hoot and holler and cheer...
And do touchdown dances in the living room. :-)

Last night, at in the Zombithon Hangout, my new G+nius friend +George Rodenbaugh was watching the Season Kick-Off game, off screen, and we watched as he went wild when The Packers scored a killer run-back TD... He screamed and scrambled to get the computer turned around to show us the replay...
And I realized NFL + G+ is going to = FUN!

I also know that lots of people, I'm guessing especially lots of G+niuses from outside the US, really aren't into American Football... So that's where our brilliant home here will come in so handy!

I'm starting a NFL G+NIUSES Circle, let's all start one!
And I'd love all the football fans here on G+ to tag yourselves in the comments below and if you like shout-out your fave/home team! Then re-share!!
Then we can all publicly see who wants to be in everyone's NFL Circles and get this party started! Once the circles are built we can plan Tailgate Hangouts, Picks, Predictions, Trash-talk and our NFL-ambivalent friends won't ever hear a peep out of us!

I'm already dreaming up some ideas...
+Alida Brandenburg What about a special "Tailgate For Ten"!? :-)
And hey maybe we can book our own halftime shows!! Possibilities are endless!


Ps. I know I haven't really done anything controversial enough to get dissenting comments before... But I think that ends today... I'm a PATS Fan. Love me my Brady, Welker, Branch, Woody...and now Ocho?! Wha?? Bring it on haters! Let the games begin!

Tagging a few G+niuses who I know are NFL fans: +Sage Musk +Katherine Gramann +Evan Denbaum +Faizan Momin +RAM Rich +Charity Todd +Mohamed Mansour +George Rodenbaugh +Paul Roustan +Pete Johnson +Kyle Paul +Michelle Marie +Charlotte Taft +Reggie Alcos +Dan Sage

UPDATE: Announcement! I will be hosting my 1st Tailgate Hangout Next Sunday for the PATS v. CHARGERS GAME! _Circle up to find out how to how to attend! I'll make a spot for you to set-up and announce your own tailgates for the other games too!
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Ooh ooh, me me! Circle all the football things!
Patriots all the way, baby!!!
Go Steelers (Fantasy Football) and Browns (Texas Ex: Colt McCoy)!
Da Bears! Like the NFL circle idea.
Colts up in here!!! Thanks for the shout out +Daria Musk- already found myself a bunch of new football friends to circle.
+Kevin Marousek That's the beauty! We're not showing the game... We should point the cameras at our own faces to catch reactions like +George Rodenbaugh's last night! :-) Hey woh, brainwave - we can even MUTE and get G+ commentary going on! :-)
I have the same jersey(dark one) and number. I'll wear it next time I see you in a hangout.
I wanted to do this, but didn't know how, who, what to do it. Glass there are others.
Circle me, baby. Got a kick butt elimination pool going, love love love this time of year :)
I have Tickets for Raiders vs Broncos Monday Night Football @ Mile High Stadium. Can't Wait! hoot and holler and cheer...! Go Bronco's!
D, if you are a Pats fan i will be gentle...18-1 was a really great GIANTSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
Hey everyone re-share and then direct back to this so we can all keep track! :-) Woot!
Oh yeah and college football ... Go Irish!
+Daria Musk Had I known I'd have invited you to the football Hangout last night. You've seen my Packer tattoo... as I was laid-up with my back injury and couldn't go to the game, the next best thing was online friends.
<hides from reality> He'll be ready for the next game, no problem..
+Daria Musk I just realized you're doing the Heisman pose / stiff arm in the circles picture!!! That's awesome!!
Announcement! I will be hosting my 1st Tailgate Hangout Next Sunday for the PATS v. CHARGERS GAME! Circle up to find out how to how to attend!

Ps. I'll make a spot for you to set-up and announce your own tailgates for the other games too!
YES! Go Cowboys!!! Add me to your smack talkin' football circles :)
totally unrelated to this post (_sorry_) but can I just say, +Daria Musk , i love your use of G+ words?!
i will hold a mobile hangout from a giant game this year, from my seats, or the tailgate party, if that is possible.
Redskins and Raiders!
I'm in, let the football begin!

I also have a lot of love for the Vikings (I lived in Minnesota for a few years), and the love of my life lives in Wisconsin (Though I met him 10 years after I left the mid-west), so I'll root for the Packers when required. My first football game was a Giants game, so they get in there for sentimental reasons, but when I was a kid, it was all about the 49ers for some strange reason. Thus, that's my top 5.

To some degree, I like them all. I guess hating a team is just not in my nature*.

*Unless that team is the Pats, the Dolphins, or the Steelers.
Oh and EFF the Cowboys! Ahahahahaha! Woo Hoo!
It's physically painful to have the Packers hold the Lombardi trophy. Go Bears.
Count me in Daria! I'm in Viking country but I've been a Silver and Black fan since the LA days.
Oh my gosh, haha! A Tailgate for Ten would be hilarious! We're watching the first Steelers game this Sunday. Rob is still a Pittsburgh boy through and through. ;)
i just created a pick em league in Yahoo.. go to yahoo sports(fantasy sports) and enter pro football pick on join a league, league name is... G+ challenge... and password is Daria
J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!!! And yes, I will personally talk some smack to +Daria Musk when we win the division.
I love this idea. G+ Hangout pre-game tailgating for each matchup. Such a cool way to bring fans from around the country together in support of their team. +Cam Meadows, you gotta stream +Daria Musk's Pats vs. Chargers NFL Tailgating Hangout next week! Maybe we can get +Erin Andrews or +Michael Smith to attend one!
+Evan Denbaum The Patriot minute-men know how to shoot down all little airplanes.
Living in Chattanooga I split my time between the Titans and Falcons
the hangout to watch a game is just brilliant.
I'm a Redskins and 49ers fan -- and btw, Tom Brady grew up just down the street from one of my daughter's friends... he's local from here... :)
the id # needed to join our G+ football pick em pool at yahoo is 68257...league name is G+ challenge and password is Daria. go to yahoo sports, fantasy, pro football pickem game and click on join a private group. come join for fun!!!
Obviously, you can't show any live TV in the Hangout; it would be a rights violation. It's about fans coming together using everything that's cool about Hangouts the same way they do around the BBQ in the stadium parking lot. I'm 3,000 miles away from my team (J-E-T-S), so I'd feel a little closer to home spending the pre-game with "local" green-lovin' fans.
Any Ram fans around? But Saints, Bills, Bengals, Jaguars, Chargers, Titans, Steelers, Eagles, Falcons, Cowboys, and 49'ers have Mizzou Tiger football players on their team. So I guess I am eclectic.
+Evan Denbaum is right! :-) No cameras on the TV! Should I add that edit to the post above? If we hang during the games we can look at each other's faces reacting to the game, and mute the hangout to hear our own TVs, then chat during the commercials or somethin! :-)

And I can sing the national anthem before the game or do a half-time show! ;-)
I'm a Bills fan and even though we're not always the best team, I don't think we can talk anymore +Daria Musk ;)
now if we can just get the hang out cams to pass the beer and chips around?!
+Daria Musk: I think just start the tailgate hangout well before the actual Pats vs. Chargers game begins next week (just like "real" tailgating) and then people can hang around or take off when the actual game starts. You singing the anthem before the start is really fun.
BTW: I currently reside in Las Vegas and I spend my Sunday sitting in a sports lounge with (3) 300 foot screens watching all games simultaneously. I generally text my friends when the odds change for teams. If anybody needs this ( I AM NOT a bookie), I might be able to make a circle for odds updates, if anybody has interest, then I would just post to that circle.
+Daria Musk all the people who who commented to your post i put in my NFL circle. How do we all share circles?
I shall wish you the greatest enjoyment of your NFL season :-) Now, back to the tennis ;-) xxx
I'm thinking that one of us can make a public google doc, then publish a link to it, then we add whoever isn't on it, that should be? But I'm concerned about privacy of others, so not sure.
+Darrick Smith Purple Friday my ratty old worn out #3 Stover Jersey on...I semi-forgive him for going to the Indianapolis Irsays..since he came back to retire as a Raven.
Is the Manning-ectomy karma kickback?
Added to my NFL circle. Go Steelers!!!
Add me to your NFL Circle! I'm a die hard Cowboys fan but love watching any good match-ups. For the record, Tony Romo will throw for 4500 yards with 30 touchdowns and 10 interceptions this year. You heard it here first folks! :)
Please add me to your NFL circles: Dolphins, Saints, Vikings, Niners, Packers, Raiders
What no Falcons fans? No Southern football love? Falcons all the way!!!

+Jadey A-S Wilson Loving the US Open right now but can't wait till true hard court season starts back with Australian Open. I think Nadal vs. Djokovic is going to be the final match in both Grand Slams.
The Patriots +Daria Musk! I can't stand cry baby Tom Brady. All I got to say to all of you. This is the year Dallas takes it. How bout dem Cowboys!
OT. +Faisal Momin: Much as I'd love to see Andy Murray in the final, you're probably right. Although you never know... I prefer the Australian Open, too but also looking forward to the Masters Final at the O2! (On iPhone - can't 'mention' properly)
+Steve Oberman Yea! Everyone on here want to be added to everyone's NFL Circles! And If you're getting comments on your own re-shares come and "repot back" with names like +Charity Todd did above! :-) I guess I can build and post a master NFL G+nius List for us all... and obviously people can keep opting in as the season goes on! :-)
+Lawrence Estrada Oh no no no! Don't you be hating on my Brady! ;-) And Cowboys?! Really?? Pleeease... You can keep your big 'ol jumbo screen and Tony Romo... I'll take my PATS every day of the week! ;-) It's ON boy! :-)
Xin Li
And here I thought I couldn't love you any more then I already do.. Who is your favorite team?
+Daria Musk There currently a hangout that hasn't stopped yet, and wants ro set a record. I wonder how many times this post will be shared. Will it be a record?
At +Ed Guzman here Go Vikings. Going to the Charger Vikings game this Sunday. So excited!! I'm a football freak. 
+Lawrence Estrada I totally almost typed those exact fightin' words! It IS on! When do we play each other!? What week because WE need to hang and the trash is gonna FLY!
Omgosh,I have finally found some female football fans with like minds on G+! Go Saints! And Go Daria you have made my ever loving night with this post! I am one NFL football chick and proud of it....and I must say, out of fear for getting put in time out since this is an NFL post.......Roll Tide.....and Go Saints!
+Ardith Goodwin Yes!! Go girlie NFL Fans!! WOooot! Can't wait to do NFL Hangouts with you! Oooh we should organize one this season that's an all ladies NFL Hang just to show the world we exist!
Crowd-sourcing an idea Is there an easy way for us to post our picks each week to compete against each other?
+Mohamed Mansour Ideas?
This does sound like fun, although I love sporting events in person. I bet +Alida Brandenburg will come up with something yummy and healthy. I don't see beer and hamburgers, chicken wings and pretzels being her style.
The match up is Oct 16 on a sun. Ha we do and knowing me, when the Boys win. I'll make you wear a cowboy's jersey and post it on here and sing the national anthem. Oh that would be epic. ROFL! +Daria Musk
I'm a fan of the only team currently undefeated. The 13 time and reigning world champions. Home of Titletown and the Lombardi Trophy. Green Bay Packers. I'll happily circle all fellow cheeseheads. Go Pack!
Yes, we chicks seem to be out numbered here. I am all in for a ladies night of football and food. Did I mention ..... Go Saints!?
Great idea. There's a reason why circles are green; J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets. Watched them lose in exciting and creative ways year after year. I sense a breakthrough soon, but the hype is annoying.
+Daria Musk Big +1 on the Halftime show by Daria! Can I get a HELL YA from the circle!
+Christopher Watson +Bob Clifton Ok it's on! I'll sing the anthem before the game! Let's munch on snacks and trash it up in the pre-tailgate, I can do another song at halftime if you want! PATS & CHARGERS FANS I will do another post (maybe after the games on Sunday) about attending my 1st Tailgate Hangout for PATS v. CHARGERS next week and I'll open the forum for everyone to arrange Hangouts for the other games! WOo this is so fun!
+Jennifer Barr That was my idea exactly! :-) +Alida Brandenburg and +Rob Grega let's collab on a healthy foodie version of Tailgate food? Whadya say? Tailgate For Ten! I love doing Kale Chips for games, so munchy, light as air and super healthy! Also there's something ever-yummy to me about good 'ol baby carrots and hummus. Refreshing, crunchy, yum.
I have kale chips and snack sea weed in my desk drawer for snacking. However that won't fly with most football fans I know. I bet there are healthier versions of traditional favorites.
We practically live the NFL at work and this sounds like a fun idea, count me in! Go Lions! (Yeah, I said it...)
, great idea!! I've been looking for people that are interested in sports (esp. NFL) on G+ and you have helped me find them! Can't wait for Kickoff 2011!!!
Big time Dolphins fan here. SO I'd love to get into a hangout come Tuesday to see which of us is the upset one. If history is any indication I think its going to be me. this just for Americans or can those of us in say UK for example join in too? ;) Big niners fan and have been for the last err...20+ years. Not that we have had the best of seasons recently but I have high hopes over the next couple we might actually make the playoffs again. Used to play myself in a local league too, so we are a little civilised here

Only problem here in UK though is you always have games on so late an we have to watch whatever the network chooses to show that night! :( I am up for some hang outs and stuff to keep on top of it all though if stay awake!!
oin our G+ pro football pick em league at yahoo. go to yahoo sports, fantasy, pro football pick em on join a private league..league id # is 68257, the league name is G+ challenge and the password is Daria
I'm in! Can't get enough football ... Obvious from my G+ and FB status posts! Already planned my gym workout for Sat SC... All I can say is whoop whoop!
Cowboys Fan here! America's Team! (That phrase always goes over so well with all other fans!)
Hey, circle me up. Im in the UK, but im still an uber Colts fan
Hey +Matthew Sparks ! You can absolutely join in on the NFL G+ circling! Anyone, no matter where you are in the world, is invited to be a part of this NFL community. The more the merrier!
By the way, even though the Pats are my team, I'm a huge fan of Joe Montana myself (my middle name is actually Montana) and Jerry Rice, so I'm a big fan of the Niners franchise as well!
WOW! Nice surprise to wake up to even more comments from newly found football fans. And I thought I was all alone on here..... :)
It's always a good day when the Pats win, or the Saints lose.
+Bobby Rouse Dream on boy!! You're lil fishes are goin down this weekend!!!
+Shay Matthews +Mike Moore PATS PATS PATS! :-) What do you guys think about Ocho?? I love seeing him and Tommy hanging out on the sideline... Cannot wait to see 'em in action!!!
+George Rodenbaugh We ain't alone now!! :-D Thanks for inspiring this! I'm so excited to have so many football fans to hang, tailgate and talk with... and especially in your case - Trash talk with!!!! ;-)
+Wes Turner Ok why do they get to be "America's Team"!? We're the Patriots! We should be America's team! ;-)
+Matthew Sparks Oh of COURSE we want you here!!! :-) I just didn't want to bug anyone who doesn't like NFL... hence the circling idea. We're so happy to have you! Ps. Got a soft-spot in my heart for the Niners... Like my bro +Sage Musk said, we were raised knowing about Montana. Sage's Middle Name is Montana!
Hey NFL G+NIUSES!!! This is SO much fun! Woot! Thank you for joining / tagging / sharing!!

I'll put up a big post tomorrow about the FIRST FOOTBALL TAILGATE HANGOUTS for next weekend's games including My 1st Official Tailgate for PATS v. Chargers!! And we can nominate Team Captains each week to hold Tailgate Hangouts for the other games!
In the meantime... Does anyone want to be our Commissioner of Picks? I would love to have us all picking against each other each week to compete and crown a winner at the end of the season!!! Any ideas for the best site? Can we do our own just for us? Ideas? (You're all going down by the way!)
league not full, no limit. thinking others might be having trouble too as only 3 entries so far. league id # is 68257 password is Daria. let me know if you sitill have trouble. i will start a new one that is public...see if this helps
+tom ruggi +Samuel Mateo, Jr. Yea me too! I think let's find another option, that one feels complicated. Thanks for trying Tom <3

+George Rodenbaugh You have a blog cool! Any ideas for Commissioner of Picks / Best way to do picks?

+Mohamed Mansour Hey G+nius! Are you a football fan? Would love to get your advice about the best way for us all to do picks each week. Any way we can do it thru G+? XO
+Faizan Momin: I take my hat off to you, you got the finals contestants right for the US Open! Hope you have as much luck/foresight with your picks for the football season :-)
+Daria Musk: looks like you're going to have a great, fun Football Hangout Season - enjoy :-) xxx
+Daria Musk My first thought was to setup a gmail account and have the picks get sent there. We'd probably have to start next week since this is kind of short notice for a bunch of the other people that would want to participate at a equal playing ground.

A few things on this potential Google Plus Picks Pool (I'll refer to as Gp3)
1) A Google+ post would be sent out with the weeks' game listings.
2) The post gets copied and sent to a specific e-mail with the person bolding who they think will win. (Including their Google+ name which we can use that for the Google+ Football Circle)
3) Then manually go through each e-mail and make a spread sheet each week.

I'd be up for entertaining other easier ideas and further talk on Gp3. I wonder if +Mohamed Mansour can think of a simple way of collecting the picks without having the nuisance of manually checking and cultivating the e-mail picks into a single, clean format.
+George Rodenbaugh I love "GP3"! Sound so cool. :-) Let's see if +Mohamed Mansour will weigh in, I agree there's gotta be an easy way... And we can just give everyone a freebee week I guess to get us started happily. ;-)
+Daria Musk +George Rodenbaugh an easier way to get the picks would make a Google Docs Form. You can place information you want to collect from your users, and later on see a nice dashboard of responses. A more sophisticated GP3 would be to create a system like an extension to the circle owner where it will allow public people to add themselves to. (But do you really want to add random people to that circle there is no privacy there). What would be nice if you guys use #GP3 tags, and we could create a Filter extension that filters those posts from the screen during game night :)
Ooh +Mohamed Mansour This is why you're a G+nius. I won't pretend that I understood all of that... but it sounds killer. Let's not push to do it for tomorrow... I know you're a brilliant and busy guy. But I'd love to talk with you about setting things up for next week, or get your advice for whoever ends up being "Commissioner of Picks" ;-)
Get your tricorner hat out cause its about to be stomped by a highly intelligent marine mammal. 
So it looks like Peyton Manning might be out for a significant portion of, if not the entire season. Seems like it could be a very different playoff race this year than what we are used to seeing.
hi +Sage Musk sounds good to me and I have to say that I am a Montanna fan too; he definitely had some skill! Even Young was not that bad either. oh, those were the days! With any luck and the niners new head coach we can get back to having QB that will get some nice throws in and back to the west coast offence, then again need the receivers for that too. I have missed those glory days! :)
+Matthew Sparks I'm sad to say that I wasn't alive during the 49ers' golden age, but the vintage highlight reels and stories of their incredible comebacks and superbowl wins easily made me a fan. Hopefully the franchise will get back on its feet sometime soon.
+Sage Musk are making me feel old with words like 'not alive' and 'vintage highlight reels'; and I know I am not that old, just like to think I started out young! ;)

I have a feeling it will not be this season but next season where 49ers show some of that glory again. would be nice to be proved wrong and happens this season though. Not sure it will be Pittsburgh's this season though watching this match, they really are getting a whooping right now...hehe
+Matthew Sparks Haha, sorry! Didn't mean it like that. Lol, my reference to the 'vintage highlight reels' was relating to the camera quality of those days, not the particular age of the highlight reels. ;) I didn't start seriously watching football until the Patriot's 2004 Superbowl season, so I've only been watching for about 7 years. Lol, so I'm technically just joining the club of NFL fans, and in that club, nobody is young or old. We're just fans... and friends (except when it comes to bitter rivalries).

Lol, I think that the 49ers have a shot, especially in a division in which a 7 - 9 Seattle Seahawks team can make the playoffs. As for Pittsburgh, I made the mistake of picking them, thinking they would still be in Superbowl mode, but they look more like they're in Superbowl-losing mode. Oh well. I'm hoping my Patriots will be making fillet-o-phin tomorrow night!
+Sage Musk worries about age. I just have to get used to the fact I really am not 21 even though I say I am when people ask :)

Think I was similar when started supporting san francisco. I was up late and started watching a new sport on tv late one night. I cannot recall who they played (bears i think), but it was a play-off match and I said if the red team wins (as i liked their kit better) I will support them and they did and then went on to beat the bengals next match to win superbowl, was fun stuff and I was pretty dead next day at school as usually finishes around 04:00 over here for superbowl. Then I have supported them ever since. :)
+Alida Brandenburg YAY! Let's plan it!! Here's an idea - On Oct 30th The Steelers play my PATS - Tailgate for Ten that night?
We can make a menu of great healthy fun Tailgate munchies and then chow-down and cheer-on our teams... With some healthy trash-talk thrown in! And since it's the day before Halloween I think we come dressed in NFL inspired costumes! :-)
+Matthew Sparks You picked a great team to support. I wish I could've seen those games at the time that they happened. But that's crazy, I hadn't thought about the time-difference-effect. I guess that may be one of several reasons why NFL Football doesn't have an enormous international audience. But I'm glad you're into it. I'll be rooting for the Niners with you.
+Ardith Goodwin I'm thinking in honor of you we should pick a Saints game for our first Tailgate Hangout Ladies Night Got a game in mind? +Michelle Marie Who's your team? Maybe they match up with Ardith's Saints at some point? +Katherine Gramann gotta have you there too girl! :-)
In two weeks they play the Texans which is a home game for the Saints. That might be a great one, then again any game the Saints play would be grand!
+Ardith Goodwin Ok love it! Let's have our other ladies weigh in and we'll pick a date! So excited! :-)
Opening week of football has been insane so far.
Thanks +Daria Musk , I'm a Steeler fan!
We'd love to get our "number" back from the Pats. Theyv'e had it since 2005! ;)
Oh +Bud Hoffman we are now mortal enemies. ;-) I'm a PATS girl all the way!! Do we play in the regular season?
Ted Ginn Jr player of the week? :)
I used to live in Boston and I am still not used to the Monday Night starts times in Mountain zone. I'll be hammered by 8PM local time. And yes Pats will be playing Steelers. Both won their divisions last year.
Watching my PATS! Woo!! Then posting a big announcement about Tailgate Hangouts for next weekend and our complete (as of now) NFL G+NIUSES "Roster List" so we can get our circles filled up! :-)
Yeah I need to start working on the circle thing lol.
I'll set everyone up with an easy list Mike :-) Are you watching the game right now? Wooot! Feeling some serious chemistry!
Haha yes I am watching it. Going to have to figure out how I'll see next week's game. It is all Texans, Cowboys, and (ugh!) Cardinals games for local market. Bar @ 11am on a Sunday here I come. :-\
Oh Mike! Lol! Got a laptop so you can come to my Tailgate Hangout? 
I let a family member borrow my netbook for a month. I might just observe the game online and hang out with fellow Patriotic Americans on here. :-)
what was it Daria, 99yard TD? Holy moly! :)
+Craig Kanalley Hey watching Inside The NFL right now... Your Bills WON! :-) 41pts!! So, can we still be friends? ;-)
Please add me to the circle . Raider fan here .
Can't wait to Tailgate with you NFL G+NIUSES!! Remember to bring your snacks, your picks and your game-faces!
See you then!! Watch the stream and my G+ page for the Hangout Invite! It's coming your way! HIKE!
Ps. If you're a Chargers fan let me know, wanna make sure I get you guys some Hangout spots if you're out there!
Love me some NFL football! I hail from New Orleans so you know I'm a die hard Saints fan. Who Dat!
I am a die hard Football fan from South Florida and love the Dolphins or as we call our selves "Dolfans" just last week i took my son to the game for his 6th birthday!! p.s. Brandon Marshall is his favorite player
+Tim Beebe Just added you to the NFL G+niuses Circle. Even though you're a "Dolfan"....
Pats forever! ;-)
Brandy Rochelle,

I think three things might cause me to have a more positive attitude about the 'boys:

1. Jerry Jones finally gets the long-scheduled lobotomy.
2. Michael Irvin admits in public that Clark Gable was his grandfather.
3. The 'boy's own up to the fact that they are America's team alright -- Central America's team.

Whudya think? ;-)
please please please please put the show back on i cry every day alomst when i see youre shows please please 
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