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Hey G+niuses! A ton of you have been asking who shot my new profile photo - well today is his birthday so it's time for a shout out!

+Richard A. Heckler is a fun and intrepid soul, a guy who makes your sides hurt with giggles and who knows exactly what to say when you're down, he's a spiritual dude who's been to Tibet, India, Bhutan and back, he lives in Cali but comes home to the East Coast for the bagels and he's also my Uncle Richy. ;)

I've always loved performing, being on stage, singing my heart out... but feeling natural infront of a camera is a whooole other animal. Somehow my Unc makes the gaze of his lens feel like a friend. We captured this shot and my new profile pic in 10 mins with just a flash, a reflector and a laugh... and I had a cold! Lol!

You can see more of my Unc's work and read his thoughts here on G+ and at :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY +Richard A. Heckler!
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Happy birthday to Richard and very nice Pic for you Daria,you looks so pretty!
Happy Birthday to Richard.
You look so beautiful Daria. Love these pics!
Happy Birthday Rich.. IM liking the photos especially the one of +Daria Musk her face looks so flawless and her expression is so tame. nice to see this side of Daria too.. lol she lights up any hangout and any room with her infectionous character and warm caring heart.. Im just one of her over a million Followers. I am one of her +Daria's G+niuses .. JO JO :)
Hi +Jules Tino that's a great question! I've been trying to decide the best way I can help Cover The Night for +Invisible Children too. I think if you do go out it's important to be safe, stick with friends you trust and know well. Hang the posters in places where it's legal to post them - cork boards, lamposts, etc. Nothing that could get you in trouble. Also if you get tired call it a night! No driving sleepy! ❤
Happy Birthday +Richard A. Heckler :) Thanks for your beautiful pics of our +Daria Musk. And, Darialing, I love that one of you in the top right corner of this montage, and the one of the pony! Makes me wonder what it was that had caught his attention :D xxx
Happy Birthday +Richard Heckler, sweet bro, best friend! I'm so thrilled to see your work appreciated here!
+G+eniuses (Is that how Daria spells it??) Thank-you, thank you all! I'm thrilled we are in connection now! Please feel free to connect with me whenever you like. Questions about the shoots with Daria, or any other photo questions welcome. So, the secret to great rock n roll shoots? First, is the subject. It's true, +D and I really click, (pun intended) when we are on a shoot, but so much of it is her. She's just really herself and we never quite know what's gonna happen next. That's the best part. The other's true...are the bagels. But don't get me started...
Much love to you all out there in +land. RH
And another +hing...D...whether or not you were one of the best performers I've ever seen/heard. Or the best 'one-take' video professional I've seen, I know that God, whoever he or she a bountiful one, for bringing you into my life. Not too much soupy stuff for the web, but wanted to say that!
Hi Jeris...thanks for reaching out and saying hello. Quite a wonderful thing you have going on up there with TEDxR. Video looked just beautiful. Happy for you that you're part of such a powerful social & historical movement. Best, R
Hey Happy Birthday Richard A. Heckler !!!!!!!
Happy B'day Richie. Great work as always :+)
Happy belated birthday to +Richard A. Heckler :-)
I was actually wondering who made the amazing shot of your profile photo ... and here I find the answer :-) I don't want to diminish Richard's merit but the model is awesome :-)
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