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Daria Musk hung out with 14 people. #hangoutsonairPaul Raksit, Lord Parker, Ayoub Khote, Tom Rolfson, Brian Kwong, Tiffany Henry, Elaine Lindsay, George Greene, James Lawson-Smith, Mara Mascaro, Neeta Tolani, Kevin R Foote, Yifat Cohen, and DeAno Jackson
Daria Musk and 14 others participated
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Oh man, of all times for my power to flick on and off... just as I was entering the Hangout. Will still try to get back in... but anyway.. CONGRATS +Daria Musk!
darn. connectivity issues. missed the invite... will wait to rotate
I have a q: how do I get a free plane ticket to Grammy's? :P
soo cool to hangout with you guys! and Congratssss +Daria Musk !!! So thrilled for you :)
את נוגעת בי In Hebrew
Darn, I got caught up in a meeting and just got back. I'll have to get caught up later :)
Was at my neighbor's next door and heard +Daria Musk singing my favorite song "You Move Me!" YAY! Love you for that girl!
aww well done +Daria Musk sorry i missed this hangout. I over slept cuz i had a very late night.. Big Congradulations to you.. But i will see if i can get a ticket to come join you and see you in person at the Grammys Future Now event in Santa Monica, Ca. Big Love as always,,, JoJo xos
+Daria Musk can post the link to get tickets to the Grammy future now event? im so hoping i can afford the ticket and get to meet you in person on this special day.. Jo Jo :)
That was such a magical moment for me you G+ys!!!
Thank you so much!!!
I would love to fly over for the meeting, anyone want to sponsor me?
I'm watching the recording now. :)
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