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Daria Musk hung out with 33 people.Daria Musk, Moritz Tolxdorff, Laurie DesAutels, Leila Vieira, Mara Mascaro, Tom Rolfson, Ron Garan, Vivek Anand, Vivienne Gucwa, Ahmed Zeeshan, Cam Meadows, Imran Machher, David McCray, Yvan Da Silva, Ivar Choi Espedalen, Christof Spanring, Jeris JC Miller, Nathan Bonilla-Warford, Hima Vampy, Peter Johnson, Ninah Mars, Reilly Parent, Sibyll Hampton, George Greene, Hans Brauer, vasilis katsoris, Oki Amwin, Josh Walker, Kevin R Foote, Chee Chew, Kareem Zock, Cole Pony, and George Krieger
Daria Musk and 33 others participated
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holding a lighter above my head and stomping the floor ;)
Love the space helmet effect.
Whether or not I can get in to the hangout, I'm grateful for the chance to still watch the concert :)
Anyone who wants to join the Hangout itself: just be patient and, when someone drops out, hit join and see if you can get in. Bear in mind that hundreds of thousands of people are likely to be watching and trying to join, so I hope you'll be lucky.
oh, and keep an eye on the Hangouts page for the Public invitation. (Click the Hangouts symbol on the left of any Google+ page.)
Finally! A new artist who can actually sing! I am now officially a fan! Thank you for the concert, +Daria Musk
You may want to lissen to music I have done and tell me waht you think!
+Cole Pony: It hasn't been opened up to public yet so just watch patiently on the player and when Daria says she's opening it up, refresh the page and you'll see a post with a Join This Hangout button on it..
HA! I'm watching the live Stream and was wondering why no one was responding to me before I remembered I wasn't actually in the hangout. :-)
you are a beautiful person Daria thanks for being you :)
yeah! Ever since i first heard this song, I hoped that this should be the official Google+ Song! :O)
*Big Smile* Hollywood and the record companies have got to be shaking in their boots.... Its a new day!
ACK!!! why didn't see the invite for when the room open up??
awesome song, internet keeps you going in and out on my end. :(
+1 ... Daria would love to connect with Ron!
wooohooo! i'll be waiting too for the hangout from the outer space. cooool.
I not seeing the invites still but will wait for the next chance ..
This is so exciting. I'm not quite confident enough to join though :P
Crap! This hang out not supported on my galaxy nexus device :-(
Hi +Daria Musk ! I loved watching your live and wonderful music!! I stayed up late to at night to watch your concert. I am so happy to see you! My best wishes to you!
Daria is now opening up to public joining, so check her page, your Stream or through the "Hangouts" button on the left (not on mobiles) or refresh your page to see the Hangout Invitation
+Cole Pony: Please don't swear. Lots of people are trying to join the Hangout so please exercise some patience. Thank you.
"L.E.D. Heart" please (but only when I can get in there LOL)
ACK I was in and hit the wrong tab and closed the connection ACK!!!!
wow ! That voice. I just got the chills listening. Amazing !
can someone post the invite link again
I get in and what happen google talk updates adn kicks me out .. gurrr..
+Daria Musk rip it up girl. I won't be able to check the show out because I have been on the road all day. Hope everyone enjoys the show :)
Kevin's singing dog! that brings back memories.....
Thank you very much for a very nice concert +Daria Musk and +RAM Rich !
I just want to repeat something I have commented before;

I think all of you also are some great G+, and hangout "ambassadors"
Hope you have time to do more hangout concerts in the future!
Good night!
Love the addition of the RAMcam
+Bud Hoffman: Look on Daria's page for a post with a player that has a 'Join This Hangout' button on it, then try clicking that
Ok, in a while, Daria will end this Hangout, as they only record (for youtube) for a set period of time. She'll then launch a NEW Hangout, set to Public so anyone can join. So keep a lookout for that new post appearing in around ten minutes, perhaps. Also, if you're watching from your computer/laptop you can click the Hangouts Icon on the left panel of Google+ then select 'Hangouts to Join' - it should appear somewhere in that list. OR, you can watch on and the button will appear there when it goes public. You'll need to refresh when people in the chat yell "Refresh!"
I'm watching but haven't had chance to join yet :)
Look out for the new player in your Streams, soon!
I wasn't officially part of the hangout I guess... I watched and listened for well over an hour... great concert.. looking forward to more.
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