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But Thy Eternal Summer Shall Not Fade... 🌞🍃🌸
Editing my first footage for my new +YouTube series!!! I thought maybe if I could capture summer with a film camera and sing to it lovingly, maybe just maybe it'll never leave me... 

Shot on that new camera you guys helped me name! I went with "Lumi" by the way!

XO, Daria

#summer   #youtube  
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Awesome photos +Daria Musk !
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Daria Musk

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YouTubers Be Crazy 😜🎥
So I'm doing this fabulous cycle of classes at YouTube Space New York... At the end of class last night the hosts showed us a gif of the YouTube Space LA class goofing it up and challenging us with a serious, "New York, what you got?"

So, we answered thusly. We got this.

XO, Daria

Ps. Yes, I am the hair-flip in front with the stripey tank top. Yes, it's healthy to be silly. Go on, bust a move. No one's looking!

#YouTube   #YouTubeSpaceNY  +YouTube Space  #NYC  
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A still tongue keeps a wise head
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Daria Musk

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Getting existential at YouTube Space New York 🌌😳🎥

#YouTubeSpaceNY  +YouTube Space 
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My favorite musician.

----- Ursprüngliche Nachricht -----
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Daria Musk

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👊🏼❤️ All I need is fierce joy. #mondaymotivation
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Size 5... how cute!!!
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Daria Musk

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Hey G+niuses! It's #FollowBackFriday ! Today's new place to connect is biggest, bestest one on the interwebz! It's where I spend the most time online, where all our Hangout Concerts live and where I'll be launching my new music and new series this fall!! Woohoo!!

Here's how to play the Follow-Back Friday Game:

👫 Find me on +YouTube at: and subscribe so you'll see all my new videos first!

👫 Comment below with your YouTube channel (if you have one) and I'll subscribe to you too!

👫 Everyone subscribe to everyone else who commented! So we all get new "frands" (friends + fans = frands) on YouTube! 

👫 Oh, and you can share this post to get more people in on the follow-back party! G+nius plan, right!?

XO, Daria

#youtube   #youtuber   #getsubscribers   #followforfollow   #followfriday   #FF  
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Daria we all like 
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Daria Musk

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Trying to get six new +YouTube friends into one photo ❤️🎥
#thestruggleisreal !

+YouTube Creators +YouTube Space  #nyc  
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Awesome new song love IT: ))
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Daria Musk

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Remember when G+ was the new kid on the block and we all flocked to it and met and then everything was awesome? Well Beme is that app right now... 

It's new. It's hot. It's easy. It's fun. It forces you to be brave. It's created by one of my latest heroes (+Casey Neistat). And I'm all over it 🎤💋 

Beme really means, "be me". When you watch someone's beme it's like spending time being them. I've only been using the app for a couple of weeks and already 7002 people have spent 15 days, 16 hours, 23 minutes and 28 seconds as me. Whaaaat!?

So what do you do with it? Basically use your phone to share little 4 second clips of your life. Here's the catch: There's no vanity, doubt, or overthinking allowed. You can't see what you're beme-ing until it's live for everyone to see. There's no editing, no filters, nothing but you.

Observe: !

Just like G+ and Hangouts it's super-global and involves people's faces making you happy! You can send little reaction selfies when you're watching someone's beme. So every day now I wake up to people waving, smiling and high-fiving me from all over the world! 

I'm digging it, I think you will too! And guess what, just like those early glory days of G+, beme is locked unless someone can give you a code to get in!

So! Comment below if you want a beme unlock code and I'll send you one!

XO, Daria

Ps. It's only for iPhone right now but they say the android version will be out really soon! 

#ff   #FollowBackFriday   #beme   #apps  
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+Daria Musk glad, no tears, cept of joy - and yes, I am an advocate for medical MJ - although legal, I even lost custody of my son because of it - so any extra subs are always handy for me to get more of the news out there

Peace, and thanks :) 
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Daria Musk

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#Friday #Hustle Get it get it 🎤💋 
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Kolejne super zdjęcie w twoim wykonaniu
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Daria Musk

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The first step in new friendships & collaborations! 👊🏼❤️🎥

+YouTube Space  #YouTubeSpaceNY  
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Sexy 3 pairs of feet! ^_^
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Daria Musk

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NYC, I'm a coming! 🌞🚘🗽
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Daria Musk

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Hey G+niuses! Remember when we lit up New York City from the stage and screen and broadcast it live and you were the stars of the show and it was the best night ever? 'Member that? 

Well, I shot a really silly lyric video for this song this weekend... The crazy version went up on that new app I've been loving called  #beme  and you can see clips on my Twitter (@dariamusk)... And I'll put the whole thing up on the Tube of You...

But for now, let us bask in the video-i-fied memory of what it feels like when we all get into a room – real and virtual – and rock out together.

XO, Daria

(almost) #musicmonday   #hangouts   #livemusic   #hangout  
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Daria Musk

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Last night's "girl interrupted" #beme ! Me, an +Ed Sheeran song & a chorus of crickets 🎤📱🌝

XO, Daria

Ps. I'm thinking of putting the full covers up on YouTube! Wanna see those? :)
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March 10
Girl. Singer/Songwriter. Crashing The Party. Laughing In The Face of The Lion.
Hi, I'm Daria. I'm musician fueled by the effervescent pop of the universe, the rock of planet earth & the love in your heart. Singer/Songwriter. Laughing In The Face of The Lion. I play concerts in Google+ Hangouts to sing for you live face to face. 

Because of you G+niuses, this summer I went from playing tiny clubs in New York, lugging my guitar amps through the rain, to singing for you, all around the world, overnight.

You can listen and grab my debut music - The "You Move Me" EP, my first Hangout Concert "L+VE" Album (live audio from the Hangout Concerts) and new singles at these sites:

On YouTube we can share videos from the Hangout Concerts and all the other travel, events and fun we have together! I also feature videos by you from our Hangouts, interviews and your projects inspired by the music. 

Since I signed up to Google+ this summer I've played 3 Hangout Concerts - The 3rd one was watched by over 200,000 people live worldwide!! :-D 
Our story has been featured in Billboard Magazine, I gave a TEDtalk, and my dreams are coming truer and truer everyday. 

For the first time I am getting to travel and tour to perform and I'm dreaming up big ideas to take you with me everywhere I go using Hangouts!

The best part is having the thrill and honor of meeting you, laughing with you, and singing your praises, alwayses. ;-) 

Together we're crashing the party, blazing a new trail, creating a global family and everyone's invited. 

Hangouts bring us together and make my concerts totally interactive and new every time because you get to be there with me. You can watch the livestream and click to get in. We rotate the Hangout seats as the night goes on to give everyone a chance to pop in.

I usually play for hours as the sunsets and rises around the globe... I love being with you so much I get too excited to get tired. 

I will always post about a Hangout Concert before it happens so you can watch my page and circle me to stay updated. I'm also open Hangouts to try out new songs, check in from the road or the sky, to just say hi to you, and to take you with me everywhere I go... 

Everything that's happening in my life is because of you. So I will always Hangout from everywhere to keep you with me. I sing, "Now I'll never be alone, 'cause we know where we belong..." in my song "+1 Me". I'm so grateful knowing I've always got at least 10 friends in my pocket.

After that rainy weekend in July, my big brother sent me an invite to Google+. I saw the Hangouts and thought... Maybe I could use this to play a show without having to lug my amps through the rain.

I didn't know anyone here the night I clicked "Start A Hangout" and held my breath. You can watch a video of what happened in the first moments of my first Hangout Concert

HANGOUT CONCERT 1: On July 16th, 2011 my dream of singing for people around the world came true in an instant. I saw the sunrise in Norway and little girls dancing to my song on a Sunday morning in Australia when it was still Saturday night here.

The G+niuses I met came up with the idea of rotating the "front row" seats in the Hangout so more could pop in to watch... So I played for 6.5 Hours straight. It was the best night of my life so far...

HANGOUT CONCERT 2: Performed on July 23rd, 2011 - Played 7.5 Hours straight this time it was also streamed live and over 9,000 viewers in 100 countries watched. :-)  

You can watch Youtube Videos of "You Move Me" and "+1 Me" from Hangout Concert 2.

My Guest Blog Post for MIDEM tells the story of my 1st and 2nd Hangout Concerts. 

HANGOUT CONCERT 3: Took place on August 20th, 2011 and I performed for just under 8 Hours non-stop. This time it was streamed via YouTube Live and embeddable players were shared all over G+ and the rest of the internet. The live viewers tuning in from all around the world could've filled Wembley Stadium a few times over! :-) 

You can watch the archived concert at

The "You Move Me" EP
My very first single, "You Move Me", was chosen by the G+niuses at my 2nd Hangout Concert and along with a few other songs it was recorded and released just in time for Concert 3. 

"You Move Me" has voices of G+niuses from all over the world saying the words "You Move Me" in Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish, Indonesian, Twi, Aramaic, Portuguese... It was the greatest honor to have my first song ever released begin with YOUR voices. 

What City Is  Your Bed In?
A meme from Hangout Concert 2 created this Google Map of The Global Audience ! If you've watched add yourself! :-)

"+1 Me" 
Is a song that started as a jam with me and +RAM Rich in our first Hangout Concert and over the quick week in between Concerts 1 and 2 it became a full song, a love-letter to that night.

You can download the free track of "The Writing of +1 Me" Live from my first Hangout Concert on our "L+VE" album

Global-Give Back 
Is also at the heart of everything we do together. By partnering with The ONE Campaign we helped thousands of people to sign a UN Petition to aid Somalia and The Horn of Africa, it was ONE's biggest night of that campaign and helped turn a concert into real tangible global change. 

I will always make sure there is awesome give-back tied into the concerts and projects we get to share here. 

Lots of exciting Hangout events, new singles, my Debut Full-Length Album and more are on the way! 

Thank you for being the greatest gift in the world to me.
I can't wait to meet you in a Hangout soon! 

Honored to be Your G+rl,

Bragging rights
I make raw vegan cacao ice cream. I sing for 8 Hours without stopping. I will Hangout with you. I know you are a G+nius.
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Fairfield County, CT - Stamford, CT - Santa Barbra, CA
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