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Darell Tan
part-time coder, part-time maker. full-time geek
part-time coder, part-time maker. full-time geek

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The LTC4316 mutates I2C addresses on-the-fly, allowing you to change device addresses
The LTC4316 is something special. It’s an I²C address translator that changes the address of a device that would otherwise conflict with another on the same I²C bus. Not a hack? Not so fast. Exactly how this chip does this trick is clever enough that I…

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the Internet, during the 90s.
i remember... Win95 Dial Up Networking (DUN), Netscape Navigator.

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nice project. magnetic pole mount for a VFD display.
i personally don't like live streams, so i just fast-forward it along.

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Raspberry Pi Camera Comparison #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi

Here’s a useful comparison of Raspberry Pi Cameras from Semifluid.

I use a number of Raspberry Pi 3 Model B ARM-based Linux computers to help simplify my day-to-day life. Because I live in an urban area, I have been interested in setting up a security camera that could alert me to any issues that might arise when I’m not in the house. Most recent Raspberry Pis also include a CSI connector, meaning that it is easy to connect a high-resolution camera that can be easily accessed via python or via bash. This would also be helpful for any other computer vision setup, including OctoPrint. Since the Raspberry Pi runs OpenCV, I can use open source computer vision source code to quick and easily setup a security system. The first step is selecting a camera.

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was thinking of implementing something like that.
When you are running a hackspace, network security presents a particular problem. All your users will expect a wireless network, but given the people your space will attract, some of them are inevitably going to be curious enough to push at its edges.…

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add an Ethernet port to your Pi Zero
NEW PRODUCT – PiJack Ethernet HAT for Pi Zero

PiJack is a HAT (yes, a proper HAT, not a pHAT!) add-on board for the Raspberry Pi Zero mini computer that makes connecting your Pi Zero to the Internet via Ethernet super simple. If you're fed up with flaky WiFi and want your Pi Zero to be online all the time, then this HAT is for you!

PiJack is a neat little board with an Ethernet controller and standard RJ45 connector so you can hook your Pi up to your home or office network using standard Ethernet cables. PiJack is ready to go – there's no special software or drivers to install. It works right out of the box with Raspbian – simply attach PiJack to your Pi's GPIO header and plug it in!


– 10Mbps Ethernet connection
– Two blinky LEDs for connection status
– HAT-standard-compliant EEPROM makes setup automatic, works straight away with Raspbian!
– Uses the Pi Zero's GPIO pins, your USB connector is still free for something else!

Note: Pi Zero and Ethernet cable not included!

PiJack is well engineered and uses high quality components and connectors (that won't snap off the first time you use it!). PiJack is built in the EU, and every board is tested to make sure it'll work for you first time.

In stock and shipping now! #newproduct #raspberrypi #pizero #ethernet #internet #piHAT #PiJack
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Morgan attempts to build Hamamatsu S6986 Light Modulation Photo IC from commonly avail components on #Hackadayio. 74xx Hamamatsu S6986

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i still have these ISA cards with me
Back in the 90s, gamers loaded out their PCs with Creative’s Sound Blaster family of sound cards. Those who were really serious about audio could connect a daughterboard called the Creative Wave Blaster. This card used wavetable synthesis to provide more…

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What to call this LED strip music visualizer is a puzzler. It lights up and pulsates in time with music similar to the light organs of 1970s psychedelia fame, but it’s more than that. Is it more like the Larson Scanner that graced the front of [David…
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