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Darell Tan
part-time coder, part-time maker. full-time geek
part-time coder, part-time maker. full-time geek

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Follow along as firlefranz works to recreate the amazing clock kinetic sculpture "A million Times" A million Times 120 clone #Hackadayio

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Pinebook is a laptop based on a 64-bit quad-core ARM chip,
the same chip in the Pine A64 board. At US$99, it seems pretty inexpensive for an ARM board + peripherals.

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Nokia 3310 #Teardown
it's amazing how modular this phone is... (or was)

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Automatic 3D-ification of NES Games

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HeartyPatch is an open source, connected device; aims to predict heart attacks by measuring ECG: HeartyPatch: A single-lead ECG-HR patch with ESP32 #HackadayPrize

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Impressive mini VT100 hardware terminal! Created w/ BeagleBoneBlack: diy-VT100 - A Miniature hardware terminal #HackadayPrize #BestProduct

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new Pi Zero W distributors, including one in Malaysia
Just nine weeks after its launch, this week will see our 250,000th Pi Zero W shipped into the market.

As well as hitting that pretty impressive milestone, today we are announcing 13 new Raspberry Pi Zero distributors, so you should find it much easier to get hold of a unit.

Check out today's blog to find your nearest distributor.

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build your own Google Home (or Amazon Alexa)
#Google steps in to help makers work with the new #MagPi kit for #AI. The new #AIY project is set to foster open source development and DIY with this cool new kit. 

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This week, generative music and video: a C64 demo in one page, by Linus Akesson. Video within, together with a detailed technical description. "In the absence of an actual 256-byte compo, it was submitted to the Oldskool 4K Intro compo at Revision 2017, where it ended up on 1st place."
"The melody is generated by a linear-feedback shift register (LFSR). Thus, in one sense, the melody is randomly generated. But I spent a considerable amount of time tweaking the random process until I found something that was musically satisfactory."

via the discussion at
where we hear
"I love that the line number in the embedded basic program is also code."
and find more links to generated music.

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