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Trying to get the proportions of real head correct. How did it go? 

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Still making this 1GAW, this time with Luxe engine, which is quite cool.
4th prototype, I'm only 1 prototype behind schedule :D


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My new and old creations. Not all of them.

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I made this thing during airplane flight :D quick and ugly, but works.

#haxeflixel   #haxe  

I'm late with my next #1GAW, but that doesn't matter :D
What matters is that I'm learning new things.
I'll share second entry when it's done

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I challenged myself to "1 game a weekend" project. 
Practice is best teacher so each weekend I'll have to make 1 mini game/prototype.

#1GAW   #luxeengine   #snowkit  

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Here's what I made with UDK for university project. ~90% of assets used are standard UDK sample assets. I had to add new particle effects, big rocks for the islands and trees.

More details and screenshots: http://zielak.pl/floating-islands-update-2
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