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I need the community insight once again.

I'm using a tamron 70-300 zoom lens but having problem with sports photography.  Image quality acceptable but I finally figured that the motor focus speed is amongt the slowest in the industry.

I'm then looking to replace it.  I'm not a pro but I really want to take better sports photo ( MTB race, gym, etc ).  I want to buy something only once, so I was looking for a TAMRON 70-200 f/2.8 USD.  Quite expensive for my but I'm confident that it would be speedy.

However I believe it would be more reasonable to buy a TAMRON 70-200 Di, almost half the price.  Well, at least Wife would appreciate the saving.

Anyone had experiences with these two lens ?  Is the focusing speed of both lens noticeable for an amateur like myself.  Community, what do you think ?

I just want to make sure that I'm not missing something.

We have 20 something schools with wifi.  We are using a single SSID and we limit the bradcast domain by using 4 VLAN addigned in round robin.  This mean that 2 device on the some WIFI are on different network.

Our Aruba controller fiddle with the bonjour protocol used by AppleTV so we can access Apple TV from anywere.  This is not a problem since you can protect the device.

I now want to promote Chromecast device ( I'm more an Android guy ) but I do not understand how it will fit in my network.  The device seems even more limited than the AppleTV - wich I tought was not possible to do.

Google has done somthing nice with the cloudprint and I quit wish that my chromecast key would have behave the same.  Now even if I mamange to fixe the subnet issue, nothing would prevent wifi user from 50+ km away to send stuff to a random TV.

Please group, tell me that I'm missing something and help me kick AppleTV away...

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Super lune de lundi soir.  Petite surprise de Google avec ses effets automatiques.  D'habitudes j'aime pas ce qu'il me propose, mais là j'ai aimé ce que ça a donné.

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Premières photos de mon excursions au Témiscamingue du weekend dernier.
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Encore un exemple brillant d’ingéniosité.  Cette dame s'est pris en photo et a recréer différents styles médiévale de portraits avec seulement ce qu'elle pouvait trouver dans une salle de bain d'avion.

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Jolies steam girls... 
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My SLT-A55 died this weekend.

I was using an A77 for some time now and Wife was happy to have full access on the A55.  But now the camera is clinicly dead, no mather wich battery I put in.

Anyway, I was wondering what would be the safest course of action.

I can send the camera for repair at a repair center in Canada (wich I have't found yet).

Or I maybe should I look for another camera, like a NEX.

Wife is a fan of the 50mm.  She love effects features, like the partial color thing.  And she's jealous of the A77 miniature mode (that I personally find no use of btw).  But I don't want something that cannot have manuel control - it's going to be use as backup camera anyway.

So, should I look into NEX-3?

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Je viens de prendre des photos de ma Honda Civic 2009.  Seulement 9000 et elle dispose de 2 fois plus de pneu d'hiver que les autres voitures à vendre.  J'imagine que vous resterez 2 fois moins souvent pris!
Honda Civic 2010 DX-G manuel à vendre
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