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One thing I've noticed is that most people tend to think they can't save any more than they already do (which is often times nothing). But not much later, they buy something that requires a monthly payment. They found a way to part with that money that before was impossible to part with.

Has anybody else encountered this? Have you been able to convince the person that they've had the ability to save all along, without knowing it? Usually, pointing out what I've mentioned has a response of "this is different,"   discounting the idea that saving was ever possible.
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Good questions, +Dante Johnson. I haven't ever really gotten involved in conversations with friends on how they should spend their money.
I think that's one of the issues we have with money as a culture. We treat it like it's so private, even though almost everybody has questions or concerns about it. People think they have to figure it out all on their own or find professional help. 

I bet if people could openly talk about money without guilt, shame, or  whatever, then that would be a big step towards having a community of people that can actually handle money in a less impulsive way.
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