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The Big Ear of Corn is back!
We sat down with “All That” master
producer-writer-director Dan Schneider about the illusive and illustrious Big
Ear of Corn! See what Schneider had to say in this
exclusive interview, and see THE Big Ear of Corn THIS SATURDAY July 23 rd  @ 11:15 AM    at S...

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Fans Send in Their Funny Texts!
In "Text, Lies, & Video," Henry accidentally sends his sister Piper a video of him and Ray transforming into Kid Danger and Captain Man!  I asked the fans to share their funniest text mix-ups, and I loved their responses! Check out some of my favorite stori...

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Ariana on SNL March 12th!!
For those of you who didn’t catch Ariana ’s AWESOME
performance on Saturday Night Live this past Saturday, March 12 th , you have to check
it out! It was REALLY cool to see her along-side other Schneider’s Bakery alums
like Kenan Thompson ( All That , Kenan...

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This Season on Game Shakers
Shakers—the show about 2 kids who start a multi-million dollar game company in
Brooklyn. But what is it REALLY about? Their goofy friend Hudson? Their business
partner and rap superstar Double G? His son, Triple G? Yes, yes, and yes, but
WHAT is this s...

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#AskDanWarp: Why all the food jokes?
Haha... well, I wouldn't
say that   most  of my humor is related to food, but I
do write a lot of food jokes.  There are a couple of reasons for this, I
guess.  First, it's universal – everyone loves   some  kinds
of food.  Second, enjoying food is somethin...

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If you’ve
been watching my shows for the past 20 years, first of all, THANK YOU!!!,
second of all, you probably noticed something: I love BFF’s. Duos, trios, big
groups, weird pairs, dysfunctional siblings, boys and puppets, and whatever
other weird lovin’ ...

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QUIZ: Is Your Friend’s Girlfriend Real?
Does your friend have a “girlfriend” nobody’s has ever met,
and they don’t have pics??? Take this quiz to find out whether or not your friend’s girlfriend
is an actual living breathing human being that is dating your friend, or 100%
imaginary. This quiz is ...

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5 Fun Facts About "Henry and the Bad Girl"!
We have a HUGE Henry Danger special airing Saturday May 2nd at 8PM (7c)!! Here are 5 fun facts about "Henry and the Bad Girl" 1.  We didn't have enough space on set to make the entire "SWELLVIEW" sign, so we just made the last 2 letters-- "EW" 2.  Oliver's ...

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Fans Get Grounded
Henry and
Piper are trapped at home together when they break the rules in Saturday, April
4 th ’s ALL-NEW Henry Danger, “Kid Grounded”. I asked fans
to tell me about a time they got in big trouble, and picked a few of my
favorite responses. Thanks so much t...

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CRAZY Fan Dreams
In March 21 st ’s
ALL-NEW Henry Danger Episode, “Dream Busters”, Henry doesn’t know he’s stuck in
his INSANE dreams, so in the spirit of that weirdness, here are some of the
CRAZIEST dreams you guys have had! I
think you should stop eating so many gummy bea...
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