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Are you after a custom built computer?
We build computers to suit your needs and budget, using the latest computer parts.
Do you need a new office desktop ? or a office of computers ? we can build out your entire office of custom computers.

Contact us today on 0477063039 or 

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We have a new staff member his name is Nick, along with our  prompt customer service we can now help more of our clients,
Give us a call today and myself or Nick will be able to help you out.


Are you having problems setting up your home ADSL ? One tip is to always ask your ISP your connection date, we have seen a bit of this lately after getting to the job , and finding the connection is not even due to be on for a few days later. It pays to check and get a turn on date from your ISP.

Managing computers remotely has become increasingly popular. Repairing a malfunctioning system remotely, typically involves allowing us to connect your computer from another computer over a internet connection. Once we have a connection we can then remotely fix your computer problems, install software or a printer. You do not need to be in Hervey Bay Qld, we can remote fix your pc from any location. Give us a call today! 0477063039

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LCD Repairs
This seems to be something we deal with all the time as well. We see all kinds of laptop LCD Replacement in Hervey Bay. Sometimes it’s just a matter of the computer being dropped, and the screen cracking. But, other times just over time the LCD can stop working for one reason or another. The problem is that laptop screens can be very expensive. They run anywhere from $150-250 depending on the size, the rarity, etc. But, all in all if you’d rather keep the computer, you won’t find a better LCD Replacement Company in Hervey Bay .
Give us a call today on 0477063039 !

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Did you know we stock and sell  Malwarebytes Pro ?. That's right you can buy Malwarebytes from us direct. Malwarebytes is a well known tool in the fight of malware removal, and its the best tool on the market today.

We use and recommend Malwarebytes if your computer has the following problems: home or start page has changed, popup's or talking ads, slow computer, internet speed has dropped off.

These are some of the few problems that malware can do to your computer. If your having these problems and want to upgrade to Malwarebytes  Pro give us a call today for just $30.00 per year you can be covered call us today on 0477063039.

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If your looking to speed up your laptop we have a range of well priced SSD drives in 120GB size.

Installing a SSD will speed up your computer boot times dramatically.
We have just 4 SSD drives left of our last KingFast Order.

From just $95.00 for the 120GB SSD you can speed up your older laptop. And for fee we can clone your hard drive and move you over to these super fast drives if you need our service.
Give us a call or email us from our website for this SSD deal.
phone 0477063039

A word about Malware, in todays market malware plays a big part in slowing down your computer or even blocking your internet connection.
A lot of the virus protection that some people use does not stop malware!.

So what does malware do you ask ? Malware can change your home or start page from to its own brand of search engine, when it does this the malware company then earns money from every search you do!...
They also can send you off to fake download sites and windows updates in hope that you will install more malware.
When choosing a virus protection you need to choose one that can stop malware  also. Many of the well known virus protections have a total cover or premium care option to stop malware.
We use and recommend Kaspersky Total Security as it now covers , Mac, Windows and android.
Give us a call today if your unsure of what protection you have.   

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Some of the new products we now offer include long range WIFI extenders. These are very useful for motels or outdoor WIFI say to a shed or granny flat.

These units are powered by Ethernet cable and are weatherproof in design. They also carry a 9dBi 2x2  antenna and can direct the WIFI signal a very long range (in clear sight) up to 5Km.  

For motel owners with units at the front and back of their complexes we have found these are the perfect answer.

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We are getting a lot of calls right now from clients with laptops and hard drives dying. Back up's are a must! Sometimes your data can not be recovered so please keep this in mind to do a backup.

 If you run a business and need help to automate your backups or want to learn about backing up to cloud servers, Or we can set you up with software that you can run on your local computer and backup to and external drive ...give us a call today 0477063039
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