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I wrote some words about a recent project we're proud of -> Data and PR: it’s time we had a serious chat 
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I agree that there are so many poor examples of Infographics out there and they are overused. In a world of big data, PR led 'data stories' can look even more light and the methodology can be questionable at times.....agencies and clients must be careful not to overlook this.
A nice couple of posts +Danny Whatmough, I read this and your first look at Google+ Communities and found them both useful, cheers!

Good point +Michelle Goodall. The amount of poorly informed studies which get good coverage in UK press, I think, devalues those credible statistics produced with PRs and clients who put a lot of resources into their research.

I was hoping this is something the Leveson Inquiry might influence, by way of making journalists more accountable and investigatory. 
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