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I didn't know what the term "flipped classroom" meant but this infographic explains it very well. It sounds awesome. Imagine a world where the future generations were educated like this!

Essentially, (according to this definition linked-to below) the phrase Flipped Classroom refers to a paradigm where instead of lecturing in class and sending students home with homework - teachers create videos of their lectures for students to watch at home and then reserve classroom time for "homework" - activities done together.

That's the background, some of the top blogs in this community (per ) include the following:
* (by +Vicki Davis)
* (by +Jeff Utecht )
* (by +Karl Fisch )
* (lead by +Shelly Blake-Plock )
* (by +Tom Whitby )

Other key people to know in this field include:
+Jonathan Bergmann(who coined the term) +Brian Bennett +Aaron Sams +Steven Anderson and +Stacey Roshan
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Yes Khan Academy pretty much started this trend, can work for guitar lessons as well :)
I suppose so :) I think it's a pretty interesting way to learn. I think I would have benefited from this when I was school age (20 years ago...)
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