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My highlights and quick takes from the update letter that +Larry Page posted today.
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Does not most everyone have him when they signed up. So why share this?
+George Hayes No, most people don't. If there are 100 million active users as he writes in his post, then only 2% follow him. Also, my take on what he said is different than just what he said. I'm adding my own analysis that some might find useful (and others, perhaps, not).
+Danny Sullivan my bad I made the false assumption that like tom from myspace having the CEO on everyone's would have made just a little sense or at least some all encompassing method of sending to all users. I just see so many people who say the same thing over 20 times and it is like they just want to hear there own voice.

Right now I got the same post more than once on here because a number of people who felt saying what they had to say in comments wasn't good enough and well. Most really had little special to add.
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