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You know what's better than May 18th? Being valued at $100 billion on May 18.
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You know whats worse? Watching your investment continually slide.
i am only 14 so im new ok.But hi can u help me out
This will be a run and gun stock, you cannot count on these type of stocks being there for the long haul tech is just too fast moving now... something better is bound to come along and then you are left holding an empty bag.
I don't like facebook. I haven't lost nothing on facebook. I like google + the best.
is best facebook is more funny and more easy
Why would a company thats doing so well go public? If they made it this far by obtaining funding on their own, do you think its just to spread the wealth? Potential investors may want to ponder the answer to that question.
wealth grab.. moving money from 1% to other 1%'.....
Never like facebook I heard real bad things about facebook. I quit facebook for that reason.
Remember that purchasing a stock has less to do with your own personal use of the product or service and more to do with the potential growth of the company.
Apple, Inc. and Facebook.

One of those two is actually worth a hundred billion. Much as I dislike Apple, the fact is that it has generated a lot of value.

Facebook ... not so much.
People are leaving Facebook for other Social Networks... FB had 1billion in revenue last 12 months, right? Won't support 100 billion valuation.
+Kye Russell Some first adopters are Anti-Facebook but the reality is that FB possess a lot of people off.
I agree with Mike Patty he brings up a very valid point.
Google + is real easy to me & it didn't take long to figure it out at all.
Google Plus need to simplify registration processes. It seems to be asking to many questions and scaring non-techies.
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