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Mobile Search for Local Services are and have been on the rise, Advertising to those mobile Search applications can dramatically increase your revenue for brick and mortar stores, restaurants etc.
To be fair, for a lot of people googling mobile will be their way of doing anonymous searches, shielded from prying partners' eyes that frequent desktop browser history of the home computer.
Now that is an impressive metric, whatever the cause may be.

Good to see Google releasing such data now that it puts their mobile service in a positive light.
That's an impressive percentage! Does it reflect well on us? Because if we were all looking on our mobiles then surely we were a tad late in booking? Haha!
I wonder how many restaurants were taking advantage of that? You'd hope most were already booked up.

Wouldn't it be great if in the future there was an app that automatically booked a table at a nice restaurant for your important dates and just told you when and where to turn up? That would be a relationship saver!
I'd like to also have the location of these searches. How many were from people standing in lines?
Mobile connectivity is sometimes like carrying our home with us -maybe an unusual one. Reality is that many people lives most of their lives outside of their home and away from a wired device; being able to stay connected on the go allows people to keep and develop the way thir interact online/offline
This is a great stat. Thanks!
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