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These stats surprised me. What is the news content that Italians are buying more than music and movies?
Getting a nice, shiny new iPad tomorrow? If you buy content to consume on it, chances are it will be music, books or movies, if you’re in the US. Those were the most popular purchases according to new...
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And why do they have to purchase news? Aren't there websites devoted to this? (I'm aware that music and movies do too)
I wouldn't trust that study a bit: you can't even buy TV shows in Italy in the iTunes store... pure invention I guess.
Guess this is not good news for NYT and WSJ? High "purchased movies" for USA perhaps = Netflix? I never think of my tablets as music players, My phone handles music while on the go, and at home my laptop to AV system/phone doc handles it.

It is interesting to learn how others use their tablets. Not easy to use it for work...even after years of trying but I still try to use it 50% for work stuff. I need to roll some more apps using any others that easy to manage for VERY small businesses?
Explanation it's easy: you should compare apple with apples. In Italy you can only buy music, ebooks and news content. No tv shows no movies. That's why! These numbers has ground. 
I mean: these numbers has no ground
Limited selection on Music, but especially movies and shows in Italy. How can people buy things that are not in offer?
yes lots of stuff are very popular
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