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Yes, that's Play you're seeing in your navigation bar -- leading to Google Play.
It’s not your imagination. Google’s navigation bar has gained a new “Play” option that, for the first time, has Google promoting its own content offerings: books, music, video and Android applications...
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that's actually pretty handy if you have multiples android devices; you can access all of them from one place.
This might explain the sudden name change from "Android Market" to "Google Play".Play seems like a better hook for places like the navigation bar.

Any bets on how long it'll take for the articles to start rolling in about how Google is abusing their position in the SE market to push their own content market?
Has anyone heard if this change will be available for Google Apps?
I noticed that earlier today. Sadly I have no Andriod devices YET. Can't wait until I get my phone. Looks pretty cool.
Forgot to mention it was NEW in red font indicating it's !important! I don't recall a red-fonted, all caps NEW being used before. That Play VP must have some real juice at Google HQ.
Google is truly becoming a Portal ...risky. They better not take their eyes off SEARCH while becoming everything else to everybody..
Notice this morning, too and it looks nice. ;)
+Ashur Sada the move from "market" to "play" is probably a smart one. Just think about what you associate with the word "market" vs. what you associate with the word "play".

market = shopping, spending money
play = fun, joy

Which would you rather describe your product with?
+Ashur Sada The apps part of Google Play may be Android, but I know for a fact that Music and Books are all platform. :-) Also, I personally don't think iTunes is really much catchier. :-P
Will they ever put Groups at least on the More dropdown? I don't much need Translate or Wallet or Shopping on the dropdown, if something has to go.
I think they should let us organize the bar ourselves, maybe have some that we can't remove, or relocate, but let us have like half for our favorites, because not everybody uses the services they list.
Well, I don't know about you, but I call it -- Too little too late... I suspect tons of people are already using over the top services NOT on a PC to stream movies and music... Let me name a FEW that come directly to my Networked TV -- Netflix, HULU, YouTube, Amazon, ..... and then I can also turn on my SONY BD which also gives me access to further channels...... SO?
is it automatically download to our phone??
looks great, lets give it a try.
Oh I see, I use to look at this page for free ginger Apps. Thanks
I like it. I always have to search for it in Google anyway. I just wish it did more then offer my Android games and some books.
Incredibly, I clicked on it and almost went nuts clicking and clicking trying to get to Google play. It kept me locked in to to about Google play...."coming soon."
Though i am starting to dislike how it says 'New' on it. Once i click it, it should no longer say 'New'. I also dislike how when i go to Google Play that it says "Introducing Google Play: Learn more ". I have been going to Google Play for quite a while and i really do not need to be reminded every time i visit to learn more.
What do you think about the opportunity google has to become the bigger TV network on the globe and the amount of adv spaces it is going to sell, also offering a strong (geo)localization opportunity?
Do you think this could be one of the next decade scenario?
dont worry +Benjamen Meiers , it will go away. Many do not know what "google play" is. Is it really that big of a deal ?!
I must admit this you have a wonderful work. I wish to be part of this creative act.
What ever happened to the new navigation bar that was supposed to be happening across Google products? Grey bar with the drop-down on the Google logo. Most of my browsers don't even show it anymore.
+Sean Riordan The drop-down menu part of the new bar was removed because of widespread complaining that the one-click links were no longer available.
+Nathan Salapat Google has a suggestion box buried somewhere on the site, you should drop that idea in there. :-)
+Ashur Sada Happy to help! Man, G+ needs multithreaded comments. Or maybe I am too much of a Redditor for my own good.
I like the look of this feature, although I don't have an Android but an iPhone. This looks a thousand times better, easier and faster to use than the Apple App Store.
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